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    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    🙁I already downloaded it and it's the same, you can not visualize
  2. Tabri0h

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

  3. Tabri0h


    Y así va quedando
  4. Tabri0h


    Good to continue with the war ....... jaume jaume jaume !!!!
  5. Tabri0h


    2 vs 1 is normal ...... 3 vs 1 is normal in the last hours (2 attacks maximum) ..... What is surprising is that missing 1 day and a half and have the 3 on .... .. Well it's something to think .....
  6. Tabri0h


    That also do not agree completely with that subject in Fg
  7. Tabri0h


    Mucho sentido..... Solo queria tener evidencia..... Gracias x participar
  8. Tabri0h


    ...We got to that topic in the last attack ... Because they did it against, but never missing more than the half of the war ..... That's why it gives us what to think
  9. Tabri0h


    Is this possible ??? 3 vs 1 is not very honorable, should something be done about it ???
  10. Tabri0h

    Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    ohhh ... Perseus Perseus, where are you that I do not see you, it will be that my look was petrified, or is that only the feeling cooled down for your beloved ... ohhhhh... Perseus Perseus, you left to the odyssey before my claim , and you brought all the prizes as gifts, that's why I chose you to defend my door, and make it difficult for the Russians to attack ..... ohhhhh... Perseus Perseus, you are the fastest and with that speed you managed to increase my admiration, please resist in the strongest wars I ask you from the bottom of my heart ... Tabrioh 🤘