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  1. MightyAnurag1

    Big time connection problems!

    Connection is killing
  2. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Why so less gems for defending good

    Cap of 100 is too low now..we need gems fr so many things now...stronghold, BS, AT, ninja, wars, pro tickets..please flare increase our share
  3. Lol...so it means i m the only one who wanted to change that... 😂😂
  4. Only problem that i see is the timing imho..it should start a day later and end a day later..with sunday almost whole alliance is busy with family outings....n conquest gets over soon aftee sunday for me..no time to react to situations that happened when u were busy fr fairly long time
  5. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    So sad ...i asked for better rewards while defending and it applies to all. Some people doesnt what that happen. Thanks Madlen for ur input.
  6. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    There is one more solution to this. Rewards should increase sequentially. Like 13% of gems for first timwarp goes to defender, for second it can be increased to 20%, for third it should be 25% , and max should be 50%. Similarly for revive. So it wil be useful for all, free players, paid players as well as defenders, as they wil be hurt that there defence deserve better rewards. Also max gem a defender can get should be increased now to 200, in the present scenario 100 is too less. Hey Madlen, can you discuss this with developers and let us know if it can be done.
  7. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    There is one more solution to this problem. Limit the timewarp usage to 2 timewarps per raid. This one raiders wil start using other scrolls or wil raid carefully. With 5-6 time warps no skill is involved, its jst plain silly raid in slow motion. As Lacuna pointed out, uaing so many timewarps favours only rich players, a normal player always choose and raid carefuly
  8. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Conquest eliminations

    Current setup of three events, conquest , war, ninja repeat. is a good setup. Those who doesnt want to play they can skip it on their own, like alkiances do skip wars. There r too many who likes conquest , so shortened conquest with regular cycle is good for me.
  9. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    In my opinion the discussion was opened keeping in mind the amount of gems a defender gets when a raider use scrolls. Most people use time warps to clear strong bases and cz of this the defender gets only meagre gems. Indirectly defenders wants to be rewarded in a better way , with time warp u get only 2 gems for one and even less proposionately with more time warps, check my other post where i just get 5 gems when the raider used 3 time warps. So it more like the same problem, if defender is awarded like 50% instead of the current 13% , people wil not complain that timewarp is OP.
  10. MightyAnurag1

    community manager answered Why so less gems for defending good

    Hi Madlen, then take my request to developers to increase it to 50% now. There is ever growing demand for gems now. U need gems for all sort of things. Earlier it was only for AT, now we need for pro as well as for stronghold buildings. So ask developers to increase it to 50%
  11. Hey Madlen, Why we getting so less gems for defending good? Normal criterion is 2 gems for each time warp. I got 5 for 3 time warps. Why you guys cant keep it 50% of the gems used by raider should go to defender. Existing reward for good defence is pathetic.
  12. I have the latest smartphone , with faatest existing processor, 6GB RAM, great graphics, none exiating game lags in any mode. But when garg towers come into picture with twisted trickster. You just cant raid, everything just keeps lagging
  13. MightyAnurag1

    Basilisk hiding near gate

    Gate tower strategy used to be a good one when the defences were down.but now when defences are already up why waste basilisk at the gate. Use it at u turns with LT, it wil do good by wasting time of raider.
  14. Can anyone share a video of raiding a top base with garg towers, twisted trickster and skulls towers using fritz? I would love to get some tip on it. I suck at raiding high level garg bases. I am not saying garg bases are over powered, but that is one type of base that i still need to crack the code.
  15. MightyAnurag1

    Thinking out loud...

    Yeps u r right.. @sam87 get over it...conquest is over..war is war...we enjoyed it..game is for fun ..i accept i get overboard in posting ur alliance name...my apologies for that..i should hve kept it anonymous...if i see u again i wil again ask fr truce..cz only thats wat is gng to help my alliance...wish u good luck for the next