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  1. Bye @Philstar you left the game. I will miss you buddy 😥
  2. Good suggestion 👍 but cost should be 100 gems instead of 50 gems to stop its abuse if developers can't fix it.
  3. Warriornator read what captain just said. There is no benefit in staying at one level. You should always level up to gain good gears for heroes.
  4. Hahahaha could be, but not me I haven't refined Athena yet😆😆😆. Only saying this what I saw in my logs🤣🤣🤣
  5. Yeah everyone in last war used frezny bug with Athena 🤣🤣🤣
  6. @CaptainMorgan please can do you something about duplicate unique items? as of now we can recurse a duplicate unique item but some players have already found more than 30 unique items which is more than the current unique item list of all heroes.(every hero has two and Artemis has one,which makes total unique items as 24 including apple of discord) My question is how can we make duplicate unique items useful ?They take extra space in total item storage.we can't sell them for a good price too. many suggestions have been given in this regard by many players but we never got any answer on those posts. Now you are back,can you please answer this question about unique items?what do you have in mind about duplicate unique items?Are you going to solve this issue? P.S. Can you please increase the limit of changing name in game from one time to two or maybe three time?
  7. Welcome back @CaptainMorgan I almost thought you left us but I am glad I am wrong. Thank you @Madlen for looking after or forum. Really loved your passion and commitment towards the community.
  8. I gave up on Ajax after reaching level 120 as it is hard to play with him and I don't think FG wants to make him strong also. There is no point in talking about improving Ajax. Lots of suggestions have been given in past but developers decided to ignore them and they will do same thing now too Even if they improve Ajax it will take another year or two😐
  9. Yes that is true most players don't use them in wars. But Artemis is really a good heroine.I only can't use her properly on nyxs based defenses.
  10. Frostbite and demolition bug works on all heroes. You can do test on that. Also Ajax's both unique items are good(although a little boost in thier values will be great). You should only know how use them properly. I do use ajax on wars in past but nowdays I don't have good items on him. So don't take him to wars. The only problem i see with him is his inability to kill gk as his all spell only do physical Damage.
  11. Hahahaha, i can use Ajax just fine. If you can't then maybe you should find some other game. Also I was joking about that demolition and frostbite perks
  12. Ajax can be given frostbite and demolition as a passive perk too.(so that he can take advantage of this bug as can't take advantage of frezny invocation bug😏) So that he can destroy bases in seconds like Hercules 🤣🤣🤣
  13. What about duplicate unique items? Game should allow players do more with them .Just allowing cursing them is not enough.
  14. Every other online game allows to change name but not OR. And reason given aren't that great.(seriously trolling what about In game chat window, player use it to abuse other players, i have seen that on more than one occasion) I and some people are just to unhappy with our IGN. I personally would like to change mine 😉 I don't care about spies as island trading is a worse practice in Titan leagues than spies 😆😆😆
  15. Level up faster 💪. Then buy epic chests to forge better items. I gained 19 levels in less two months to prepare myself for titan leagues. Initially battles were harder but after a week or two everything turned out fine. I forged good gears at higher level.
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