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  1. With canons hitting the beast there is no skill involved in killing the beast. Raiders are just raiding the bases and using insta canons to kill the beast. Its bad for the game bad for the defence which is really underpowered in front of offence now.
  2. Ninja defensive waves

    I am asking the number of times ninja waves will come out to attack the king.
  3. Ninja defensive waves

    @FTB hi florian, does no of ninja defensive waves change with alliance tower level or the number of waves remains same for everybody?
  4. 200 Gems. Thanks.

    Thankyou Flare @GalaMorgane for the gift
  5. @GalaMorgane @FTB Can you confirm whether cave of grave goods gives additional inventory slot with full inventory or not?
  6. Wednesday and the question arises again

    We need a long black smith event so desperately
  7. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Yo.. community week wd b awesome
  8. Wednesday and the question arises again

    True one day Black Smith event is not justified
  9. when is flare going to fix the slow motion in troops?

    My monks are doing this thing, move slowly and heal less often
  10. Anybody also getting connection issues , for the last half n hr i m getting too many connection issues. As soon as i click on player name to raid , connection resets. All things working fine i jst cant raid.
  11. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Congrts @GalaMorgane good to have you.... Cheers
  12. Blacksmith or community event

    Wished u were wrong
  13. Blacksmith or community event

    Its been ages since we had a 2/3 days blacksmith or a full fledged community event. My gems and pearls are geting rusted , I am tired of polishing them every day. When are we going to have any of them?
  14. Changing war boosts

    Both dragons shouod be together and mummy and arbs shoukd be together. So at least people start fighting for arbs during mummy wars
  15. Dragon animation freezing at times takes like 4 secs arnd wastes a lot of time with 7 8 dragons, game freezes at dragon even when the dragons has not yet ready or created.