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  1. You will need 80000k gold for it and every Odyssey island will cost around 6000 knowledge.Also use your honored hero only to complete the task to get the maximum points .Also you need to have lot of patience as once you start a journey your gold chamber will be empty😂😂😂.Also in case if you don't have Artemis fourth power then use invocations to destroy nxys tower in Helios light bro. If your harbour is at level 7 to then by doing 5 ,8 skull islands with Honored hero will let you get 275 fame points to get to unlock last two Titan sea chest.
  2. Trophy System

    Yes The game is filled so many random elements that I have no idea what to say about it.Like I can't see the reason why level 114 or above are using so many gems to defeat my hero statue (well I am only at level 97 now)or barricades,just to save thier trophy losses I guess(because those guys have more 7500 trophies while I have only 6500) or spamming invocations at gate of Apollo in last few seconds or using dragon tooth near my hero statue All these things are too confusing for me🤔
  3. Trophy System

    Yeah bro @Infamous Mani is she not he and a very strong player and trust me you don't want to mess with her base.Her hero ' statue resistance are at 90%(When I say resistance I mean all five elemental resistance).But yeah I got your points I have never met a player that can give me above 15+ trophies and those who can have are playing at much higher level than me and with all divine blessings and with more than 8k enchantments 😂😂😂😂.So yeah those battle demands my all attention.so else I will end up losing 10 trophies even If I take down hero and all structures but not gate of Apollo. (By the way guys @Infamous and @Neptune both of you have attacked my base😂)
  4. Thropies loss on gate down

    Hey @Artemus this sometimes happens with me too.Like you destroy gate of Apollo when timer shows zero seconds left but does show the sign of victory with all three laurels but when it is shows result it shows two laurels and not three which means games consider that you have failed to take down gate in time and hence -10 trophy loss.
  5. Also the Hercules cursed boot only require you to open 10 godlike chests and not titan chest that is why you are able to progress there in that task.
  6. hey @Telly Bruv yo need two Titan chests to complete this task for cursed titan chest.I always get this task during non war season so I do 5 skull 8 odyssey to get 275 fame ponits and that help win last two titan sea chests from harbor. My harbor is at level 7. I hope it will help.Also as @Infamous pointed out you just need to open two titan chests, like normal titan chests that you receive from daily gifts or you can buy Titan hoard pack that will help you get 5 Titan chests or participate in war and score lot of vps to get two titan battle chests.Or simply if you are playing at low ascension level then you can use 250 gems to break curse otherwise that curse will carry forward to next titan chests as long as the task remain unfinished. Bye
  7. Well bro that is just too hard to do.I have tried doing such things and I always end up Losing 10 or 16 trophies 😂😂😂 But yeah will definitely finish such pesky quest tho.
  8. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Bro don't say such things in forum or else developers will reduce the amount of gems that we get from them.😉
  9. Max ascension lvl

    Yeah @Validus1 the max Ascension level is 131.Many of my teammates have also confirmed the same.
  10. Whirlwind bug

    HEY @Asd0011 are you talking about nxys towers in the corner ?Which can only attacked by ranged units.Only in such cases I have seen her hail storm do not damage at all.
  11. Whirlwind bug

    Nope bro ,Finding a unique item is all about luck .I found my first unique item after opening about some 60 Titan chest.While my second one after 8 Titan chest.
  12. Whirlwind bug

    This bug is also there in the game A unit is stand still in the corner while I have use my heroes to move back to that unit in order to make it move again.I noticed it many times during Odyssey's quests and also during regular raids.
  13. Whirlwind bug

    This problem is an ongoing bug @neptyne and have reported by many players in this thread. Although I didn't know that by upgrading whirlwind same bug occurs🤔. Also check Ajax steup there you will still see his spells are displaying rights stats for whirlwind but in Shire of power is will be showing blank.So worry not bro his spell are working fine.
  14. Trophy System

    Hey @NAPC Bro you are champ and it is still long way for me to reach your level maybe 2 or 3 months and about trophies. HAhAhaha don't know when I will reach 17k trophy level at the moment defending 6500 trophy seems like next to impossible task for me despite the maxed out defense for my level.