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  1. Insta troops are dying very soon. they should spawn with some shielding. The shield health should be based on player lvl.
  2. Last PL was very easy so lots of ppl managed to get to top tier
  3. In time of wars and some time no one is online but u need insta urgently
  4. Yes abandon full war, with one day cooldown for participating players. So no one can cheat Only applicable when both parties have 0 skull score/0 fights
  5. It should not have varied that much if u have used : (250+250+150)/3=216.66~217 The top alliances should not have falled more than 1 tier below
  6. We tried. Begged even. But they don't want to so what we do?
  7. Build tower where? As soon as we start they attack and destroy it They are not protecting their tower because they don't have to. Instead they are destroying others towers. U could say they are bullying Small alliances players are uncoordinated and they dont play often like top alliances
  8. Are u joking? How is that fair? Top alliances should not belong to that tier. Besides how can we 3k protect our tower from 5k players? They have higher troops and boosts and others things They destroy everything we build Even if we use hundreds of gems we cant defend ourselves Pure imbalance nothing else
  9. Deal is only useful when both parties have equal strength I tried on to make deal with Deutsche gilde1 on very first day. Their leader said that they want to fight, they will be bored if they don't. They only made a deal with their fellow countrymen. As a result they whooped a s s e s of others two alliance I don't blame them. Flare games have to bear blame on this one. Lately they are making a lot of mistakes
  10. The Germans made deal with other Germans and now they are protecting them Deutsche gilde1 rank 36 Germania rank 387 Chaos theory rank 244 3rd alliance rank 665
  11. Instead of taking average of last 3 conquest, they should take last 10 conquest in consideration
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