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  1. Running an Alliance is too much headache especially with Conquest. More tools is a joke according to Flare because they don't want to spend their valuable time to make our lives easier. It has been so many months and I am just waiting for a better life in next release which will probably take long. Hope they do something worthwhile.
  2. We are a group of very active players,friendly,supportive alliance. We are a diverse set of people with members from Europe,America,Indonesia,Australia. If you speak or understand English,you are most welcome to the alliance. We use WhatsApp and Discord as tools for communication. We value players who are active in war,conquest and ninja. If you are not active in any of these or if you are a jumper,please stay away.We do however expect you to inform beforehand if you will not be active in an event. Minimum Criteria 1.Hero lvl : 90 2.Donation : 500k Participation in events : Mandatory(especially war and ninja). We understand that Conquest requires a lot of uptime and some players cannot afford that.But we prefer players who follow orders at least rarely...probably once a day(based on his preferred time) Permanent Boosts : Wolf,Ogre,Knights,Cannon,Archer,Trioxin Tower All Proboosts are extended for 1 month if they reach lvl 3+.Currently,we have tainted love, Ascension Archer and Firebolt tower boosts extended. War and Conquest boosts : Barricade,spikes,Necromancer,lighting tower and we also extend worthy war boosts during each war. Additional boosts are also activated for short time on demand. We have beast boost at Lvl 6 with most beasts unlocked with the all beasts including lvl 4 Phoebe unlocked except pro beasts We help players to improve in their game.There are plenty of experienced players to provide help and they will be available 24*7 to help you out. If you like to talk a lot,you would love to be with us
  3. I can pin my opponent...but he cannot pin me for 3.5 hours...that itself is an advantage...especially for the guy who just won. Assume I had successfully defended my lvl 4 tower...3.5 hours is enough to refill troops for everyone and get ready for offense..
  4. 2 things I hate about the new changes. 1.Fighting with low food cost. Leagues are gonna be hard and unpredictable. 2.Conquest Unpin Can be misused too.Members will use that tile for saving themselves too. If they win a big war,they can attack and can save themselves from being attacked by moving to the tile...while the opponent cannot attack but can get attacked
  5. Now without *****ing off a lot of members,we cannot win leagues going forward from now🤣.
  6. India (best country) is looking for 7 member active member Ally to merge with us.
  7. Yup...downright it is. With proper strategy,an active team and a team that listens to a good leader,Conquest would not be such a pain in the ***** for generals. But the world is not perfect either.We can neither blame the rules,nor blame the team.
  8. Conquest is a strategy based event. If you do not understand the strategies,there is no point in blaming that the game is unfair. Winning and losing is part of learning experience. Instead of complaining,try to understand why there is such a big gap in skulls needed.
  9. It seems to be happening only during Conquest....probably has got something to do with more people online.
  10. What will happen to the crowns of those in top and the monthly leaderboard will be removed🤔?
  11. It does show it needs 1 more pal already.Just that you are allowed to click 200 pal treats should be disabled
  12. Guardian chest might give the same amount of pearls.Who knows!
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