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  1. Anyone who deals with disappearing strikes, can you post a screenshot of the island you tried to attack, showing the skull and the name of the other alliance? I m sure it will help the Devs greatly.
  2. Bumping this thread since it's changes season, hopefully we can get green items instead of useless blessed ones from now on? Kinda sucks buying practically half-empty item chests.
  3. Nemetor

    Unable to launch the game

    Happens to me too on android 5.0
  4. Nemetor

    Defensive troops

    I think it's the total moral points of a troop that counts, showing what has most first, so if you have 1 phoenix (14moral), 2 griffins (24moral) and 4 archers (8moral) in your waves it ll show: Griffin Phoenix Archer
  5. IGN: Νεμέτωρ
  6. Nemetor

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    IGN - Νεμέτωρ
  7. Im pretty sure the Odyssey/forging costs come into play too, after the war the gold farming begins and everyone goes battle-frenzy haha
  8. @Awey Hey Awey, did you find a solution yet? Because I have the same problem on pc, only mine stops at around 15 or 22 mb.
  9. Nemetor


    We got 4 spots open! tl;dr Active Discord 80+ with nice donation ?
  10. Nemetor


    Happened to me too, plus the 'Strike won/lost' messages show our Alliance's name instead of the other team's name.
  11. Good idea, and some indicator around the item to show if it was a cursed one would also be helpful.
  12. Nemetor

    Huge number off enemy ??

    It can happen when Phoenixes attack from a parallel path so they get 'delayed' until more waves catch up to them, or similar situations of delayed troops.
  13. Nemetor

    Hero Powers not upgrading

    Is it Ajax's or Artemis' powers? If so, this is a known issue (there are already a couple threads about it), all we can do is wait for the fix I guess.
  14. Nemetor

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Game: Olympus Rising IGN: Νεμέτωρ 1) Skeleton 2) Stoke City 3) Field Hockey uses 11-player teams vs Ice hocky using 6-player teams Field hockey uses a ball, Ice Hockey uses a puck FH has a bigger area of play 4)Knight 5)-Fencing(one-touch épée) -Freestyle swimming (200m) -Equestrian show jumping (15 jumps) +combined event of -Pistol shooting and -Cross country running (3200m) 6) Latvia 7) New South Wales (NSW Blues) 8) Roger Federer 9) London, Mumbai 10) Spain, 1982
  15. I would really like to suggest cursed items giving only 'special' abilities, that's the whole reason this concept was introduced, right? Had a long streak lately of questing hard for godlike-titan-other cursed items only to get normal resistance stuff for example, kinda kills the excitement imo
  16. Hmm, havent really noticed that, will check it out
  17. Nemetor

    ors 4 Artemis blazing slash

    Yes, you get to keep it even if you fall below Top 1k
  18. I guess it counts only his first power as his unique (Frenzy), so the counter goes down each time it's used in battle.
  19. I think it's helpful, I tend to forget what I started forging when the items are too many, but I would really want to see an additional 'Finish All' button at the forging screen, having to click each one in the inventory is soul-crashing.
  20. Nemetor

    Looking for alliance

    Hi Yaran, what's your in-game name? (Yaran doesnt get me any results)
  21. Nemetor

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome Gala, nice to have you here! (Love the pic too)
  22. Still disconnects me as well Game name: Νεμέτωρ *Ok now it doesn't disconnect me anymore, don't know what happened but if someone fixed it, thank you ?