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  1. @CaptainMorgan hi , thx for your feedback on this topic, i have a question, if developer teams were not meant to change war blessings distribution by stating that it needs to be the same for all teams within the same league, then why did the devs team need feedback on distribution? if devs only needed feedback on rewards we could be more helpful i believe by discussing rewards than distribution! anyways , i think some of those changes can help war motivation which is a really good thing. can you please mention which leagues will have a chance for this? all leagues like from mortal to to titan? or some of the leagues? thx. except these two most of the other changes you mentioned were actually change of rewards not distribution , so i would like to focus more on this one as well, are there more details about the above idea which you can share with us please? it's always great to have a developer feedback on topics so thx again 👍
  2. your response to first paragraph shows you even reply without reading! you simply said the same thing i mentioned there was fun. in 2nd response, you are trying to run away from the case with falsifying, i mentioned there are so many things that are making wars uneven , and if one logically is looking for an even playing field must look there not at war blessings distribution, looking only at one is just misleading, i also mentioned since this game seems to work differently and doesn't have that approach for players to have same things in wars , probably one with such approach must look for another game unless they all change, and all you said was if ppl don't have it all they will complain . your reasoning blows everything away even worth, so you went from ppl will complain about uneven battlefield to ppl will complain if we don't give them all the war blessings! so basically what you are saying is give them all out for free(except the cost) so ppl wouldn't complain. thx for clarifying for us your reasoning. yet you want current system and believe current special blessings are only good if kept for special teams of higher leagues, wow such logic. then you use another falsifying, you say different war blessings will break the game rules by giving an example of 11 and 6 players on the field, i think you were joking actually for a change of atmosphere. war blessings are not players , players of a team don't change by war blessings distribution! it was an irrelevant comparison by logical means. (for reference: in this game war blessings were different for 2 years in wars so if one claims different war blessings breaks the game rules! is merely falsifying. it's effect, in my suggested system is as much as i described in part 2 of that post you replied to.) 3rd one you are wrong, i explained before and you didn't even read, in my distribution i didn't say we leave weakest team with zero war blessings, plus they would go to a lower league and will face much weaker teams! so you completely missed the whole point by not reading again. and all you have to say is that it's "Bad" if we change war blessings. like i said, since page 1 you only brought your personal feelings to the tread and your passion, still waiting for logic and reason to come forward and we are at page 8. it would be best to reward war blessings to teams by rankings in a league cause it would make wars meaningful again and will create a flow of blessings between teams. 4th one you are talking about a match making issue, it's irrelevant, match making issues shall be solved by match making system. you forgot your 1st sentence? great. and what's the falsifying behind your act? let me reveal you again. you say when a weak team faces a strong one in my suggested system,is forced to use gems etc and fight for little vps oh it will be exactly the same in current system too and is not due to my system , who are you fooling? a weaker team with less war blessings, is not losing offensive power!!! and you act like they do! act failed . in my suggested system those weaker teams are playing against weaker forms of war blessings at least (regarding their league) ! so it's an improvement for them in comparison to current system at least and most likely (regarding statistics) they will face a team who doesn't run full war blessings , again exactly the opposite of you want to act about my system. you either are a bad analyzer or a good actor , i will take the first one. in next part you have nothing in logical terms so you again start throwing things, like stronger gets stronger, i already answered that and mentioned just by looking at the rankings in game, like team rankings from 1-20 and players rankings from 1-1000 we can see how stronger got stronger under current system. so why don't you complain about current system then? a good question right? i am trying to fix this broken system of wars and war blessings distribution as a reward. and no, strong don't get stronger in my system unlike what we have now, and weaker don't get weaker in my system, teams actually flow and will sit in their correct leagues as well. i previously replied to 5th one. i asked you, do you have any other term than balance? if no, then discussion is over cause your reason failed by what i explained about game elements and things i explained about my system . simple as that and you come repeat same stuff which i answered all. and one more important thing is if by any chance devs wanted to make a change to war blessings distribution, before doing so i encourage them to make a poll for it, and give ppl what they want. unlike D, i didn't post here to force everyone to to accept my idea, so IF they decided a change is needed, please don't forget the poll and let ppl decide . and if they felt they don't need to make a change poll is not needed even.
  3. ppl will face them in a weaker manner ofc than now like 4/5 3/5 and else and not all of them at 5/5 , but like you mentioned it before yourself that's a term that should be solved regarding match making system and i didn't plan my war distribution system to only look after a match making system issue either. but since you mentioned it i said it will cover that issue to some points. we can open a tread and discuss that more there. -------------- i also if you don't mind i have 2 critics regarding the terms that you use " unequal playing field " and your "unbalance" terms. 1- what you simply call unequal playing field is what this game elements were made on, it seems to me and i will describe below. (at a war session): we have different lvls , different unit lvls, different spell lvls, different divine blessings lvls , different item powers , different threshold of enhancements etc. yet we get matched . and you say ppl complain about all or some of these , great. if one goes by your logic shall ask devs to even all of these terms, not just 1 (war blessings)! unless you are being specifically misleading things here by using such term only on my suggested war blessings distribution. now, what makes you think the other terms i counted above, spells,units, etc , shall be earned! but war blessings "alone" shall be given to all the league the same? i think war blessings should be earned too based on war activity. simple as it is. game elements shows it that way. and everything together creates that unequal playing field, so just pointing it at war blessings is misleading and far from real. going by such logic and approach to war blessings that you show here,(that they must be distributed the same inside of a league to have an even battlefield!), means we shall also even all other terms, like to give titan league, units at max lvl at the end of season to all, so it gets even. in god's league we shall give, units near max lvl so it gets even etc, and do the same for spells , enhancements , divine blessings and so on. this is where that logic follows. if those above happen, then finally one like you with such approach, can claim he is talking about an even battlefield inside a league. and he has had logic at least, regardless of that idea is working or not! i won't judge this. maybe it works maybe not. now if one wants to question devs why they created this game like this, go ahead and ask them , unlike you i can not answer things in their place and talk on their behalf. i give you an example, when i talked to Chris (either he was a staff, dev or working with them , i don't know, but he was presenting the enhancements update that time) there i mentioned how "enhancements" will make the battlefield uneven! in a long run and in an irreversible way too. he said: that's what a game supposed to be like, and what do i expect? that someone who spends lotta money be same as one who doesn't? he said: you haven't played an online game if you are expecting it to be same for everyone, this not something new. i mentioned this mostly regarding your "ppl will complain about uneven battlefield statement" .i didn't see ppl complain where an uneven battlefield was vastly introduced and implemented then! i was just 1 and also 1 other person backed up me there. so 2. so i want to say ppl will complain about what they had before and don't have anymore. simply that. taking away the enhancements will even battlefield to a large point in war or out, now go ahead and take it and see how ppl will complain! (i discussed that on the Olympus Rising line public chat after enhancements update) anyway,so before "acting like" we are having an even battlefield at wars, we, specially you sir, better look at game elements and study to see if we do have such thing or if game elements are meant to be that way at first place. game elements suggest otherwise clearly. i have a question, why should a team who has performed better be reset and put even with one who didn't in regard to war rewards which are supposed to be war blessings? well, we already heard that you say, we should have same war blessings in a league so there would a "even playing field" and "balance" , now, obviously they are not an answer, regarding to all said above, because we have so many things that are creating an uneven playing field in wars not just 1 thing to be. so if you have any other reason go ahead and mention it. 2- even if my system is one part of all this "uneven battled field", it's not much . it will be just like other system elements i mentioned here. i already said, i answered that term once and urged you to go read it instead, and since you didn't i also make a "copy paste" for you. ------- page 3 somewhere. this will be the case for the teams in same competition lvl , and like you said it, that suggested distribution won't make a change.you should regard each case differently. as for teams with same competition lvl, is the case above . now lets see how it would be for teams who are already out of each other competition lvl and war result is already clear no matter what blessings be, ("if" they happen to get in a war. won't be an all time thing most definitely). the above would happen when war result is already clear and teams are so distanced, so wouldn't matter more or less blessings in regard of war results. like i said, that suggested distribution won't affect war results in either case of above that we talked, it was already clear when teams got matched in this 2nd case -------- this is how i was explaining my distribution has not a big role in war results. and it's role is as much other elements of game i counted above. whenever, all units and spells and enhancements and ascension lvls and divine blessings and their lvls got even and were rewarded to the teams in a league evenly, you can use that approach to convince us,that we should also have identical war blessings inside a league to achieve "even playing field". and since non is not that way , your approach is meaningless, and you even mention that most parts are unbalanced but 1(which itself has been changed to what you like after 2 years), this is a really critical point i want to mention. so it gives us a question, are you sure you are playing the correct or suitable game? you want an "even playing field" and you claim most parts are not that way, but instead of rethinking that maybe you are wrong! you are trying to convince us we are wrong the whole time with just same balance thing that doesn't even exist. this needs real thinking. these explains everything about that "even playing field" and "balance" terms zero to end.
  4. i was talking about the term that you mentioned ppl complain on daily map match makings. to make sure we are on the same page, please point specifically on which term you want explanation, i didn't understand.
  5. @genovamao i agree with D on that term , maybe making too many leagues takes years for a team to fall into right place or advance,
  6. sir i have already approved several times that you are a person who's ideas and statements contradict each other in a discussion, how can such person advice me of how to do things? unlike you , i don't post on forums with raw ideas and passion , i work on them and when they become ready i post them, and sir you are a player just like me, it doesn't work that way that you just put your personal idea next to mind and call mine got problems or call mine are wrong. i will simply put mine aside yours and call them wrong, is that good enough for you then? you need to bring statements and reasons to why mine are wrong not just cause you don't like them , only thing you brought so far was your personal preferences and passion, i saw no logic and reason yet. i will have to disagree on several parts here, first i already explained what i mean a lot , and whenever i feel i have to write something or add it for devs to read, i would not propose it to you ofc, i will add it to my first post for devs to read and whoever read first post so far found that it's based on reasons and you are free to think otherwise. 2nd thing i want to mention is you use a term " they think" here. since your statements were mere imaginations, you felt maybe talking instead of devs shall give power to your words but actually it made them worthless, cause you are not a dev to say "they think" to make your statements get stronger. so feel free to drop that attitude. it won't help you sir. and all those comes from a person who used to say war blessings are not a motivation and now claims they are enough of a reward! please also add this to your so many other contradictions sir , i would suggest first make up your mind then post them. and no one liked those ideas here either way, so even if you shout them, no one buys them. you have said, and i told otherwise and disagreed with you, what makes that" i've said" thing to be better? do you have anything to backup your words except that "'i've said"? i mean we are on a forum and you have said so many contradicted sentences so far , just going by" i've said" doesn't mean it's correct, i think the only complains would be based on " why we had them and now we don't have them". exactly like you made so far. and that's expected after making a wrong distribution correct. well now that you said it, i see that my system also solves that ,only couple teams are going to have all blessings at 5/5 or full power in that system, so the chance of such thing you described about to happen is reduced by a large margin , i didn't know my system covers everything, glad to remind me that sir.
  7. to make sure i understood it correctly, you suggest to have leagues of 12 teams and expand the number of leagues, yet still reward all the teams in a league the same, and give them blessings with a power which is based on league lvls, this is definitely 1 part of what i see, 2nd part was rewarding based on ranking inside each league to make wars meaningful again. about making more leagues , i didn't think about it myself , what changes do you believe more leagues can bring us?
  8. @dumpster i would have to think more to give a proper answer to that because if i had seen a major flaw in it i would correct ,but i read couple terms through the topic which seemed correct to me which i will mention. first it's a change and like you said ppl get upset, we are giving them for free now and after that they have to fight to get it. so question is are we willing to fix it or no, let it get worse. second, top players that won't be getting all blessings would complain why did the system change, and left them out of their comfort zone! i would expect to see such thing happen less often in lower leagues, since they are already missing the critical war blessings. third if by chance 2 teams that "imagine" they are equal in war score and activity , face each other, and one loses to the other, that one will come complain about system rather than accepting they had lower scores or activity. fourth , i don't recall how powerful are the lvl 1 planax or lvl 1 chaos gate, for lowest leagues ,this needs some study from devs, fifth, if devs intentionally ruined all leagues in favor of upper leagues(for whatever reason), my system is against their goal , cause this system is for all leagues to have competition.(my own, not read on topic.) i think these are the things that i read and were related. but as is obvious all of them are due to we have given something out by mistake and will be resistance taking it back now. while i believe if that suggested system would have been implemented right after previous system non of above would happen. that's exactly why i believe the system is not bad. phil also had ideas of rewarding some of the blessings to the score sum of a team at the end of seasons , ofc each league a different score to unlock sth. i believe this can also be implemented cause it's exactly rewarding war activity again.
  9. @Archimides yes , if we bring all blessings to all leagues there should be a lvl, first due to difficulty and second to prevent abusing the system by going down and up in leagues, for example one team can go down take it full and come up. so if it goes by lvls it will also prevent this.
  10. completely opposite of what you say, like always. i explained in 2 cases how your strong get stronger is falsifying, and described in full. yet your logic! went ahead of you and instead of answering to it you left it be, and talked about flu which made everyone laugh ofc. it wasn't a just cause 🤣 it were two paragraphs. so just cause you don't remember it, doesn't mean it's not physically available on this topic. no sir my suggestion fixes the mistakes that current system has, and gives wars a cause, if you had something new to say i will be always willing to hear.
  11. what about other nerfs? and she didn't get like before. had nothing to say about them? obviously and no your weaker stronger statement which is falsifying was already rejected and explained if you forgot you can always go back and read instead of repeating it, what makes teams stronger is giving them special blessings for no reason and taking it from the rest of the game.
  12. my system doesn't make weak weaker and doesn't feed strong teams for nothing as it is now, it's balanced , i also see some other suggested systems here which will do the same. whoever wanted to know what the "making strong teams stronger" mean is free to go watch the team rankings and compare with previous system this current system is the definition of making stronge stronger and making a big gap between leagues. while these suggested systems easily fix all these if we say ppl get "upset" and that's all we have to say and build up on, then let's put reasoning and logic behind and go with emotions in making decision. ppl got upset when athena was nerfed when ajax and hercules were , when items were nerfed, but it was needed and the right decision, taking back something that was given by mistake is nothing wrong. and developers showed they are willing to do the reasonable thing rather going with emotions.
  13. i believe ppl already suggested for war blessings to have power lvls based on league lvl. which would cover all those above. when we give war blessings a lvl and when distribute them by team rankings in each league we can easily bring them to all leagues. so even new players are not bothered by them but can have a taste of them, and they learn them gradually and when they move up, they face them in a more serious manner, for more challenge. this will make war blessings a war blessings and a chance for all to go for them regarding the power of their league, what else could a fair player ask for. i understand that suggested system is frustrating for ppl who are used to just sit and receive blessings in full and even some who are used to keep the special blessings to their own , but the system that ppl suggested in this topic benefits most players and not just few , unlike current distribution. i also understand that system would be frustrating for teams who want make deals at war , this will totally be against them, or players who just want to have wars blessings in full at their bank for no reason, just to feel safe! , but it's in fact good for everyone to have a flow of war blessings in the system. when water stays somewhere for a long time without movement it gets rotten. and probably devs too felt all these or some of them and made them ask for feedback, so here it goes. all these wonderful ideas that ppl had. i apologize if i used some expert terms in my cement example, that might not be obvious to all. but i assure you that example is correct regarding basic and expert view both. i also understand that you say that's not how you see those terms and their roles . which is a fair point, so we agree that those war terms have different meanings to us. i see wars as the core of the game which keeps it going. i assume you believe in more weight to leagues. anyway. and i totally disagree that league blessings are doing anything useful except rendering wars meaningless , they are just making wars dead regarding the things i mentioned recently on previous posts, and are making the word "reward" meaningless, cause they are given to all the ranks the same, which is not fair in any reward system. and this suggested system also gives a reason to anyone at any rank at any war! to move on for next spot above, it's simply a "go get it" . what else could a player ask for, while current system doesn't , next spot is same as previous one, so it's a "go to sleep" instead 😀. this is also not reasonable for a live system i believe. 🤨 and last, i think you forgot to add that current system is also frustrating for ppl who want to play wars for more than self pleasure, but for a competition. which is my kind. and i hope i am not alone 😀, in titan league 1st-4th places are rewarded different blessings so the idea is just to expand that concept to all leagues and to all the rankings in a league . it's not something unknown to current system at all just needs to be expanded more.
  14. no, that's not my whole point that the system is just changed. point is, that change has damaged things.this is it. point is, the cause, meaning, reward and motivation of wars is now broken and taken from wars by a large point and is put somewhere lot less relevant, simply rendering wars useless, static, disabled and dead at most of the season for most of the teams and even happens at a worse rate after first 2 wars. plus, as ppl mentioned , they took some of war blessings where 90% of players don't even have a "shot" to experience them and will never do. deadly blow to wars "cause". which itself is the main cause of this game imo. comes from someone who previously called me being narrow minded! and comes from someone who says war blessings is not enough motivation! (just for the record) -1 well problem with war blessings is , "the cause" behind them is not justifying them now, the cause is lost in current distribution, which has made wars lacking such a cause, and to end up dead! -2 the problem with making such statements(what i put in quote above) about war blessings is even worse: the way you are talking about them, seems as long as you get all war blessings guaranteed at the end of season you don't even care about their cause , existence or distribution. seems even being bubblegum points is justifying it for some ppl to just have them at any cost! no matter if it's destructive to wars! ok, we can disagree here and part ways. it's like taking cement (war blessings) out of the ceiling (wars), where they belong to and are created for! and putting it into walls (leagues) instead! which are merely separation indexes. and then acting like: all is there, and fine, nothing is gone, just changed. seriously? 🤨 but, does it work as well? no, it will be all destructive to the ceiling (wars). that's exactly what has happened to wars now. the wars which are meant to be the core elements of this game! this is so important. that's why i added it to topic. (i want to add sth in here, actually there's nothing wrong about Phil's idea to only have war blessings at war. Phil's ideas are so creative and meaningful , thx Phil 💪. apart from this, i think we also have some core problems which shall be solved regarding distribution first, as Phil mentioned them in his previous ideas too , i believe before devs make any move, really, should hear all your ideas and viewpoints Phil.) so far, all the suggestions ppl made, are easily adoptable to current system which makes them even better, a big plus to them. even some of them can be combined easily. and i am sure devs are happy to see them as much as we are. my idea is always present at 1st post of mine for reference, i would like to add a lot to it but needs more study.
  15. glad to hear that Sir , and i wish we could also see those terms you mentioned happening! one day actually. but just cause someone is passionate about replying to something, does it mean that he is able to discuss an idea which he didn't understand? and in a constructive manner? well , no. i understand that all of this is for that passion you mentioned . but when ppl put away understanding and logic and go by passion only! they can be a lot destructive actually. and naughty ofc 😀😉
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