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  1. Trophy system works well in my opinion. Problem is low trophies due to easy defences. Even very well forged base can stay 5100-5200 by only defending.
  2. Only need to nerf penguin and donkey. than everything will be balanced
  3. Exactly. I want top maps of top tier. Thats the problem
  4. My team wanna fight against monsters in conquest but there is a problem. Let me show. Here Im calculating max amount of resources thet an alliance can save without wasting time and gems.. for wisdom L10 university can keep 160K of wisdom A L8 alchemy lab can produce 720 of wisdom per day.. As we have 5 days in conquest and 1 more day for extra storage, We have 65 players and 6 day of producing rate during conquest.. So max amount of wisdom an alliance may have in conquest without wasting gem and time is [160K + (720*65*6)] = 440800 And here is the min amount of wisdom that tech tree can eat without wasting time is 1.020.520 . (I simply added the CHEAPEST 20 techs) So 579.720 of wisdom can be bought by only gems.. its around 125k gems for cheapest 20 tech for stones L10 stone storage can keep 50k of stones and mining can produce 480 stones per day same calculation with 65 players and 6 days is [50k + (480*65*6)] = 237200 max amount of stones that towers requires is around 900K of stones (more than 20 of L4 towers can be built in conquest) so 650K of stones requires around 215K gems.. troops cost is depend on wars in map so I cant calculate an approximate amount. Of course mid level alliances cant upgrade all these so everyone has adapted to system but top allies spend gems. However, even if everyone has max level of buildings, my team still needs around 340K of gems for equal conditions in conquest fight with top alliances.. We really wanna fight in the hardest map but here are results.
  5. But it happened in last pal collector event too. everyone was unlucky
  6. Are pal chests affected from pal event even they are collected when there isnt any pal event? Should I save them? Another thing is pal chests are still same as they are normal daily chest. Seems no increased possibility to find pal just like last pal event.
  7. It crashes when zombies and yetis appear at same time or at same square of path
  8. A type of PvE dungeon battles for conquest 😛
  9. For normal wars, generals determines where to attack and soldiers simply fight. Most of soldiers in high level alliances dont want to be a general because its complicated and tiring.. Its much more tiring in conquest for generals. We have to follow all actions, have to think about it and keep players online.. and some players cant move because many of them are retired. they are playing casual.. So my suggestion is giving a new rank like conquest-commander. So these commanders are able to move soldiers and see their energies.. So they will manage conquest much easier than other.. Rank details Commander - conquest captain or I dont know how it may be called. are able to move soldiers, generals even leader and another commander. are able to see energies of other players. are able to give other soldiers option to move freely or not. So that noone will move rondomly. So simply, we wont be exhausted after conquest. I liked the idea of conquest but strategy is not appliable///
  10. Today I forgot to open it again ??? pls make an automatic skull count system for it.
  11. Scrolling is not a bad thing. Just need to adapt ? It allows me to finish my raids by ?
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