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  1. MightyAnurag1

    PAL'S chest a ***** event

    Dnt kno about my alliance, but i too did not gwt a single pal during event
  2. Hey, Its been long since we have a community week or Black Smith event. Can we have one of them this week?
  3. MightyAnurag1

    we need slight defense buff

    Hey flare, After guardians showed up, which i appreciate and liked it, but the game play is ruined because of that. Defenses are a joke now, and need some buff. we moved to the time that was before 4.0 , wen any raider (poor or skilled) can come and clean you up. I dont mind the gold, but I dnt feel good when I see so many successful raids against my base and giving me just 2-3 gems with timewarps. Its frustrating to see that there is no point pushing pearls into ur defense anymore, cz still u cant defend ur castle. Consider this request developers. I think lot of players will agree to this.
  4. This game is kinda frustrating me now, i want myself to feel free to place towers and now again we need to jst keep 6-8 towers at the gate, that to not for raider to fail..instead too keep him frm getting 100%..what type of game strategy is this. its ruining the game experience.
  5. how can I upgrade my donkey with another donkey, I recently got another one, but dnt know wat to do with it
  6. Well defences are kinda useless again..run through any base u want..after such a long time we had defences at par with offence. Its back to square one now. Offence OP once again. No fun defending again..no matter how many pearls u throw in defence, nt gonna save u. Why flare cant you guys maintain a balance. I like guardians, but what about the defence, why defence was nt buffed keeping guardians in mind.
  7. MightyAnurag1

    Again Reward Tiers are not balanced

    Yeah totally unbalanced too high tiers
  8. MightyAnurag1

    Big time connection problems!

    Connection is killing
  9. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Why so less gems for defending good

    Cap of 100 is too low now..we need gems fr so many things now...stronghold, BS, AT, ninja, wars, pro tickets..please flare increase our share
  10. Lol...so it means i m the only one who wanted to change that... ??
  11. Only problem that i see is the timing imho..it should start a day later and end a day later..with sunday almost whole alliance is busy with family outings....n conquest gets over soon aftee sunday for me..no time to react to situations that happened when u were busy fr fairly long time
  12. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    So sad ...i asked for better rewards while defending and it applies to all. Some people doesnt what that happen. Thanks Madlen for ur input.
  13. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    There is one more solution to this. Rewards should increase sequentially. Like 13% of gems for first timwarp goes to defender, for second it can be increased to 20%, for third it should be 25% , and max should be 50%. Similarly for revive. So it wil be useful for all, free players, paid players as well as defenders, as they wil be hurt that there defence deserve better rewards. Also max gem a defender can get should be increased now to 200, in the present scenario 100 is too less. Hey Madlen, can you discuss this with developers and let us know if it can be done.
  14. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    There is one more solution to this problem. Limit the timewarp usage to 2 timewarps per raid. This one raiders wil start using other scrolls or wil raid carefully. With 5-6 time warps no skill is involved, its jst plain silly raid in slow motion. As Lacuna pointed out, uaing so many timewarps favours only rich players, a normal player always choose and raid carefuly
  15. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Conquest eliminations

    Current setup of three events, conquest , war, ninja repeat. is a good setup. Those who doesnt want to play they can skip it on their own, like alkiances do skip wars. There r too many who likes conquest , so shortened conquest with regular cycle is good for me.