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  1. I'm having the same problem, I get 2 disconnects in less than 1 minute of play is really a disappointment. device: Android 7.0
  2. I'm having disconnect issues too. obs: android 7.0
  3. just complementing the topic. I noticed that the same problem happens with the window changing the color of the king's items and also in the customization window of the hair color change, eyes and so on.
  4. Ok ... thanks and sorry for the written language. 😃
  5. Oi, notei que depois de atualizar o painel de exibição de status rei está sendo tampado pelo design do boneco. como na impressão, é possível visualizar que as asas cobrem parcialmente o espaço do item da cabeça do rei e também o desenho da liderança. dispositivo: Android 7.0
  6. Thanks for the reply, it would be nice if there was a default date on which the blacksmith happens. You do not have to say exactly the day, but the month would help. example: every 2 months or every 6 months
  7. Hi, I have a question about the blacksmith's event. Is there a deadline for the blacksmith's event to happen? every 1 month? every 2 months? I mean the 1 week event where prices are reduced
  8. I'm also facing this problem of videos, happens several times when receiving a free bau or to advance some construction, I watch the video and it does not change at all and after a few minutes back to normal it's strange that
  9. my desire is also to get the aska, and it would be nice if he came in that bau.
  10. I'm also having this problem is still very unpleasant
  11. I also have this problem with the game, in the middle of the invasion the game closes itself and the following message appears "royal revolt 2 stopped working". In this 6-fight war 4 of them the game closed and it does too much harm to the score during the war, I hope they will be able to fix it in some next update. the funny one and that when I attack with a knight or the archer seems to fall more frequently.
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