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  1. hi, i have a chest that requires killing 100 sirines . after i played for a while and killed some sirens i checked that chest and found no progress at all .
  2. i do have that problem my account name is ⚔🇪🇬 Hussam 🇪🇬⚔
  3. Unlocking the Cursed Titan Chest

    i was thinking to do that and save chests till get a higher level , thank God I am impatient 😂😂
  4. Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    my game name is ⚔🇪🇬Hussam🇪🇬⚔ here is my poem Hercules my man i am your biggest fan i send you to battle and watch you kill and hustle anyone stand in your face will die you make the other players cry i simply won't believe the powers you possesse when you cast your scylla the gates open like a can of tuna 😂 English isn't my first language " there might be some grammar and spelling mistakes "