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    Nah ,Read those changes in server update but I will wait another three days,will play the new war formats and use these new feature and then I will comment about this new version instead of relying on info.


    Actually I am surprised to see we still haven't played the first war of version 4.0 and you seem happy about these changes.😏


    Hey @CaptainMorgan please can you increase the number counts of every decoration that player can make. I have some cool deign for my mount olympus but guess what I can only make only 2 Hercules statue,4 Archon obelisk or Titan obelisk,5 Olympian obelisk and list goes on. Please remove these restriction atleast from decoration items.I am only asking this because I want to decorate mount Olympus in some different way and I need more options. (P.S.Already crossed prestige level 29 last week.I have made 10 columns of glory but want to build more such structures to decorate mount Olympus)Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

    Unable to launch the game

    Okay I am sure this problem is only in Apple plateform becuse I upgraded from version 3.9.6 to 4 this afternoon and game is working fine on my Android phone and windows 10 laptop.

    power upgrade times long....

    I started playing game in August and still sitting on Ascenion level 102 even after ten months.😝 Bruv ,you should only focus on upgrading powers and defense structures first and two or three units that you use on raids that's all. If your heros spells are upgraded to max then you will find Odysseys quests and raids very easy.

    4.0 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    Okay ,I love the changes done in version but yeah it does have some bugs that I am surprides nobody mentioned it here. Like Last night Artmis was showing inly three colorsets but before that there were four colorsets for her. I got one item it shows this. Also Whenever I am summoing her battle stag it is opening a golden gate or portal on screen and that battle stag is coming from that gate. @CaptainMorgan please fix this and there some other bugs I have noticed too,will post them later.

    Who has a beast prometheus?

    Hey @Warriornator, Prometheus is not a bad Hero.He is in fact really a cool Hero ,just customize his equipments to match your play style and he will do great in raids. Invest in resistence items and in anyone of these, Frostbite (atleast 40%) or petrify or attack speed. Any of these combo plus the types of units you use can make Prometheus even better and deadly. I will not show my Prometheus equipments or unit setup that is something you have to find on your own by playing the game and choosing equipments type that works best with your play style. (P.S. I use Prometheus on auto play on skull eight odyssey and he actually do great and also use him in Alliance wars)

    Defensive troops

    I think it is 25 % dumpster. Any resistance below 25% does not appear on gate keepers portrait.

    Defensive troops

    Yep, If your gatekeeper has 90 % physical resistance, 30 % Lightning resistance ,20 fire Resistance, 15 % ice resistance and 0% poison Resistance Then Ancient defender portrait will show physical resistance first followed by Lightning then fire then ice and last will be poison resistance. (P.S Only one correction fire ,ice and poison Resistance will not show up on Gatekeepers portrait as they are below 25%.)

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    @CaptainMorgan, really loved every feature of olympus rising version 4.0 and thank you for making the game amazing but I don't understand the need for multiple sets for all heroes πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”.I only need Different sets options for hero that I am using as a Defender and for other heroes having one set of euipments is still good. And is it possible that can you introduce the option of changing IGN like once in a month? I can the name of an alliance but why can't I change my IGN?

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Nope it is still thereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I just sell such cursed items or use gems to break the curse.

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Bro the game matches you with opponents based upon your trophy count and ascension level.However it is trophy counts that matters the most. If you have low trophy count you will see weak opponents on your map and as a player accumulates more trophies ,game becomes more harder and challenging as it will throw high ascension players too but those players have few trophies like 1000 or 2000. So it is nothing new and the only way to find weak opponents is to drop your trophies. Also I don't think so developers will change this feature.I have asked about it too.In fact too many times.But this feature is intentional. You should read every discussion here https://forums.flaregames.com/tags/ors trophies matchmaking and ranking 1/ as lot of players in the past have also talked about it too. By the way you are already within top 2000 players list so it obvious game will match you against tough opponents.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Forum update 4.3

    Hey thanks @GalaMorgane and team for adding new Emoji designs.

    How does damage reflection work?

    Good question but I think you can find all these answers by playing alone. Surprisingly if you want i can share some info on damage reflection too.I have experimenting with it along with potency ,frostbite ,stun,petrify and demolition.All these perks are good if you on some specific heroes.Right now I have three heroes(Cadmus,Perseus and Artemis) that have above 50% damage reflection(it is a very good perk for a defender but not for attacking heroes) Don't know about it but I am sure it means 20 % DR will reflect 20% of the damage done to hero. it is a AOE cone but its arc is small that it only hit two three archer or similar small units.For structures it hits only a single structure(my guess they are big and takes more space than spear man,sirens ,archers like small units) that is in front of hero like barricade takes damage whenever Apollo tower hits my hero DR reflects some portion of that damage back to barricade as it is right in front of hero. Damage from DR can be avoided but there is only one scenario where I have seen it gets reflected . A Hero can reflect damage from an Ancient defender equipped with DR items. But don't whether its reflects elemental damage or physical damage( @CaptainMorgan can you confirm this?I have no idea about it but you are the only one who can answer this question.)πŸ˜… Actually it does both. Reflector also takes some portion of damage while reflecting the damage and that is because game does not have 100% DR bonus as a perk.

    Hero buff

    Agreed her first spell is perhaps the most useless spell in the enitre game.I wiuld prefer siren over it and the decision to reduce her morale bar was pretty bad. Also I would like to ask something @dumpster and @AlterPapi do you guys yse her on raids or alliance wars. I have been using her lot prior to this update but now I can't kill overpowred defenders with her.She just don't have enough army to support her on the Gate. But anyways does not matter ,Everytime Flaregames changes her stats they nerf badly.Don't know anything about 2016 version of her did not played the game that time.2017 is what I have seen so far and played a lot with and yes her winning ratio was still better but now I can't even call a Griffin and a Catapult with her. My only solution ths problem for now us not use Her on raids and definitely not on wars. My last war was a complete disaster.I made a grave mistake of using New version of Athena in war and it was terrible mistake that I won't repeat again. For me She is now some ancient relic whom I would not use ever again. (P.S. @vasudeva1 is it true that her morale bar is now the shortest in the enitre game as compared to other Heroes?)