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  1. Completely right. The most annoying bug in RR2 history. At least they might say that they are working on or trying to find the source of the problem. We cant raid with this. Sometimes we lose by 4-5% in easy bases.. Besides, there is a PL event going on.
  2. RushB

    thx alot for the update, i love it!!! 😍

    I think it is a great idea to not be able to destroy perfectly 💯. So not only skull perk and gems but also skill will be counted. Normal player will make 96%, gem spendings will make 97%, skillful players will make 98%, skillful and gem-spending players will make 99% and noone will get 100%. I very liked the idea.
  3. RushB

    Complaint for Complaintants

    Is that spamming 😱 so sorry. My bad 🤫
  4. RushB

    Complaint for Complaintants

    🤦‍♂️ Be sure that I can already win on top bases even with the skull gear.. (emphasing the "multi touching problem"). 😎✌️
  5. A big update 4.0 has welcome to RR2. For me and some of my friends, it was a need for 5-6 months. I wouldnt continue to play if these changes havent occured. Let me say there are many features that we like, and some that we dont.. The thing is there are many posts in forums that emphasis the defence is OP now. This is not a special complaint for 4.0. Those complainants were doing it for years. Its possible to find such complaint posts from same players. "Offence is OP and seems this is end of RR2. Pro league was unjust and seems this is end of RR2. Defence is OP and seems this is end of RR2. We cant defeat top players and seems this is end of RR2. All can easily defeat my base and seems this is end of RR2. Anyway it seems end of RR2" GUYS WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP POSTS LIKE THESE??? We have many serious issues to discuss here but forum is too busy for cryings. Update has come and many started to blackmail FG with tons of posts about new defences. Seems very less amount of (forum-reader) players has started to try to find new effective combos and probably they will find in 4-5 days a perfect combo instead of crying here about hard defences. Please. I want to read about new methods on defeating hard defences.. Please go play farm ville if you dont want to STRUGGLE in a FIGHT game.
  6. RushB

    balance changes

    I think gate towers should be difficult too. Top team players generally place 6 towers near the gate and it mades the defence weaker. So its such a choise.would you prefer to gain more gems from defence or to be crossed by 97-98%.. So its not bad
  7. RushB

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Ballance changes were great. But still we have touch-unresponse problem... As I see in my alliance, many players have the same issue. Some devices have the problem, some dont. But anyway, this problem surely wasnt there before the 4.0 update
  8. RushB

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    My device is huawei mate 10 lite. While moving my fingers on screen to move the hero, spells and troops buttons dont work simultenously. I have to lift up my finger to touch spells
  9. RushB

    Let's discuss v4.0 here.

    What I saw in CoF is that the third chest doesnt give gems untill you fail. There is an opportunity to get gems by failing and investing 15 more gems.
  10. RushB

    Counting down to the new update

    The 4.0 update will be ready to be downloaded in stores at 23:59
  11. Ninjas work well in defence but can you please add an option to remove them in attack? They really dont help me. Instead they trigger howl and skull tower while raiding.
  12. It would be a good idea to make inventory effect to defensive buildings and waves. So this will make defences and inventory more interesting and various. For example. Special perks Merc boost perk makes ninjas in defence stronger. Insta troop Cooldown will decrease the time to defeat a base but that shouldnt be more than 10 second. Piercing, fire, poison etc. shields will give 5-10% of resistant for buildings. For troops and pals Troop damage and health bonus perks will increase the health and attack power of selected troops in waves. Gargoule bonuses effects both gargoules and gargoules tower. Special pal perks increase special ability bonus of the selected beast. Pal flute increases the healt of the beast Pal damage perk will increase pals primary attacks For buildings Hammerstrike damage perk makes skull tower's attack power Toxic cloud for snake tower firestorm for firebolt tower swordrain for spikes and arrow tower heal for heal tower blizzard for frost tower shield perk for basilisk swordstorm for barricades and blockades sonic blast for bomb tower black magic for lightening tower I dont know how auros or general perks effect on defence. They may be prepared for castle buildings like tawerns, blacksmith, castle gate etc.
  13. RushB

    Metod About how Won PL all time!!

    This proleague should be completely removed with all its stuff like items boosts etc. They finished the game. Easy defences because of items, unimportant war seasons because of pro boosts, many new accounts and cheaters because of rewards.
  14. RushB

    right to change ign

  15. RushB

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Shoes of the blacksmith? The key is that