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  1. *Alliance Merger* (Chile Medieval)

    As long as you can accommodate +- 13 players 😁 No real rush, but I like the idea of having a big Alliance as then blessing are easier to maintain! Keep me informed mate.
  2. So this is a bit different than the normal requests...but we have taken a knock with members due to inactivity. We have 13 Active members but can't hold up in wars due to being outnumbered. Our levels range between 60-98. English and Spanish members Myself and Another member use gem donations a lot. Our Alliance is level 18 but can level up. If you are a smaller active alliance like us and want to merge let me know. Kind Regards Evil Clam
  3. Alliance War Matchmaking

    Pretty sure this is an example of trophy fixing. Good for me though🤣
  4. Pin mark islands in War

    Thanks for sharing my view on the topic😊😊
  5. Training Camp

    I think it' a good idea too...i have 2 heroes ranked 20 (Hercules and Perseus) who do all the heavy lifting. Rest just farm resources off islands. Ajax and Prometheus are so average I don' even use them anymore.
  6. Pin mark islands in War

    Hello, I have one suggestion that I think would be great for alliances who don't have effective communication tools to use as a platform. What about adding a beacon or some sort of marker that leaders can place on the War map to show what is a priority Island or objective. I say this because I have problems with members attacking islands that aren' important at the time. And end up losing a island because they wasted an attack on a 14h island and not a 1h left island. This would allow for leaders to at least guide alliance members. Just a thought, may have Been brought up. But it would be cool.
  7. Thanks that makes loads of sense! Game did freeze. Thanks for the help!
  8. I tried to attack a player in an alliance war and i got this message? Please explain.