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  1. Phew. Things are about to get deep. My biggest achievement from being a RR2 player was simply finding out about and playing the game. Letting it help me through very difficult times along with meeting my boyfriend who lives on the other side of the world - simply through playing RR2. I became very ill last fall and was constantly in and out of hospitals for months with Doctors running different tests on me. It was in November that something happened to my heart. At rest - It was beating an average of 120-130 beats per minute. This went on for 4 days. Late evening on the 4th night I was rushed to the emergency room because it started beating even faster. Weeks later I was diagnosed with Chronic Graves Disease. It completely wrecked me. For someone that has always been very fit and lives a healthy lifestyle - it was devastating to hear. I took the rest of the year off to focus on my health and it’s around then that I started playing RR2. I became a little depressed from being diagnosed and playing RR2 made me forget about everything else that was going on. It was a way for me to channel positive energy and help get me through a difficult beginning. But.... the story goes on and gets better... A few months later (January of this year) I was recruited by another player (Maestro) to join his alliance - Alpha Guard. It was awesome being part of a top 200 alliance. The alliance has a chat room outside of the game in the app called line. He invited me to join the chat as well. A few weeks later we casually started talking. About Everything from him being from The Netherlands, RR2, our families, aliens... everything. We connected on a very deep level through text messaging!!!!! This went on for months. While still playing in Alpha Guard together. We decided that we should meet. I am from America and he lives in The Netherlands which made it hard. I flew to The Netherlands to meet Maestro in July and we had an amazing time together and our connection became even stronger. What are the odds of two people meeting in a game, connecting, than meeting across the world and having an even stronger connection in person???!!!!!! Slim. We are now a couple. Flash forward to today where a few weeks ago I quit my job back in America and have been staying with him in The Netherlands. We are very much so happy and in love.... and it would not be so - had I not became ill and started playing RR2 - only for him to recruit me to his alliance. Thanks for for helping me through difficult times and for creating a game where I was able to meet this amazing guy. @Madlen
  2. Same here in Ohio.
  3. Hi Everyone, There has been a lot of buzz around a one time offer that is currently promoted. Many people in the alliance I’m in have already gotten or at least have been offered it. I’ve not had it pop up yet. It’s a 24 hour. I’d hate to miss out on it. Not sure if this is randomly generated and doesn’t get offered to all players. Any insight would be appreciated.@GalaMorgane Edited with response from FG: Thanks, Kellye

    Lost Account: OVRSLO

    Hi @MagischerKoenig Yea, I know they most likely won’t see this until the week, if even seen. They’re usually pretty quick about getting back to me from previously submitted requests. I included all that information in my request. Currently using the latest version of the game with PC Windows 10. Have not tried connecting with Facebook, but will try that next. Cannot remember if I’ve connected before with it. Thanks for the information.
  5. Hi Flare Team, Yesterday I was unable to connect to RR2. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game and now I cannot access my old account that I can see is still there. PC Windows10. Game version 3.8 Player Name: OVRSLO, Level 93 Ive already submitted a request with detailed information about my account. I’m just trying to bring attention to this because I enjoy playing and don’t want to let my Alliance down as we are in the middle of the newest Ninja Event. @GalaMorgane Any help is appreciated. Many Thanks, Kellye

    Can't connect to game after ninja started

    I’m having the same issue right now with Windows 10. I’m unable to connect to the game at all and I’m confident it is not WiFi related. A request was also submitted.

    Game keeps crashing

    No, knock on wood. Not since I switched my units up. @AwesomestKnightest

    Game keeps crashing

    I usually use pyro, frost & archers. Substituted archers for Arblastors. @AwesomestKnightest

    Game keeps crashing

    Kind of wonder if it’s just the archers. Ive had 4 crashes with archers all in front of firebolt towers...Not basilisk which I’ve also heard people point out.
  10. Boost those farms. @AwesomestKnightest
  11. OVRSLO

    Game keeps crashing

    They responded to my ticket yesterday. Had to provide a bunch of details and some photos of the crashes - which luckily I happened to take. Also - Last night one of our alliance members mentioned that it could be from spawning the boosted archers. I did not spawn any archers last night in battle.... and the game did not crash on me. First time all week. Not sure if the archers have anything to do with this glitch.. @AwesomestKnightest
  12. Very frustrating. It will be interesting to see if other players are experiencing this as well.
  13. I mostly got pearls too, although I did get some gems as well. Not sure why you wouldn’t be getting any.
  14. Thanks AK! Request submitted. @AwesomestKnightest
  15. Literally just lost 60 more trophies! Over 115 now. Very frustrating that the game just crashed on me again. Game froze during battle and exited me out if the game. Please, help get this information passed to the right team. @GalaMorgane