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  1. It is requested that the requirement for unlocking Blazing slash of artemis may be reviewed and if possible, reduced. Currently, obtaining rank < 1000 is very difficult.
  2. Recently unlocked artemis piercing venom. She always shoots the arrow from a long distance at target (which is out of the range). Is it intended that she has to be played manually, so that the move is not wasted?
  3. In my current defense layout, the marked tower gets destroyed very easily. I have seen similar layout in the past, and the tower at this location dont get destroyed in those layouts. Please help.
  4. Current prestige lvl is 20. My ign is sewqwerdurgx. Care to share yours?
  5. I started this game from last week of November, so basically 3 months for 142 k dominance. Now I may need 3 more months to get to 300 k
  6. I don't think I have rushed as i am at ascension lvl 86
  7. I had already searched the forum and couldn't find the exact meaning of the unlock condition for her power which requires conquering all islands. I am currently at 2.5 k fame, 5k rank in hall of god and at 142 k dominance.
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