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  1. Error in counting skulls

    Multiple raid on same player don't count as skull.. you need to raid 3 different player.. Moreover the limit of the counted skull is only up to 3 different raid, as the extra raid only yield you small amount of skulls (10% as in this season war)
  2. Janus

    As the name Janus ; is related to doors (aka god of gates) This pal may have the ability of portal scroll, or perhaps the ability to send back enemy units back to gate.. This is just my guesses though
  3. Changing war boosts

    How about adding the special war boost as alliance war rewards together with the boosts we have now.. In this case, Wars will have more complexity and alliances will be more motivated to fight in every war season (not only during the dracomancer season)
  4. New way to merge alliances?

    Kinda agreed.. There is possibility of abuses
  5. Donation through 900 gems

    Yes, but the gold you donate through skipping with gems is substracted from your own gold from treasure chamber. Whereas, the 900 gems direct donation will not reduce your saved gold.
  6. In the previous league I completed all level 100% except stage 4 (I left it in purpose to save time for harder level), and I had no time left to complete that easy level I would definitely get max score if I had just 3 minutes, and yet this happened. they should have the in-game notification system about the updates, like a message icon in the upper left corner that shows notification from server/developers every changes in the game should be announced in the game, not just in forums