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  1. Hussam

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    looks fun , and the offence and defense mode fir the heroes will help alot , i am big fan of prsues both as guard and as war hero
  2. oh i didn't see this topic before glad that someone brought it up , hope it will be considered in the new update
  3. the hero i chose to be a guard i also use him in attacks and wars and it's really annoying to have to change all the items every time I play with it so if you can make a guard mode so i can simply keep the statue with its items and keep the hero with different sit of items
  4. Hussam

    choas gate active at mani

    the reason seems to be that the player stayed online after the war and didn't disconnect it makes sense because the charon tower isn't active , though the 3rd alliance should have it anyway i think this is a bug and should be fixed to insure no one use this for his advantage in the future so I will leave the topic online
  5. it seems to be mani didn't disconnect after the war and stayed online , still a bug needs fixing
  6. i don't know if this is a bug or something else but the gate is active at mani account the current war blessings don't include the gate and even if they did thier alliance won't have it because they fineshed 3rd
  7. when a player request to join the alliance there is no sign near his name so i have to go search for him in the trophies and some players have wired ass names that can't be written so if you could add the (!) near the name when a player ask to join or leave the alliance or get kicked from it that would be great
  8. Hussam

    resistance limits

    i know that the resistance decrease in the gate keeper , but if it reached 90 in the statu not in the hero , other players say it still increase and there is no actuall limit
  9. Hussam

    resistance limits

    so if the guard for particular has 90% resistance any increase in the points won't be counted ? because I just had an argument about that so iwant to be sure
  10. Hussam

    resistance limits

    i wnated to know if i reached 90% resistance of any type by example 150000 points doese increasing the points still counts or not ?
  11. Hussam

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    killed 3 times 2% only game name is ⚔🇪🇬Hussam 🇪🇬⚔ alliance name is ancient heroes
  12. Hussam


    the game stopped when I was playing in the war map , it happened when an officer of my alliance launched a new strike very annoying bug
  13. Hussam

    Two accounts on one device

    by the way is ok to have more than account or it is against thr rules?
  14. when other players i am councted to , log in i only get one titan point even if they activated Thier blessing or among top 1000 and they get 3 titan points a day
  15. these massages are supposed to show for captains and higher ranks but they appear for veterans ,