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  1. Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 23nd, February at 9:00 UTC and will end on Thursday 1st, March at 12:00 UTC. You can register to this Pro-League until 18:00 UTC on Wednesday 28th, February. This week's Pro-League is called "Shielded Cup" with Blazing Knight, Holy Paladin, Viking and Cannon. The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week. Each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on their final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get from the Weekly Pro-League Leaderboard based on your rank: With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
  2. Pro League Restarted

    Hello, Sorry to hear about your issue. A gentle reminder tho, that we do not provide Customer Support over the weekend. I can see that our teams replied to your ticket. If you don´t see their reply, please check your spam folder. Many thanks, Gala
  3. Alliance subscriptions not working properly

    Hello there, Could you ask the alliance member who made the purchase to contact our support please? He can send a ticket here: Many thanks, Gala
  4. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Hello guys, It was definitely a misunderstanding here and I'm sorry about that. This is in fact a display bug and we are aware of it. The teams are working on it and it should be fixed in the future. Many thanks, Gala
  5. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Hello there, After checking with the Devs, here is what they told me: The Bonus can in fact change when you are a Champion. It also changes depending on how many Champions there are. If you're not a Champion, it will stay the same throughout the War. Hope this helps Gala
  6. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Hi, As this is clearly going off topic, I'm locking this thread. I would like to reminds you to keep it civilised please. Thank you. Gala
  7. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    Ok, as this is going clearly off topic, I'm now locking this. Thanks.
  8. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    Thanks again, but I know how to do my job. Now let's keep it on the topic please. Thanks. Gala
  9. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    Thanks for your consideration - However I would like to remind you that it's not because we don't reply to all topics that we don't see it or report it. Thanks, Gala
  10. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    I'm not saying it's a bug, I'm just asking for more information for now
  11. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    Hello there @Pper Thanks for reporting this. Do you have more information in regards to the situation? Can you remember how many pearls you had and how many you think you might have lost? Did you forged anything in the meantime? The more details you can give us, the better. Thanks! Gala
  12. Why ads are not working???

    Hello there, Thanks for letting us know. This is actually a known issue and we are working on it. Would you mind sending a ticket to Customer Support, giving them as many details as possible? (platform, version, all ads or just some of them, the last time you can remember receiving an ads....). The link here: Many thanks, Gala
  13. problème publicité

    Bonjour @loloe, Ce problème est actuellement connu des Devs et nous travaillons à le résoudre. Je t'invite de fait, à envoyer une requête au service client en y indiquant un maximum d'informations (plateform, version, PC) ici: Merci
  14. Fritz not dealing damage

    Hello there, I've reported it to the devs. However, we need more details for us to be able to reproduce this incident. Do you remember anything specific? Any skills being used? Any active troops? Insta-troops? Cheerzy! Gala
  15. Hello, Sorry to hear about your issue. Just a reminder that we do not work during the weekend. We, too, have weekends guys Also please refrain from submitting multiple tickets for the same request. It will only increase the time for us to work on your ticket. Thanks, Gala