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  1. It is very sad, Even If he is not a dev now ,he can activate his old account and do pl and other amazing videos..😒
  2. Okay thanks πŸ˜€, I don't use gems for tickets πŸ™‚
  3. Phoebe can be given another power in his attack like every other pro pal have 3 abilities in them like Ceres have 100 fear chance shadow morale and normal attack, while phoebe only have blessing and blunt damage Either It could be given a perk or a bit change in the blessing power
  4. One who have full pro set and don't need more items..(on earthπŸ˜›), I buy those for a bit Pearls and i won't mind a bit gold in them..
  5. A buff in other pro beast except nemesis could be a a good answer for 'phoebefying' ☺
  6. Defence is hard nowadays and that would make it more hard in that way. And yeah many many top players use Howl.
  7. That is right the pro chests have many good thing that you mentioned, but bought pro chests from shop have mostly pearls and food..
  8. Yep, Gold in pro chest is good for mid level players who need gold, it could be in Bought pro chests from shop because those chests have low chances of items and mostly pearls and food is in them so if there is a chance of gold it will be a good help of players like me πŸ˜„
  9. You can use boosted archer, cannons with shield and monks.. It's not that hard. But if you can't, check the map before attacking like many bases are designed for beast to attack from side lane, you can scream your army till beast passes that point..
  10. You don't face phoebe often? Then that's a good thing, get a good gear and kill it whenever you face it.. If you don't want to check beast before attacking a base then you should be prepared to kill the best thing currently
  11. In the Current league The Speed Cup rewards tiers are not balanced , please have a look at it , 2000+ score needed for max rewards whereas Top guys have 1700 hardly
  12. I face the same issue in dungeons like A dungeon which have Gargoyle tower (boosted) or full wave of Gargoyles Game gets a little unresponsive for spells and troops
  13. Ah My biggest rr2 achievement is the moment I got my best PL rank and finding some priceless friends ☺
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