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  1. Artaq

    Necro werewolf

    The necromancer stats are different in defense
  2. Artaq

    What will happen if this continues?

    Amen, but I still prefer to understand how things work 😉
  3. Artaq

    What will happen if this continues?

    Speaking about other factors, You are in a stronger alliance so your elite troops are stronger and probably your defense gives him more trophies.
  4. Artaq

    Conquest rewards

    Same here. Only a few members of my alliance received their chests.
  5. Artaq

    Glitch in boost war +video

    I think it is more like an Ester egg.
  6. Artaq

    Going down with a bang?

    Yep, this sure is a frustrating bug... Sometimes when you kill the beast while it is going to cast the spell, it simply cast it twice... It is hard to survive. and it is not only a Pheobe problem... It happened to me in pro league also with nemesis beast. probably it happens with every beast but we never noticed as their ability are not so devastating.
  7. And we have 3 weeks between the conquest seasons to upgrade things...
  8. Artaq

    Pals Signing singal

    I honestly don't see the problem. If the defensive waves are well done they are suppose to flood the screen with troops. A little bit of confusion is the least I expect. We are playing war after all. When that happens just scream back, reassemble you army and then charge farward again.
  9. Artaq

    I complete all Quests :)

    Was more difficult to get to the first place or to the last one??
  10. Artaq

    Visual bug?

    Considering that the luck perk does not increase the possibility to find an item in the chest but it decreases the chance to find the evil skull... I think that the equation is smtg like this. If you have several items with luck values L1, L2,... The total luck you get is L=1-(1-L1)x(1-L2)x... Still it does not make any sense for me but it seems to work
  11. Artaq

    Visual bug?

    Luck perks do not simply sum together... There is a strange equation to use. It is already been discussed somewhere on the forum. But you can trust the shown value to be correct
  12. Artaq

    No Connection

    It's friday... The servers have starded their weekend early this week!
  13. Artaq

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Same here. Game doesn't connect.
  14. Artaq


    Some guy with a time machine probably 😀
  15. Artaq

    Granny Event - stolen 2 hours !!

    I'm not sure because I don't care about these events anymore... But I think that it was supposed to end yesterday and it was rerun by mistake... i wouldn't complain this time!