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  1. I can pin my opponent...but he cannot pin me for 3.5 hours...that itself is an advantage...especially for the guy who just won. Assume I had successfully defended my lvl 4 tower...3.5 hours is enough to refill troops for everyone and get ready for offense..
  2. 2 things I hate about the new changes. 1.Fighting with low food cost. Leagues are gonna be hard and unpredictable. 2.Conquest Unpin Can be misused too.Members will use that tile for saving themselves too. If they win a big war,they can attack and can save themselves from being attacked by moving to the tile...while the opponent cannot attack but can get attacked
  3. Now without *****ing off a lot of members,we cannot win leagues going forward from now🤣.
  4. India (best country) is looking for 10-15 member active member Ally to merge with us.
  5. Warriorking123

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    Yup...downright it is. With proper strategy,an active team and a team that listens to a good leader,Conquest would not be such a pain in the ***** for generals. But the world is not perfect either.We can neither blame the rules,nor blame the team.
  6. Warriorking123

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    Conquest is a strategy based event. If you do not understand the strategies,there is no point in blaming that the game is unfair. Winning and losing is part of learning experience. Instead of complaining,try to understand why there is such a big gap in skulls needed.
  7. We had to kick some inactive members and now we have 6 space left. Secured Rank 1 in Conquest. If you are an active member in events,you are more than welcome to join us.
  8. It seems to be happening only during Conquest....probably has got something to do with more people online.
  9. Warriorking123

    solved Crashing in Alliance Chat

    It seems to be happening more in iPad/iPhone.
  10. Agree...this is true.There is no way this can be stopped
  11. What will happen to the crowns of those in top and the monthly leaderboard will be removed🤔?
  12. It does show it needs 1 more pal already.Just that you are allowed to click 200 pal treats should be disabled
  13. Warriorking123

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    Guardian chest might give the same amount of pearls.Who knows!
  14. Warriorking123

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Probably soon after Ninja event ends
  15. Warriorking123

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    It is 24*7 only for those Generals/leader/sergeant who handle Conquest. They are very less in number for Flare to even Notice. This is no use. A vast majority never raises their voice against Conquest because only their ***** leaders will suffer organizing conquest. It never affects any ordinary member who will just come online whenever they want,make movements as told by Conquest managing Guy and fight whenever called for.