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  1. Yaran

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Same here, can’t play it
  2. Yaran

    The Griffin Shield

    For low lvl alliance your requirements are too high. Gl anyway.
  3. KIXAQFNRZ daily player thx
  4. Pls add my code: WXEDZNOY thx
  5. Yaran


    Since I got Phoenix I don’t care about Nix towers anymore 😉
  6. Pls add me: AFLQJUJJT thx
  7. Yaran

    Game Reset During Battle

    I’ve noticed that as well 😠
  8. Yaran


    Same here, wasted 2 attempts like this. Pls fix it!
  9. YKTMARLGR pls add my code
  10. Yaran


    And I’m, foot soldier, keep getting messages that someone rejected alliance invitation... Pls, fix this, very annoying!
  11. Indeed, very annoying.
  12. Yes, sent them a ticket. Hope it will be really fixed soon.
  13. Autoplay is stupid, but I use only it. If I can’t win on autplay - I’m too weak and need to upgrade.
  14. And foot soldiers as well. Had to delete 3 of them today.