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  1. FIFIZ002

    Conquest chests need Pal Food

    @Dena4 top tier, never seen pal food. didn't ask for extra chests but for chest contents to be changed. @ARREBIMBA already said about alliance pal donations, i didn't ask for pals to be removed from conquest, rather a mix of pals and food. medium / high players need different pals for different bases. you cant feed them with just pl/ninja/$ offers. and some pals like Eris need lvl 9 to be effective, i'm not gona explain why, its beyond the scope of this request.
  2. FIFIZ002

    Conquest chests need Pal Food

    with all the festivals and conquest chests, we all have all the pals. we need to feed them now ! the only need for pals is for alliance donation. so some food in conquest chests is welcome.
  3. Please consider Pal food in Conquest chests.
  4. FIFIZ002

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    @Madlen ( for active players ) Energy cost is too high for moving. it discourages playing conquest. ( for less active players ) your argument of time is valid. very active players r usually top 100 alliances, which have lvl 7+ conquest buildings. solution: make tech upgrade of energy very cheap for lvl7+ conquest buildings. side note: Tech upgrade last conquest, very bad idea to put " defense troops +1" at the beginning of the tech tree. if u r not aware it doubles the troops on defense, means all alliances couldn't attack a tower without outnumbering the enemy 2x. and please make conquest at least 6 days.
  5. it was obvious something is wrong with the aura rings. I noticed when i got the poison ring from the dungeons near ogre lvl 7. 5k poison damage ! i tested it once and never used it again. its 1.9k now. and i agree with players who have wasted their time and pearls forging and crystals !
  6. FIFIZ002

    Bela Pal & Offense Beast buff

    yes Bela is extremely weak. the infection or black magic chance rate is extremely low. lifedrain is also very weak.
  7. Thats your opinion. I want more of conquest. conquest is new content. its fun and strategic. you want to keep playing the old stuff, i think u might be able to download royal revolt 1.
  8. This is bad news. Why would you shorten new content ? Conquest is fun and requires strategy, as opposed to the old dull war. I would suggest improving rewards further, and running conquest twice a month if the duration is now shorter. No new content ( trimmed in this case ) = boring game. 5 days a month for new content is not acceptable.
  9. The lvl2 tower upgrade is greyed out.