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  1. I play, but many members can't because in the evening was disconnect-time and after the disconnect morning they are working. … that was a bad time for disconnects.?️ I understand all that are disapointed.
  2. Hello, in my alliance many poeple are disapointed about the disconnects on the 12.11. - 13.11.2018. Maybe a reason that we now lost the war ... In the war the alliance spends money for Shields and champions, this alliance money is lost. Many player, like me, also spend gems in the war and for the pro league tickets. We can't play in a important time... This gems are paid mostly with real money. Is any compensation planed?
  3. Jesper

    Big time connection problems!

    Myself and in my Alliance we got is disconnetion problems too, nobody can fight in war or pro laegue. That problem starts yesterday roundabout 11 pm …? flaregame please fix it fast, thats for all a big Problem ?
  4. 1. More infos about Aska ??? -> Please decrypt damage values by damage type. 2. Is it planned to exchange items among players, e.g. in an alliance box? 3. Is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests? Current they can only be bought in the pro shop ... 4. Is a experiance (XP) event planned again? We all want grow up... 5. Is there an routemap for next Royal Rovolt Updates? 6. Royal Rovolt 2 is now 4,5 years old, is a new Version planned? ->Royal Rovolt 3
  5. Hello DEVs, sometimes i got a free offer at grannys Shop, when you click it then you will be disconnected. I see this Bug @ Andriod and Windows 10, i know ist an old bug, but please look at it again. I opend an Ticket in May (116314) but nothing happend … thats disappointing. Thanks Jesper
  6. Jesper

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Tier Level 2 ... We win this conquest 500+
  7. Jesper

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    î know that you are working on the matchmaking … ist better but not really good ? my alliance LVL80 / rank 40 fight against a) LVL71 / rank 185 alliance b) LVL57 /rank 211 c) LVL52 /rank 301 alliance
  8. Jesper

    Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

    me too … i create some own thinks like Background and use flaregames artwork material, only the pumpkin comes from a side, a side with free Backgrounds, free for all. I believe i used more time then a pencel drawing and try to bring a story on the picture. -> be creative, was the rule … be creative without pc have been the rule… next time i will not invest many time in such a Event ? thats the consequence.
  9. Jesper

    Fan Art Collection Thread

    Here my FAN-Picture for your Desktop --> 1920x1024, Theme: Spooky Helloween
  10. @Madlen please answer : if more old uber items in future will be converted to pro items. Thanks
  11. Jesper

    Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

    I delete my pic because no Photoshop or Paint Picture is rewarded … next time please write down better rules … trick or treat was nice or Yokas pic too. Please note it next time.
  12. Jesper

    Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

    Congrats to all winners!??️✌️
  13. Jesper

    Favorite children series and their music

    Today on Helloween i think About the real Ghostbusters and the Sam Hain episode … the Ghostbustes theme is well know ?? Ghostbusters-when-halloween-was-forever
  14. Jesper

    Bela the Useless

    Maybe with work is possible to get all general pal are at the same strength ?
  15. Jesper

    Bela the Useless

    @AwesomestKnightest i try at bases Player Level 120-130 and with Bela and there is no way … then i change pal and its possible...