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    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

  2. Always fun to see the game evolve a little bit more. Looking forward to seeing new stuff. CHEERS!
  3. Coming up on 18 months playing for me and with all the new stuff/changes/fixes/buffs/nerfs/etc I'm enjoying the game even more now. Thanks for the communication it goes a long way in my book. Nice to read this message and TY and your team. CHEERS!

    Alpha Guard **Top 200 Alliance**

    Alpha Guard still building for next conquest and accepting applications. Friend BATTLEGRAMPS. I'm always online to help out!!!

    looking for top alliance

    Hey @honeybadger friend me. Alpha Guard is recruiting now. English alliance and lots of fun. We use line as well. Come join us. We share everything we can with all of our members and our leadership is top notch.

    Poll should allow you to pick more than one option

    The good news is literally everything in that poll could be addressed. My biggest gripe is that movement was improved, but still was very frustrating for most all of our members.

    Alpha Guard **Top 200 Alliance**

    Sorry to hear. We have a minimum of 500K AT's so we can make sure Alpha Guard continues to grow and we keep our boosts going. We are also currently recruiting active conquest players. We are looking for Generals to join our loyal family so come join the Team!!

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    At Alpha Guard we've lost now 12 players since last conquest. Some of which had played RR2 for years. We've gained some, but lost many more. All in all we've gotten better since first conquest. We share all info to help our members understand what to do. We have seen an improvement in conquest mode, but we still lack participation. As a General I have spent countless hours helping our alliance and so has our Leader and other Generals. Here's a few thoughts we've noted... I'll add more as I get more feedback. We really like the conquest mode and hope to help Flare get this thing balanced to make most everyone happy. #1 - We need a better way to make sure resources get donated. Maybe a "Donate All" button for conquest mode...that flashes like the others. #2 - We want the ability to take away troops from players who sit in stronghold for 7 days. The "subtract" button doesn't work. Less active = little to no troops wasted. We currently have 3,000 troops tied up in the stronghold. #3 - Cooldown on movement now is horrible. As an example I'm very active and I move 2 or 3 times and I'm stuck there for 11hrs. No fun there. This has been brought up multiple times in our chat. Someone comes online to help when they can and they just sit there. Hope I can add some positive stuff to this thread. CHEERS!!! BG

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Yep we move, run out of energy, then wait 11 hours...nice. Like watching paint dry. Even when you're able to play you can't.

    Alpha Guard **Top 200 Alliance**

    We're having a big bonfire on tile 802. Come join us!!! PS...BYOB...

    Alpha Guard **Top 200 Alliance**

    Conquest coming up we have a few spots open. Help us get 1st again! Friend BATTLEGRAMPS for more info and an invite!! CHEERS!!
  12. We'll see how this goes thanks for updates. Hopefully we won't lose any more members over the new conquest mode.