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  1. i think: normal ninja is too weak posion ninja effect is not strong enough brutal ninja has too little pressure
  2. when you got a lot of slots its hard to see what items you want to melt, when they are bound you use it and your list is shorter @ blacksmith and you can't sell it when the item is in a set (good sell protection)
  3. @ShadowsGuardian @Madlen only a dev can say how it works, maybe Madlen can ask some and brings some light into dark 🌚 -> 🌞
  4. i agree with this weak beast mode … i write it too in my review
  5. when it works then the unkown bomb damage is increased by ~10-12% but not the number of bombs. here you see my item shining light 1200,3 (+ 12% dmg) when i use tammy, its a easy calculation damage *1,12 ☺️ a the reason for my thinking is this short sentence:
  6. Skeletons can be healed if you change shield spell to healing spell, they live a little longer I met Nemesis as a beast in the festival .... 4700+ cups ... Nemesis died very fast ... faster than Phoebe.
  7. I now add a second advantage to C6's set selection: 1.) fast set selection 2.) All items bound in sets A-G can not be melted at the blacksmith, even selling is not possible when they are tied. This does not help getting rid of items ... in my early days I sold out items. Attention: To melt or sell items may not be in a set! (A1)
  8. i think it will be nice to know the damage value *from - to* of the bombs … to see the numbers of bombs is not good to compare. its the same like aska, we now damgetypes and no values … bad to compare the damage
  9. i have test it with this item too…but it works only in the Pal mode … in Biestmode there is no dmg increase
  10. try it its really a nice function
  11. What can be set in the setup for combat? First, you need to know that there are 3 areas in this important screen: A Equipment setup and navigation B Opponent screen C Combat settings Let's start at A Equipment setup and navigation: A1) Heroes setup all the items you use are pulled out of the inventory and you can see your selected PAL A2) Pal menu Your Pal can be selected, the selected Pal has a hook (Pals you find in pal chests, or can be bought in Pro Shop) A3) back to the player search B Opponent screen B1) Which league has the opponent already won? You can see it by the stars. B2) Hero display of opponent, rank, player level and alliance level are interesting. Good to know: you see the opponent dressed with the last set, the items, and his Pal B3) Trophies of the opponent = ranking higher trophies = more difficult opponent B4) Maximum rewards at 100%: Gold, Trophies, League Points you can win B5) way layout of the opponent, yellow points are unboosted buildings, purple are boosted You also see special defence units (Ninja, Yeti, Zombi, etc.) and the defence biest in the left corner. B6) enemy units, sorted by frequency, boosted units are purple B7) enemy buildings sorted by frequency, boosted buildings are purple, unboosted yellow B8) new random opponent - costs your gold B9) Attack - food costs (variable depending on items) C) Combat Settings - most important settings in the menu C1) Event troops setup - this troops play at your side automatically Event troops can be won or bought. C2) Scrolls Setup - this scrolls helps a lot, but they cost diamonds C3) Guardian Setup - royal guardians can be found in guardian chests and help you when activated C4) Spell Setup - be sure that you can win with your spells C5) Units Setup - your battle units … with boosts or without ? C6) Selection of hero setup A - G ( some must be bought with subscriptions) on this buttons you can change your hero setup -> Point A1+A2 settings, so you can fast change your setup
  12. Hello, i think conquest can be more stratetic when every alliance got some 6h shields to shield towers(no Attack). That can be help the alliances to equalize the time difference, in this conquest my alliance was mostly attacked in the night.
  13. maybe the pause button in the corner upside and the buttons right and under pause
  14. the problem on mobile devices is stil there 🤒... maybe bainstorming can help ... even after practice it happens again and again:
  15. Congratulations to all winners! ... maybe flare will pick some ideas for Royal Revolt2 Version 6.0 ... so many nice ideas 🤗 thaks to all for drawings!
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