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  1. Hoping Flare will be back from their extended Christmas holiday tomorrow and finally respond to this problem. Here’s an update: although the crashes are intermittent and unpredictable, over the last two days they’ve happened every time I’ve attempted to enter the VIP part of my alliance chat forum.
  2. Thanks for those responses. Somewhat reassuring to know others have the same problem. Guess we have to wait until the new year for any developer response.
  3. Started today. It’s crashed about a dozen times in alliance chat. Can’t see any pattern to it. Running v4.4.3 on IOS. No problems during battles. No problems encountered with any other app.
  4. Moonhowler2


    Is this destined forever to be like a see-saw? First series we were flattened by an alliance vastly stronger than us, so we had a very low score. That meant we had very inferior teams in the second series giving us no challenge, meaning a huge score. So now here we are again getting helplessly bullied by much stronger teams with no means of defence. (We’re currently ranked at 378, trying to fend off an alliance ranked 150, so Flare, if you have any tips on how to do that, please share). So far, Conquest hasn’t presented any test of skill for us, just complete luck of the draw. If this continues, no-one will remain interested.
  5. We had the same problem as Kuska with one alliance able to walk over the other three through sheer brute force with no hope of resistance. I also agree, there should be an opt out option for alliances. Maybe some of the top ones will be happy turning their lives over to this game for over a week but I don’t think many others will. I hope Flare can rescue the situation but I’m concerned that the problems are too big to overcome.
  6. I don’t know the answer to your questions but in Pro League everyone has the same strength, so it doesn’t matter what level your spells are in the rest of the game.
  7. Okay, problem solved. This was a problem with Apple which had somehow reset my currency rather than Flare. I still don’t know which currency it had been set to and why but I have been able to reset it now. Thank you for those who noticed this was likely to be a currency problem and apologies to Flare for assuming it was your fault.
  8. No thank you, I’m not going to risk £400 and attempt to claim this back later! I’m sure your intentions are good but that really isn’t well considered advice. I’m not complaining because I want the offer, I’m angry because no game should offer purchases that are this expensive. If the game has somehow confused currencies then this is not so bad but why should it happen and how can we tell? It could also happen in the opposite direction with people charged in the wrong currency and paying much more than they expected.
  9. Why do you think this is in Indian currency Aditya? There is no reference to this on the screen. I live in the U.K. and have never even visited India so why should this occur?
  10. At least I assume it’s in pounds. There’s no reason to expect a sudden switch to a different currency but I’m not going to accept the offer to find out for sure!
  11. No this ‘deal’ is in British pounds, my local currency. I sometimes buy the monthly gems package for £2.99 but that’s my only spending. I have another £399 offer currently. Since the same offer is made to different people at different prices how can they claim an original value for it (always ten times the offer price)? This would be illegal if a shop did the same thing in my country. I’m not sure if the same law applies to online games.
  12. I never thought I could be so angry about a digital game. £399 for a stupid offer that Flare claims is worth £3990! Is this a sick joke, outrageous greed or financial desperation?
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