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  1. MightyAnurag1

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    "Army of skirmish" bullied us " The Lost Sheep" for the whole war. They won the conquest on the 5th day itself. The rest of the 3 days they just tried to bring us down below 150 so we dnt get the healing tent. They just keep destroying our towers all throughtout uptill last day, that too when we asked them to take the first place and we wil not raid there territory. I feel so sory to say, but two players me and my friend kept 12-13 palyees tied to 1 tile for more than a day. And these bullies failed to stop us get to healing tent. Next time we meet again , they should know we wil be ready for them.
  2. MightyAnurag1

    Join "The Lost Sheep"

  3. Absolutely balanced right now, just some skills needed , earlier people were raiding with paying any attentioj to defensive details and stil winning which is not the case anymore
  4. MightyAnurag1

    Join "The Lost Sheep"

    Hi, We are level 72 alliance and keeping up all boosts all the time elite as well as pro ( tainted love, ascension archer, unholy paladin) these are perma boosts. We are looking for active and strong members preferably king level 100 plus and donation level 750k plus. So if you have it in you to fight big guys and grow simultaneously you are most welcome. If you are a decent alliance and want to join us as a group, then send me a in game friend request . My IGN: Mighty Anurag1 Feel free to add me as friend if you want to join. Looking forward to play either alongside you or opposite you, either way most important part is enjoy the game and keep raiding. Thanks
  5. MightyAnurag1

    Summer festival details

    Developer ? I mean really? U dnt kno? She is nt a developer, she is community manager. Nt taking the credit away frm her, yes she is the beat CM we have seen. Bt she isnt a developer.
  6. MightyAnurag1

    Video bug has been fixed

    I stil have the timer of 6 hrs on android
  7. MightyAnurag1

    Summer festival starting on Thursday :)

  8. MightyAnurag1

    An analysis as to why Defenses are hard

    I raid this time 500 trophies lower than me in war cz of stargazer towers, other than that if u gng 2k dwn to raid , then better to change ur raid n troop setup. Defences r nt the kind that u start raiding kid bases
  9. MightyAnurag1

    A constructive idea: Alliance Gold %

    Very nice idea, flare should look into it
  10. MightyAnurag1

    An analysis as to why Defenses are hard

    Yes ..defences are not OP...perfectly beatable. I complained against stargazer tower cz i dnt have heal aura with my skull gear and my army wipes out. Other than that buffing defences is a great job done by flare, now raiders needs to pay attention to raiding, not like earlier that one can survive while raiding even after commiting mistakes. I am happy with the job done, earlier people were using ceres and just walking past bases with ease, which should not be the case. I used to run top 10 down with ease, not anymore, and tbh i shouldn't be, they r hell forged bases, they should be able to defend themselves against weak raiders at least
  11. Bases r so difricult already , and over it we need to use skull gear, put some more spice into it by providing special war defensive boost and u r done. R u flare guys crazy ? Raiding is not fun anymore, its stressful
  12. MightyAnurag1

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Cmon flare @FTB @Madlen please fix this..this is really annoying and irritating. Game is pushing the middle alliance guys away from the game, we already lost some of our best guys.
  13. MightyAnurag1

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Its not device specific nor region specific...otherwise i wd have faced the problem like all others right after 4.0 update. Mine vidoes were runing fine until yesterday. Since yeatwrday it starts showing 6 hr cooldown. Its insane, eveeything going against continuing with the game
  14. MightyAnurag1

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    My ads did not have any cooldown untill yesterday, suddenly i see cooldown of 6 hrs for video ads. Why suddenly flare realised that cooldwn needs to be put in. That too ysterday only
  15. MightyAnurag1

    Conquest rewards

    Some guys in our alliance "The Lost Sheep" got the chests some including me did not get the chests . IGN: Mighty Anurag1