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  1. I have been emailing support since I got a working email last week. For me, and I want to see if anyone else (if anyone else is even reading these boards) has the game crashing/frozen and losing out on rewards from the Christmas Toyota ad. This ad has cost me (this week alone) to lose over a dozen XP awards, two dozen pieces of gear, about 5000 of those blue/gold gems, bonus items (like the purple crystals and things), and, just a rough figure going how ever the letters work, at least 500AA of gold by now. I basically get this ad 9 out of 10 times. Pretty much, I know it by heart now. As of this edit, I have gotten this ad 20 times in a row now, crashed 15 times of the 20 and lost those awards, and I only been playing for 2h. Anyone else having issues with this particular ad?
  2. Do the Knight's stats (attack, defense, etc) carry over into boss hunts, or are they just generic for all players in that area to start with?
  3. I just hate to waste gold on items that may go away by an event. God knows how much of the gold and gems and such I am losing on that Toyota car ad that keeps crashing (I have been emailing them back and forth about it).
  4. So I got some legendary items, related to Christmas, on adventure mode. My question is if, assuming no ascension and these will not afterwards (as in one drop per account), do these Christmas items stay after the event, or they will vanish (from adventure mode) after the event?
  5. Darn... guess I not going to be ascending anytime soon.
  6. I have had two legendary items for a week. Am I correct to assume that there is no way to hold onto them if I ascend?
  7. Yup, lost out on a lot of good XP and stuff past two days on the car ad. Anytime that is the ad to play, the game crashes and I lose out. To make things worse, that ad always shows on the best freebies to get AND comes up 75% of the time.
  8. And that same video ad made me lose out on 350 of those gold and blue ball things. Maybe this game not worth the frustration then, if customer support is dead.
  9. I have found it just sits at a black screen when dealing with a Toyota car ad. Every single time this comes up, it locks up.
  10. I just started the other week but have many (tech) questions. I know the game is running. I see an update from a few months ago. But, is this game still monitored? Are these boards viewed? I wrote to customer support only to get an auto email back to the same page of support I started on. I viewed a lot of postings but see no company official moderation. Just board admins. Thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Wanted to see if this issue is still ongoing for the previous posters. I am a new player and I am always getting videos to just be black and the timer stays stuck at 29, or the whole thing crashes. This is on my LG device with android 4x. I have tried to clean the cache but that not helped. Thanks.
  12. Heh, I tried that and submitted a ticket. Then I get an auto email back to go to support.flaregames.com. Then, all my firewalls wanted to block it for bad certificates. I then disabled some of my security, allowed the page, and took me right back to the page you requested. So, am at square one again.
  13. Hello. I am trying out this game to move on from a game that has not been updated in 3 years. Is this game still updated with non-item mall things, like monsters and quests, etc? Okay, so it seems I can only post one question?? So, editing this one... I have a prepaid phone that is cracked and have to get a new one soon. What files are needed for a backup from one device to another? Thanks.
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