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  1. Artaq

    Janus RR2 Wikia entry: A small contribution

    Janus is an Italian pre-roman God. The other are all Greeks. Cerere and Pheobe were titans, not gods, if I remember correctly... My ancient theology is a little bit rusty 😜
  2. I do not have Nemesis and I am not really planning to buy it in the near future... But I just want to say "be careful". Nemesis has the potential to become devastating and I don't want to see everybody attacking with it like everyone is now using Pheobe in defense. It's just not healthy for the game.
  3. What is the probability of finding the new items in the pro chest? If there is any, since they cost more than pro pals.
  4. @ReaperEOD then fight with Archimedes, Bela or Aki if you prefer them. Nobody is forcing you to use Janus. ? This topic is not "which pal is better than Janus", but how can it be improved. I'm just trying to give some constructive suggestion here. As I already said before, the main ability of Janus is the portal. Petrification is not the most useful ability in the world, I give you that, but it is just a bonus effect and you should not rely on it. If it is only useful in just one situation it is perfectly fine for me.
  5. I'm sorry but I can not agree with you on this point. If you want you can call it an extra effect. But it is something more than a normal attack, imo. The other pals have a primary attack that deal a certain amount of damage (normal, ice, etc) and one ability. Janus deals normal damage as primary attack and open a portal as main ability. Petrifying is somenthing more. To the best of my knowledge only Ceres have this kind of extra effect: it has a frightening chance. Not even Phoebe pal. It only has a primary attack with normal damage and the blessing ability. But I'm going off topic now. Let me quote my suggestion to get back on track!
  6. It depends on your play style. I honesty find the ability very usefull. As Madlen said, having enemy units and towers attacking their comrades somehow reduces the amount of damage they deal to you and your army... If eventually the trapped troups die, even better. It is a secondary ability afterall. I think that a good solution can be that, while trapped in the stone, the units slowly lose health and when the countdown reaches 0 they die. This way, even if the unit is freed from the petrification spell, still lose a good amount of HP.
  7. This is strange. Probably they are freed by enemy towers... range bomber and firebolt have long range and can indeed hit the petrified unit and release them at your back.
  8. Me too. I have a question though. How is the chanse of peteification really calculated? It seems to me that it depends on the strength of the enemy unit... And I understand it. However, it is a little bit unreliable for me. In the range of the match maker I found that Janus is able to petrifie an entire wave against a low level player while it is almost ineffective against a stronger one. It would be nice to have this adjusted a little bit.
  9. Artaq

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    I call it the cannon ball effect because I find it is easy to happens while using cannons. Ones I died just in front of the enemy gate. The green bottle already appeared when the gate started crumbling on it own and the victory screen appeared superimposed to my dead body. It was like a miracle!
  10. I've been using Janus for some times now. And I like it a lot. I have no issue with the petrification of enemy units. I usually stay ahead of my army and it helps me a lot as it often protects me from incoming waves. It suits my play style but I understand your complaints. The thing that bother me is that the pal stops moving when it opens the portal. As a result it is always well behind me. I would like to have the portal open where my hero is at the moment so that I can have more control on it. Or at least to open faster.
  11. Artaq

    Update 4.1 not showing

    I had the same issue yesterday but it was totally on my side. Have you tried to press the button "search for update" in the windows store? Probably you are smarter than me and you already have, but I never think at the trivial solutions!
  12. Artaq

    Lack of Pearls

    The running festival, combined with the blacksmith event, is also a good source of pearls. Plenty of gold to buy items at the granny shop and to melt... Unless you have a lot of towers to level up, of course.
  13. I was really lucky this time... In the first chest I found both the cape and the hammer plus 850 balls... In the second, however, only 500 balls... Figure that out!
  14. Artaq

    Pick 1

    Before everybody starts shooting at you, let me say that I agree.
  15. Artaq

    Necro werewolf

    The necromancer stats are different in defense