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  1. I am looking for either Community Week or Alliance Party...
  2. I want to be a part of your alliance Level - 116 SP - 31.5 Donation - 1000k IGN - Vikas Bhardwaj
  3. Join the team guyz.. Its an awesome Alliance having some of the great players..
  4. vikasbhardwaj

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Actually the topic itself is irrelevant.. Why should flare Nerf a scroll because only LacunaC wants it?
  5. vikasbhardwaj

    Pro Tickets & Donates

    I am happy that they have stopped the free ticket donations because mostly all the players were using that system in a bad way.. they were creating multiple accounts and donating the tickets to their main account. Even I raise this questions earlier as well but at that time everyone was against me so I too stopped buying tickets and started using the same ways as others were using but now am happy that it is even for everyone. This is also to add here that I have decided not to spend a single penny in the game from now as you never know when Flare change the stats of your units and spells without giving a notice.
  6. vikasbhardwaj

    About update for skull tower boost

    Absolutely right.. they are the deadliest tower even the non-boosted ones..
  7. vikasbhardwaj

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    It happened because you poked too much which game cant handle (in a funny way dont take this comment seriously)
  8. vikasbhardwaj

    Celestial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    Even I do not have much trouble with Phoebe but some players creating a base keeping in mind only Phoebe beast as how they can utilize it the most while it is a tower defense game not phobe defense game..
  9. vikasbhardwaj

    Celestial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    The Primal Howl you are talking about here is at higher level but the Phoebe level which we are talking about here is of 1 or 2 level. So specially in lower/middle/ level alliances where max level of beast is not achieved Phoebe is the best bet. This is why my argument goes in favor of nerfing the phoebe beast.
  10. Yes buff it and when it becomes overpowered and everyone starts buying it then nerf it... So simple..
  11. vikasbhardwaj

    Basilisk hiding near gate

  12. vikasbhardwaj

    N-Design is OP

    Shut the F bug and dont reply me.
  13. May be you were having a bad day
  14. vikasbhardwaj

    N-Design is OP

    There is something called "Sarcasm"