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  1. Youtube ID: Mon Benitez Marzan OR IGN: Manslaughterer Alliance: 1NF vid by DU Recorder
  2. special/ unique and rare item will be useless when it reached the 5 star titan forging. Other blue items is better than this red unique items as ascension lvl goes up and all these rare items became junk. I suggest too, that forging matter should also be pondered by the developers - to let us forge the 'out-of-power 5 star red items' beyond limitation. They should make some way, use gem to let 5 star red item to let it back to godlike (gold) item (1 star). Just a thought thanks.
  3. Hi Developers, I am just quite amazed of Gate Defender thing in OR, i am just curious... Is it possible for the Gate Defender do something better? whereas we can gear them up with defensive items just like that. Gate defenders should be equipped different than an offense hero that we take to war and Odyssey. The one left and guarding the gate should have different set-up. I suggest, you should ponder more to equipped and make our Gate Defender great! Just a thought. Thanks.
  4. manly80x

    FG ✌️ New projects?

    i suggested like a month ago here a gameplay like 'God's of Rome' using OR heroes. I think you are trying to figure a gameplay like Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans, right @Hellslord? that would be great ...
  5. manly80x


    forging is good so far me @Grimx, especially those broke cursed items with nice gears. try some so you'll find the good from it.
  6. my Artemis is lvl 16 with 4 power slot, my ascencion lvl is 96. Stag, thunder charge, poison and hail storm are all lvl one. I can defeat a 110 ascension lvl Perseus with his mirror shield. One thing why i win is that Artemis Combo powers with thunder charge. So technically, Artemis is one of the powerful heroes when you use her powers right plus her troops (cyclops and phoenix) (and equipped good masteries including potency, damage reflection and area damage) (with broken cursed items possessing demolition chance, etc) that she can defeat even mighty Perseus with mirror shield... One of he hardest Gate Guard i encountered is Ajax with his Unique Shield...
  7. before, i wanted replays too but in the long run, i rather let my attacks to my enemy secret. I have some good skills in attacking enemy and i dont want to share it (LOL) .. and @Infamous is right, there is a test defense for you to adjust your lay outs and units and you can also test your member's defense layouts. So as far as concerned, i think it is not much needed to have replays (unless Developers would). Trophies is also not a big deal for me, I actually lost 100 trophies in a day....
  8. is your prestige active? Hades and Zeus and thier Chronus and Tartarus, respectively wont be used if prestige isn't activated. Check it first..
  9. manly80x

    Advice on mastery

    it is what i observed @CaptainMorgan, and the thing that damage reflection, potency, area damage, frostbite and demolition chance only appears in higher lvl... for beginners you should consider your priorities -defense or offense - in choosing the masteries..
  10. manly80x

    Ascension level too high

    stop upgrading towers, when you dont need it especially storages..
  11. I can beat Perseus (statue/ defender) easily using Artemis lvl 16 with stag, thunder ice and poison even he has unique item (mirror shield)
  12. manly80x

    War Break Not Required

    Yeah, let's tell it that but war break is long for 10-12 days interval, make it shorter..
  13. manly80x

    War Break Not Required

    what happens now is like skirmish -harbor -no war -harbor... a 5 days interval between skirmish is good, i guess.. i just dont know how other players react with this but 10-12 days interval is too long.
  14. manly80x

    War Break Not Required

    i actually like the no war scheme but please not that too long...