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  1. Jishan04

    Update 4.0

    You're thinking too much. Sorry 😎
  2. Jishan04

    Update 4.0

    Anyone know when we will get it.??🤔
  3. Jishan04

    Friends message display bug..

    No, that's not the problem, none of my friends removed me neither i did it
  4. It's showing "2" messages on the community button but when i head to my friend list there is no message from anyone, same "2" is showing in friends tab but nothing after..
  5. Jishan04

    Why evoking a dragon sucks

    When Raiding bases with dragons its a close call most of the times and we lose precious second due to this problem
  6. Every pro pal has 2 special abilities plus a pro bonus so why phoebe only have one special ability.. Like ceres has howl plus spirit morale which makes it usefull but Phoebe only have blessing which makes it useless moreover its blessing dont have enough range.. So my suggestion is giving another ability and make its blessing spread equally among troops and hero like tammy, because phoebe should be better than tammy like others.
  7. Jishan04

    Monthly pro leaderboard bug

  8. Jishan04

    Monthly pro leaderboard bug

    So after weekend
  9. Jishan04

    Monthly pro leaderboard bug

    It's the third week pro league and the pro leaderboard is showing 7k+ score, i dont care what they will get as rewards but its affecting my rank in monthly pro leaderboard so please fix it..
  10. Jishan04

    How can they get 6k9 in PL after 3 week?

    This is unacceptable and its affecting my monthly rank, so please fix it whatever is this
  11. Jishan04

    Ogre's New Weapon

    Is the damage of fritz is now fixed.? Once you posted something about it, well your videos are "Awesomest" cool.😁
  12. Jishan04

    Ogre's New Weapon

    He have a youtube channel..? By which name.?
  13. Jishan04

    Ogre's New Weapon

  14. Jishan04

    Pal shop

    Yeah, i really appreciate if they do it..
  15. Jishan04

    Ogre's New Weapon

    I know you don't like it