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  1. RushB

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Shoes of the blacksmith? The key is that
  2. RushB

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Yes there exactly must be an introduction.. Otherwise noone will buy it. I still dont have and wont buy untill I see its worth to spend. I saw many long term players who still dont have aska, nidhogg or some pro pals. Its not a problem. There are many other options to play. Noone has to get all things. The problem is some spends 5 months to achieve and some cheats and get it in 1 month. I dont think its an OP offence pal.. Random damages? Its just a OP defence pal. I see nothing more and noone needs it. And yes. There will exactly be another palS. Cost? I dont know. no problem even if it is 1mil cristals. just dont buy and problem solved. FG of course will change the cost if noone interested in when it is too expensive. Just a supply and demand issue 😉
  3. RushB

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    No one have to buy it. Just use other pals. That is the solution.. and somethings must be unreachable in the game.. I liked to see that pal is such expensive that only a few amount of players can buy it.
  4. A PvE system with rewards of a new content
  5. RushB

    War Chest Bug?

    50k uber chest has 5 uber items in it
  6. RushB

    War event

    Not a fight with same fiefdom points. Sometimes 20fiefdom alliance may fight against 30fiefdom alliance and the result is obvious from the start of season
  7. RushB

    multi accounter is online 24/7

    Aplications like mouse click may keep them online forever
  8. And still couldnt reconnect again
  9. RushB

    War Matching

    War system is much more better than the old one. My team has understood this new system and started to fight in froster seasons. The problem is many people didnt exactly understand how it works. I have many times seen that alliances with high LBs made very wrong strategies and gave their first position chance..
  10. RushB

    Fritz bug still

    I hava been using fritz since its bug has been fixed.. but it still has when defence beast appears with so many troops alongside.. rarely but exists
  11. RushB

    dragon animation

  12. Suggestion: raiding Summary: unnecessary dragons show off explanation: the biggest problem while raiding.. There may be spawned 20 dragons.. I dont nedd it to be showed off. A really annoying thing. Sometimes spells are casted at wrong targets becouse of showing off dragons.. sometimes I lose raids with seconds.. better to make it like beast title instead of showing off
  13. RushB

    These pro bans...

    Now guys please dont be rude against me.. Im here to say my ideas.. You can explain things kindly.. Kind language please And dont prejudge about me and my alliance. I dont defence cheating.. of course they must be banned completely from the game. What I defence is that they shouldnt be banned without warning... And ToS is not applied. everyone knows it. Many league records, alliance wars or many something else were done by sharing account.. there is even a button "add account" in the game.. So what is the wisdom of that button? isnt that laughable? While the game itself offers the way to share account? If they were using cheat engine or other things be sure that I prefer to kick. What they did was a very common thing in the game that even the game itself offers this opportunity.. and they are banned without warning. If you speak about common thing in game industury, many other games warn at the first then ban.
  14. RushB

    These pro bans...

    Thx for the suggestion;) I will keep it in mind I dont know if you completely read the text but seems not.. so let me clarify the last sentence.. =Im not a cheater. I have only one account.. Here I speak as a general of an alliance. Some of members are banned and dont suggest me that I should kick those loyal players. I will never do it. Im sure if they give up we all give up as alliance. And I should of course think about my alliance.. there are banned players but I cant benefit from them when my ally wants to get a pro beast for example.. there should be another way to get pro rewards at least. Because sometimes even unbanned players cant easily get the rewards if they are not good at raids.. Another thing is account sharing or multiaccounting is very common in the game. They shared accounts as a common situation without knowing that theyll be banned (not for playing many times to take an advantage in main account) they hadnt get even top 100.. noone knows a common thing is to be banned. I dont exactly know if banning condition is announced before players are banned. I mean banning is fair if it was announced but not fair if it wasnt