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  1. Agree...this is true.There is no way this can be stopped
  2. What will happen to the crowns of those in top and the monthly leaderboard will be removed🤔?
  3. It does show it needs 1 more pal already.Just that you are allowed to click 200 pal treats should be disabled
  4. Warriorking123

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    Guardian chest might give the same amount of pearls.Who knows!
  5. Warriorking123

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Probably soon after Ninja event ends
  6. Warriorking123

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    It is 24*7 only for those Generals/leader/sergeant who handle Conquest. They are very less in number for Flare to even Notice. This is no use. A vast majority never raises their voice against Conquest because only their ***** leaders will suffer organizing conquest. It never affects any ordinary member who will just come online whenever they want,make movements as told by Conquest managing Guy and fight whenever called for.
  7. Warriorking123

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    6 months buffed defense and 6 months buffed offense... However it goes,players will never be satisfied🤣🤣
  8. Probably,the best bet for your alliance is to merge with another alliance. With the increasing frequency of conquests,this is the best you can do to stay alive.
  9. Currently,we have 2 vacant space.
  10. Me too...I had reported in the bug section too when I faced it
  11. Warriorking123

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    Any suggestions that make it to the game from this forum is just like making a deal with the devil.They will implement your suggestions and introduce one more headache.
  12. Warriorking123

    I'm tired .. And you?😵

    It is the same story with these guys.Either they will keep a loooong boring conquest/very frequent intense conquest not considering a simple fact that people do have their own life. In the name of improvements,they are just prolonging the belief that things will change when infact nothing will change.
  13. Warriorking123

    in review Unusual freeze of screen

    I am facing it for the past half an hour during conquest.So is my alliance member.
  14. Warriorking123

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    The movement is very fast and the map seems really small..worst conquest ever.
  15. Does this mean,for a research that needs 60k wisdom,only when 100k wisdom is there in the inventory,it can be researched?🤔