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  1. Looking for alliance

    In the meantime I’ve reached lvl 73, but still didn’t find good organized English speaking alliance...
  2. To forge or not to forge

    Haha, i have exactly the opposite: most of the items I find are better than my current ones. So I have constant forging, which is kinda annoying and expensive...
  3. Just checked your alliance, the founder is inactive...
  4. about unique items

    Don’t know why do you want to have them... I got 3 unique items, and all of them are weaker than my regular ones :/ so don’t use them, very disappointing
  5. Version 3.9.0

    Absolutely agree with this!
  6. Active player, add my code for your rewards
  7. Hi, add my code guys, active lvl 61 player
  8. Add my code guys, active daily player
  9. Lvl 59 daily active player is looking for English speaking talkative and active alliance.
  10. Hi, my code is OISZROHF