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  1. Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 27th, April at 9:00 UTC and will end on Tuesday 1st, May at 12:00 UTC. You can register to this Pro-League until 18:00 UTC on Monday 30th, April. This week's Pro-League is called "Supersonic Cup" with Mini Monk. The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week. From now on, each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on tiers. We invite you to check out the current Pro-Leaderboard in game and look for this icon to view the tiers. Note: The tiers will change depending on the Pro-Cup running. With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
  2. Wrong Pro Boost

    Hello there, The boost should be now activated. Many thanks, Gala
  3. Hello Queens and Kings, Today we had a live server update and we performed a server maintenance. Thank you -Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  4. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    Hello guys, Super happy to hear that you are enjoying our Community Week! Your feedback are very valuable to us so please let us know! Many thanks, Gala
  5. Kings and Queens! Can you feel the move? We do too! Special Uber Granny is fourth in our Community Week and she opened her shop to some groovy bonuses! Increased chances of Special Uber Items in chests +50% All Uber Chests are -50% The 1st & 2nd Item Reroll in Granny's Shop is for free, the maximum cost is 1! Max Digging Time in the Dungeon: 1 minute Have a great day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  6. Wrong Pro Boost

    It should be fixed now. Thanks, Gala
  7. Wrong Pro Boost

    Could you please speak in English on the forum? It would be helpful - I'm afraid I don't speak Italian Thank you.
  8. Wrong Pro Boost

    We performed a maintenance to fix this issue. Can you confirm everything is working fine now please? Many thanks, Gala
  9. Wrong Pro Boost

    Hello folks, Thank you for reporting this issue and I'm sorry you are experiencing this. The devs are working on it and a solution should come very soon. Many thanks, Gala
  10. Kings and Queens! What a cute little … Wait what! Kaiser is here to celebrate our third event of our Community Week and he’s got some beastly bonuses for you all! πŸŽ‰ 🐱 Pal Chests are -50% 🐱 x10 higher chance of finding a Pal! 🐱 Chance of finding Kaiser +30% 🐱 x2 Free Pal Chest collection rate! Enjoy and have a fantastic day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  11. Queens and Kings! It’s party time! But not just any party! Alliance Party! Have some wonderful bonuses to celebrate our second event of this Community Week! Enjoy πŸ’ͺ Cheaper Alliance Tower upgrades (-30%) πŸ’ͺ Faster Alliance Tower upgrade (-30%) πŸ’ͺ All Donations receive the max Tax Bonus (+40% taxes) πŸ’ͺ Experience x4 Have a fantastic day! - Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  12. Ninja Event - Fire Ninja

    Queens and Kings, You massively voted for the Fire Ninja during our polling sessions! Without further ado the Pyro experts are back at it and ready for you to face them! Good luck fending off their assault! Have a great day! Gala
  13. Disconnected after participating in PL

    The problem should now be fixed and people who have bought tickets already and tried to participate will now find themselves in the correct cup. Many thanks, Gala
  14. Disconnected after participating in PL

    Hello there, I'm sorry you are experiencing these issues, but the devs are aware of the situation and are working on it. A fix should come soon. Many thanks, Gala
  15. Game not connecting

    Hello there, I'm sorry you are experiencing issues. The devs are actually working on it. A solution should come soon. Many thanks, Gala