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  1. Use one Tartarus invocation that cost 12 gems and it always does the job of killing gks in seconds
  2. So when we will get the version 5.0.0? Also is it possible we can get new unique items in this update or next? P.S. Thanks for increased gem rewards
  3. Gk stats are fine, i see players beating best gks in game without problem but that requires dedication.(which i don't have but I am fine with 95%) I am not that talented but even I can kill sone best gks with good forged heroes If you are finding gk hard to beat find an another game please or improve your gameplay.
  4. I like the idea of making unique items special. Right now they are very weak in comparison to good forged items. The cost of refining or forging or cursing a unique item is also very high in comparison to the normal items.
  5. In time I will prepare more Heroes but for now I need to reach level 150 so that I can prepare good items without loss of thier effectiveness. I am not preparing any great Heroes right now. Just keeping three Heroes ready for war and two for clearing maps.
  6. Gks are kill able my friend.You just need to make some killer heroes I always managed to kill your gk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ without invocation and on autoplay too.
  7. Immortal gk can be killed without invocations,I have seen and killed lots of 1 million health Gatekeepers. It just require careful selection of hero and units or perks on Heroes. All heroes require different tactics to beat beast gks but it is still do able. Tartarus invocation always kill gk no matter how much health they have. Recently i met lot of talented players who are killing best gks in game without invocation with different heroes. I have seen Odysseus, Helen, Ariande kill best gks in game without any invocation even Jason and Prometheus too!!!!
  8. Do developers have a plan to atleast sort out demolition and frostbite bug? Also are developers aware that nerfing gatekeepers will make game a lot easy.Then everyone can autoplay any defense all day.
  9. Cadmus as gk summons units from next wave and not from dragon tooth
  10. More leadership means more troops. Heroes having lot of leadership summons lots of units.
  11. I already have given him video for that bugπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    cursed chest task

    Trust me these tasks are easy for an active player. I also sometimes change these tasks for 25 gems and get a different task.(Definitely different task) These quests used to be lot harder when they were first released.like raid 50 wisdom islands. I wrote against it and than developers changed the task from 50 islands to 20 and made other tasks also easy.

    cursed chest task

    Change the task with 25 gems or do lots of raids in day. That's how I complete these tasks. I always use second method to unlock chests.
  14. Do you know this thing that defense is lot weaker than offence in this game?
  15. I simply hate the rules that govern the trophy system in OR. I play at 37th position and spend around 2-3 hours a day. But there is no difference between player at 37th or 100th position. They both get a lousy reward of three titan points. Mind you a player can easily get 10 titan points daily plus five from last celestial boost. I lose raids by split seconds I lose 13,12 trophies in just one lose but when some one playing below in trophy ladder fails on my base they lose zero trophy .(This is a joke and a bad one too) Plus Everytime some one abuses frenzy invocation i lose fifteen trophies for mere five louse gem rewards.( Another great bug or cheap exploit that is being abused a lot by players) OR definitely need to make tiers in trophy board to motivate competition among players, if they can't implement such feature then they should definitely scrap down this rediculous system. Lower players are stuck in a limbo on not gaining trophies and constantly being attacked higher level players. P.S. last Time I checked you left playing OR ,so how can you comment on it trophy system being fun?
  16. But only for three trophies, right? I have seen worse case scenario than that twice I have been hit for more than 100 attacks in a day where i lost around 1700 hundred trophies in a day. I am happy with current trophy system atleast it prevents trophy loss bombardment.
  17. I still get around eight to ten attacks (each for fifteen trophies)everydayπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” I lose around 100-150 trophies everyday So how could trophy system be broken? The top guy in leadership board plays for 12 hours a day. Even some other top 10 guys plays ten to twelve hours a day They deserve to receive some kind special reward from FG for keeping such high activity. Pheme and gold bonus both expires after reaching 30k.
  18. If odyssey chest also contains four 🌟 items or five star titan items , wouldn't that be awesome feature?
  19. Thanks for bringing this up, i also wonder does anyone stand a chance to enter top 10 after November update?( Bottom players or players constantly losing 100-300 trophies everyday) I think not , trophy system has always been a frustrating feature for many players of OR. It is a good suggestion to remove it from the game.
  20. Then what's the point of providing invocations in the game? Defense is weaker than offence. I have maxed out defense and yet I lose easily.
  21. There is so much problems πŸ˜£πŸ˜” with some of the existing perks. I think it would be better if developers fix them first before introducing new perks in the game. Also the divinity perk feature exits in game if you cast frenzy invocations then it doubles up the the damage of every spell.
  22. Good suggestions and some cool ideas. I hope @CaptainMorgan reads them and implement them in the game.
  23. I hope these features comes in next version
  24. Does lighting resistance provides Gatekeeper immunity to stun?
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