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    Name change

    Yep that is true, I have tried doing same once but FG support team says they won't change the name

    Forging process

    Yep this how new refinement process should work. I also ended up with such lower value perks too

    higher lvls always present

    Yeah, long live the revolution!!! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this system is bad and a highly demotivating factor in the game right now.

    higher lvls always present

    No no I am not asking free blessings for everyone but for teams that are winning not losing in thier respective leagues. Plus giving similar rewards to everyone is simply a strange design🤔🤔🤔

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Sorry this game is screwed up from all angles. All players like me are tired of this arrogant behavior of developers. Not listening to every feedback and listening to few to make game even more degraded.

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Agreed ,I hate to change the builds of all 12 heroes after every two or three ascenion level gains. I love only few build for every heroes but can't keep them always.Sadly I am gaining levels to become weak🤔🤔🤔.Strange concept to begin with

    higher lvls always present

    Why are you asking this question me when you should ask @CaptainMorgan or our new CM why aall teans are getting similar rewards excpet first three teams of Leagues of titan. Plus what's the point of playing stupid wars on weekends(ruining your night's sleep) when team that are defeated badly are getting same rewards as the winning team at every leagues?

    higher lvls always present

    I agree FG should not have removed old firging system and given every team war blessings for free

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Should be free for all As FG has already made a fool out of everyone especially new players who wasted thier items and huge resources with scandalous refinements. Also i have seen one guy with 24% skill cooldown bonus ring that he claimed before pre nerf. I can't even get 12% on a ring with new nerfed forge system.Now it is a pain to do raids against high level accounts.

    higher lvls always present

    Trophy system is broken already, I am getting insane amounts of attack by end game level players even rhough I have lost more than 800 trophies in just two days pluse not to mention 58 times I have move hetoes from mount olympus beacuse 150 attacks in last two days too.

    higher lvls always present

    Yes zuzu you are right but @CaptainMorgan doesn't want to disappoint the elite players who are playing in titan leagues with end game levels, with all war blessings,with super bugged items and mocking other lower leagues players.

    higher lvls always present

    Why not to make whole trophy system 3 by 3 model Player win 3 trophy lose 3 trophy pwr battle. That is way better suggestion than destroying the whole leaderboard.

    higher lvls always present

    I agree vasudeva1 in last season dumpster team met Red squadron in 1 vs 1 duel. Guess what dumpster team was beaten badly by RS I have seen screenshots of that battle by one of RS players. Dumpster enjoy your so called titan league and stop making joke about other players for playing in lower leagues. I will not promote by team to become meat bags for 131 level accounts in titan leagues. You are always arguing with everyone,whether it is @Philstar , @Neptune, @Infamous, @Hellslord, @ZuZuu, @vasudeva1 , or me or others. Only you seemed to have problem with this thread too

    higher lvls always present

    Nah, he is enjoying his vacation most probably just like it happens last christmas. So no I don't think so he is broke after all he has to serve the elite players as @vasudeva1 is saying.

    higher lvls always present

    ?This suggestion is really good and should be implemented in the game in next update to stop the abuse lower levels with high trophy count by cheater(whom @CaptainMorgan supports wholeheartedly) Seriously they are playing game far longer than new accounts that have recently started OR,their islands don't attacked much in three days or four days sometimes a month,they enjoy trolling new players by taking their hard earned trophies in few minutes which of course takes months to collect. One of friend didn't get attacked for 26 days??????? Care to answer this @CaptainMorgan While I see on average 25 attacks daily but past few days I am seeing 7-8 attacks per hours that even by end game level opponents playing 131 ascension level for 15 trophies) It is high time trophy system should be reverted to 3 trophies per battle formula where everyone gets only three trophies for defeating lower level not 15 only then whole significance for trophy system will diminish.Also this most sensible approach to make trophy system useless.