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  1. MightyAnurag1

    Boost Your Defense event vs. video ads issue

    I am on windows mobile myself...so its impacting me too...but for me raiding is more imp than anything else...if i can raid i m good with it
  2. MightyAnurag1

    Boost Your Defense event vs. video ads issue

    Cmon man just stop spamming the whole forum, everywhere just windows add issue. Get over it, enjoy the event. Its one event, and not the end of events, boost defence will be back in cmng weeks.
  3. MightyAnurag1

    "Checkmate" war season conditions

    If you want to get surprized during war with only 4 battlrs alowed better to raid outside war first with skull gear to be sure of making the cut
  4. MightyAnurag1

    "Checkmate" war season conditions

    Battles per war were reduced from earlier 10-12 to 6-4 beacuse gamers reported that 12/10 battles per war as a pain with sometime 4 battle fronts. So imho 4-6 is good enough. Champ yourself up if you want more xp. But its too much of a burden for everybody to comply.
  5. MightyAnurag1

    Look at me !

    @Heracles your base is totally beatable. I am just 115 lvl guy..check your attack history. I dont know how these guys are raiding you bt i can beat ur base. But dnt loose heart u have good base, its just that offence is OP these days.
  6. MightyAnurag1

    Slow down Monks

    Monks are already so slow..better to forge speed on ogres n knights...
  7. MightyAnurag1

    Balance Changes

    Hi karthik, my king level is 114 and i can still destroy my max tempest with 4k health forge in one shot of bladestorm. As Lacuna pointed u just need to stay still there.
  8. MightyAnurag1

    ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    The gamers who r trolling against balancing gate towers are the ones who dont want to get in the trouble of forging 21 towers, they just want to forge 6 or 8 towers and rest them arnd the gate.
  9. MightyAnurag1

    Dracomancer dragon is blue now

    How come dracomancer dragon is now blue in color, though still spitting fire
  10. MightyAnurag1

    Game updated but whats changes?

    Title reflects itself, whats new?
  11. Boost castle event started but for me no reduction in price n time of upgrade. Fix this asap. IGN : Mighty Anurag1
  12. MightyAnurag1

    ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    Many a times i have just minimal health to survive if people start using all towers inside the base its gng to be much more likely raider can die. With such a long time needed to forge also with gate towers u nt adding variety instead its like asking u to stuck to hammer or sonic and also use monk as one troop and rest two u can choose bt one spel slot and one troop slot is locked so its restricting the raider to add variety to raiding
  13. MightyAnurag1

    ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    LacunaC is absolutely right, some people are using strategy to just forge 6 towers line them up near gate during war and not alow raider to complete 100% . For betterment of game and wars, strategy should be to defeat the raider not just prevent 100%. Many a times when I reach gate i have like 60secs and still i end up with less skulls cz gate come dwn bt not gate towers, pathetic strategy by people. They should try to build a strong base rather than a strong gate area
  14. MightyAnurag1

    Unable to connect to game

    I was in middle of raid about to bring down gate...suddenly gt disconnected..
  15. MightyAnurag1

    Unable to connect to game

    Ohh so global issue 🤔