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  1. Ogre's New Weapon

    He have a youtube channel..? By which name.?
  2. Ogre's New Weapon

  3. Pal shop

    Yeah, i really appreciate if they do it..
  4. Ogre's New Weapon

    I know you don't like it
  5. Pal shop

    Yeah i know that the pal collector is running and i got some pal from it too but i want a new pal like any other than what i have currently in my kingdom but all i get is howl, growl and a kaiser, thats why i suggested a pal shop and yeah i liked a the prices you set for the pals but the pro pals are already in pro shop which is not the case with others. I want a particular pal but unluckily i don't get it from nearly 6 months😢..
  6. Pal shop

    Or they should do something like increasing the chances of finding new pal which we don't have currently..
  7. Pro setup

    Yeah atleast sometime before pro starts
  8. Newbie in game

    What is your ign.?
  9. Pro setup

    I just wanna say that in ingame notification we should get the pro setup information so that the player who do not visit forum will get informed about pro league setup..
  10. Yeah it would be fun to have something special😀
  11. It should be start from yellow one and end up with uber pal chest
  12. Wrong Pro Boost

    Its fine now😀
  13. Wrong Pro Boost

    Yeah that's a big problem as we need the unholy paladin boost before upcoming war so please fix this issue as soon as possible😤
  14. New Festivals !

    If they don't have new festivals then they should repeat old one. And if they can give new festival then it should be for aska and nidhogg
  15. I like the suggestion to reduce cooldown for dungeons with gold as everyone don't have workers free all time and worker are limited for most of the player so who want to dig a dungeon with 2 or more workers