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  1. Today I forgot to open it again 😭😭😭 pls make an automatic skull count system for it.
  2. RushB

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Scrolling is not a bad thing. Just need to adapt 😂 It allows me to finish my raids by 💯
  3. RushB

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    No relevant. Im just waiting for this idea and you are the best one to do so
  4. RushB

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Seems like @LacunaC still havent played with fritz.. )) Im still waiting a fritz nerf idea.
  5. RushB

    The inconsistencies with skull perking

    Many old players have forged skullperks in gloves and weapon around 200-300 times. A new strong perk would be very disappointing for them
  6. RushB

    One troop raids

    Use aska and dont spawn units. you will still have an army if you can keep them alive
  7. Once skull perk was really important. now its not so much because of new battle systems. New losing bonus system made it unimportant. In conquest battles, defences and number of players who participate war are important but not skull perks.. I suggest teammates to fight with normal gear if opponents defences are strong. So my idea is to make skull perk little bit more important because it is the most funny thing in game. Make a daily quest just like alliance wars but something personel.. 1vs1. or it may be 3vs3. 5vs5 or smthing else that even 1 more skull point will be important. Opponents even might be from the same alliance. I dont know how matchmaking will be. I think the best idea of matchmaking is by character level. The rules that I have in mind Skull perk is gonna work in all battles For 1vs1 battle. No matter from what alliance opponent is. Only character level is important. For 3vs3 battle Teams may be from same alliance or different. But teammates are from same alliance. We will have an option to pick teammates but not opponent. Everyone will have 3 fights. For 5vs5 battle. Teammates might be from different alliances. We wont have an option to pick. matchmaking will make it rondomly. So we will play with different players. Everyone will have 3 fights too In these system there wont be skull chest in chamber of fortune. Otherwise trophy system can be exploited. Rewards wont be so much.. may be 20 gems, 2000 pearls, 2000 pal foods or something like that. It may change according to battle type. Not for grands. just for fun.
  8. 🔸May it be a pro fest 🔸
  9. RushB

    More game guides needed?

    It would be nice to have a guide on howl, battlecry, scream and growl effect. what they are boosting? like health, speed... are they added to each other or capped with the higher one? and percentage of pal, beast, viking, hero scream etc. how warewolves howl? While running back with hero warewolf doesnt howl.. this topic is what Im interested in and dont know exactly.. Thanks
  10. Im still wondering about the pairs of shoes of blacksmith in a mysterious path videos. Is it a canceled project? How can we manage direction of ice, fire, stone dragons? Is it rondom or is there any rule?
  11. Great work..👏 I want one more thing about janus.. I raid by stunning defence waves and towers to maintain petrifying effect. So petrified units die easily. But if wolfs are petrified and escape from it, they howls because stun effect doesnt continue and my raid finishes there.. Please add them petrifying resistance or make stun effect continue after petrifying.
  12. petrifying is a good feature. but wolfs shouldnt be petrified. otherwise its a type of shield for wolfs.
  13. Please add petrifying resistance to wolfs just like archers and vikings.. The reason is while raiding with janus pal, janus petrifies wolf and it rescues easily and howls. That means petrifying ability of janus protects wolfs from spells...
  14. Privacy setting 🤦‍♂️ try again please