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  1. There is only one Problem Madlen when your hero is low or less then a half hp and you start your mount, then you can have a problem when it disappair behind the troup lines.I agree aura or monk skills are too much, but i think thre HP regeneration of the hero should work … than you got only a bit more hp in this max 10sec ...
  2. @Surviva i was wondering too, troups get healed but the hero on the mount receive no heal ….
  3. Jesper

    community manager answered Some Conquest Feedback

    Hello, in my alliance all gernerals have problems to find a single player, so we wish an search for members on the conqest map.
  4. is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests? Current they can only be bought in the pro shop ... Can you provide more info about Askas ??? Attack values? Maybe you can decrypt damage values by damage type, at the moment this pal stats can not be compared to other pals. Are you working on new rewards in the COF?
  5. Are there gameplay changes/improvments in the next conquest starting on the 23.01.2019?
  6. sure i will do πŸ‘ but i hope, it happen not so many times ... πŸ† are hard work
  7. Jesper

    Cartoons or something similar like comics?

    I belive that cartoons should show us the life ingame. In many Videos there are cartoon/gameplay mixed. You can find many Vids at 😊 i ilke that… it no real life …. a game
  8. Jesper

    New landscapes

    adding new landscapes is a nice idea, but at the Moment we have 10 + 1 Pro scapes i agree with Madlen, low priorty right now
  9. Hello! @Madlen it will be nice to know what pro boosts for alliance will be given in the weekly pro league. An second wish for the weekly pro announcement is that we see the pal level, there is an pal-info side in the pro league. it will be nice if you can provide this in the Official Announcements every week.
  10. my wish is a blacksmith event ... i collect so many items in ivertory
  11. I have this error already the second or third time : i have successfully completed a fight, 99% a tower is missing ... and it scored nothing ... only negative points. Normally that would be gold and points. In the picture you can see the 99% ,the opponent is bigger than me, he is level 130 Please check, this problem is very annoying ... I don't know what the game calculate for this negative result.
  12. @Warriornator i still write that in this Topic … i think so too (The upgrade of the guardian with pearls is heavier than with pal food, the amount of pearls should remain accessible.)
  13. when i'am a lucky guy i find gasper in a chest 😊 then i write the something about the gameplay and like/dislikes … I'm already excited and don't want to wait πŸ™„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜œ
  14. i agree, the pro leauge is hard and the tiers are very high
  15. Jesper

    periodic reset of the daily league

    an fixed time range will be better