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  1. Rare opportunity to join one of the top alliances. We have won the Titan League twice and have a strong core of dedicated players. If you are dedicated, respectecful and willing to learn and share then please either apply in game, or send me a message. Minimum requirements: level 131 10k trophies 10k Oddysey points. Alliance Hall with min donation of $250k. Good luck!
  2. Might be more useful against L defenses with upgraded Helios & Charon towers.
  3. @dumpsterdid you say somewhere the new level cap is 150? I can’t find it.
  4. Agree @Philstar, we’re lookimg at 450k for a barricade with blessings and some oddysey points. Frostbite is also very good for helping destroy these. So maybe make sure we get enough of either of these. One of of the things I like about the upgrade was they tried to make other stats useful other than CD and Stun. Frostbite is now an excellent replacement choice.
  5. By my calculations defenses will be improved by 220% while heroes abilities will be improved by 160% at full level. This means the game will be more challenging - probably a good rebalancing. One that will actually require intelligent choices to win. Loving all the changes by the way. Thanks OR team.
  6. Agree with this suggestion, especially since forged items for lower level players will only last for a few levels. Perhaps they can be a proportion of the level 131 (or whatever the new top level is) cost.
  7. Probably still need a little increase in wisdom. Maybe new islands can be discovered? Or have some way to boost production by x%.
  8. Agree with the above posts. 2000+ gems for 50k extra donation will appear to many as totally wrong. If I’m not mistaken, the last alliance hall upgrade was from 150k to 250k for 2000 gems. I think say 2500 or even 3000 gems would be ok for a one level increase by at least 150k or even better 200k. So far FG have done a really good job at not being appearing too commercial unlike some other horrible games. Don’t change that now.
  9. @dumpsterthanks mate. Always appreciate the response.
  10. @dumpsterI don’t ever recall seeing a 12k item since reaching level 130+. Now I am getting quite a few. I even got an 11k item. Can we say for certain there has not been a reduction in stats?
  11. I have been watching the stats, and in my view there has definitely been a shift downwards of certain stats. Particularly CD. I have now gotten several 12k items. Before the latest forge fix, I had found over 8 CD items at above 16k in a short space of time. Now I feel v lucky to find even one (the exact number I have found in the last few weeks).
  12. Thanks for responding @dumpster I actually do have and use a 5 star titan leadership shield on Cadmus ?. I like the idea about reusing uniques for something better. I also like the idea above (@L0k0) of offering a choice of uniques, a bit like in the oddysey. First you would curse, then complete the quest, then get a choice of 3 (or even 5) uniques to choose from. Great idea. I bet you more people would then curse duplicates.
  13. Ducal

    duplicates of duplicates unique items

    If the chance of getting a unique is truly random each time, then the chance of getting a duplicate increases until when you have only 1 left to gain the chance of a duplicate will be > 95%
  14. We do need to fix the unique cursing system, as it’s a little disappointing after spending 10m gold, a 5* titan, and clearing 500 islands to get a triplicate item. And this is the 3rd curse in the last 6 weeks to bear no fruit. May I suggest that you improve the odds of cursing each time like what happens when you open a titan chest? Oh, and apple duplicates are ok ?
  15. I’m not sure this needed. Heroes do improve their base stats for every ascension level already. When we had the last expansion hero levels didn’t increase and yet a level 131 hero is significantly better than a level 120 hero.