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  1. Il nome gioco : Stucchino . faccio parte dell alleanza gladiatori .. Più di metà alleanza ha problemi in guerra con gli eroi . Noi per questa problema abbiamo perso torce e retrocediamo di lega . quindi 1000 gemme é poco di risarcinento per una stagione di guerra persa
  2. but if he/she anchors must you give the gems of the contest of hades / zeus, as you do to create a new contest? however game to olympus because I am Sicilian and the Greek mythology in a gameplay is a perfect cocktail
  3. hi my name game is STUCCHINO. I have a problem with this war. The war booty bar stands still at 15,000 points. He restarted me from 0 points. And even if I make points and in the screen appears to me the battle chest, then I go to check in the inventory of chests and there is nothing. What I do ?
  4. in game name : Stucchino title : the awakening of hercules The times of the great Greek heroes and their enterprises are long gone, now become stories written on books that no longer inflame the soul of those who read them, we are in 2023 an era in which technology is now the master of the world. In a small clay school we find a strong teacher of ancient history. That teacher is Hercules. Since he is a demigod in addition to an innate force he also enjoys a slower development than normal human, which allowed him to see different civilizations fall and be reborn. Now tired of fighting lives a quiet life for hundreds of years. But soon this tranquility will be disturbed by a message from his friend Mercury by Zeus. Mercury tells him that the gods are angry for today's civilization. They consider the man of today a slave to money and power, with an ever darker soul. They intend to punish the whole of humanity in an exemplary manner by sending the beasts of the most ferocious Olympus to punish man. Zeus, however, wants to escape this punishment Hercules being one of his favorite sons and has sent Mercury to tell him that hercules to take refuge in the Aeolian Islands, home of Aeolus, the only place that will be spared from punishment. But Hercules refuses and intends to go to Mount Olympus to convince the gods to renounce this madness. but the road to get to Mount Olympus is long and protected by wild and magical beasts. Hercules confronts them with great courage. But facing all the beasts to protect the Olympus gate is a business that goes beyond its strength. Hercules does not make it and after millenius the great hero of thebes dies. The gods seeing the sacrifice of hercules understand that his human part has been able to give him the strength and courage for such a noble gesture and want to give a second chance to the human race. Through the ambrosia the nectar of the gods resurrect the life noble hero, but pose to him the greatest undertaking he will ever have to face: he will have 100 years to turn human civilization back to the ancient splendor of a time when beauty for all that surrounded them, poetry and love were the only important things, if at the end of these 100 years Hercules will not succeed, human civility will suffer divine punishment. Hercules accepts and returns to earth. Thus the greatest adventure of Hercules will begin.
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