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  1. Sure would love a way for several kings/queens from my alliance to take on an alliance's coordinated, super defense. Coordinating multiple kings together would take the game to a new level. Happy to hear about the improvements in Q1, though. Thanks for the note!
  2. The changes are very welcome, thanks much. Bela is draining more often, which is his best feature. He also infects noticeably more often, though it is mostly Ogres now given the multipliers of the other monsters. I haven't tried pal flute with him yet. That was not effective before so hopefully it is a potential option now. Thanks again for the Bela buff!
  3. Very excited since I have used Bela as my pet despite the previous shortcomings. I just love me a life-draining bat.
  4. Has there been consideration for rebalancing the crown formula now that offense is much harder than defense? For example, my base (which has traditionally not been particularly strong) has only been defeated (99%-100%) a few times since 4.0 and only by much higher level players. I lost about 500 crowns trying to find combinations that worked for offense, and the only way to earn them back at this point is to not attack and let my defense earn me crowns. What percentage of the time does the dev team feel an average player should be able to beat a comparable level base at this point? And will the team reconsider the risk-reward of offensive battles when it comes to gold and crowns earned? After all, the players certainly have more fun in the game when attacking rather than logging off to be attacked. Thanks!
  5. SleepyWakes

    Sad proof of inactivity in-game

    Part of this is also that no one is fighting right now because of the imbalance between defense and offense. Why would you do 10 battles and lose 200 crowns? Just don't fight and instead gain about 50 from the 2 people who tried to beat your base in the last 24 hours. The reward is nowhere near the risk, if you care at all about crowns.
  6. SleepyWakes

    War Boost Nerfs Palladin Stone Dragon,? 

    I noticed it, too.
  7. SleepyWakes

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    We got better rewards than that. 1000+ pearls per blacksmith chest, 2 uber items per special uber chests, etc. Not sure why.
  8. SleepyWakes

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    Some wacky ideas beyond the basic stuff needed: A component to the conquest that involves some PvE, such as a dungeon level where you must arrive and score enough points to control it or a ninja island. That could take away the boredom of the event where people are sitting around defending with no activity for days. Assign characteristics to different soldiers -- scout allows them to move faster but are weaker, tank allows them to carry more troops but faster energy depletion, munitions means they can weaken a tower before the team gets to it, teleporter that can send one king a day anywhere to participate in a battle, commander that can bring soldiers with him until they release or are released, etc. This gives more strategy and makes people feel like they have a role. It doesn't have to be complicated. Magic portals that can be conquered and used for faster transportation.
  9. SleepyWakes

    Really Enjoying Conquest Mode

    Perhaps. I have a very demanding job but am able to log on pretty frequently to move on the map. I have noticed that people who run around solo are asking to be killed when they log off. I think a key strategy moving forward will be for alliances to manage their active players and their semi-active players and giving them the right roles (scouting vs. defending, etc.). Again, I see potential and am willing to work through the growing pains to see it improve.
  10. SleepyWakes

    Really Enjoying Conquest Mode

    This is clearly not a popular opinion. I will start by saying some tweaks could make a big, positive difference. It is a difficult balance between cooldowns (movement, tower building) and action. The chat system is now really exposed. Hopefully those can be figured out. That being said, strategic decisions abound. Is the enemy mounting an attack? Do we hit their tower or head back? Which tech tree branch suits our situation and strengths best? Do we keep up with skirmishes or consolidate? It helps that my alliance has control of the desert now and is doing well, despite dozens of mistakes along the way. We are now the target for the other 3 alliances -- will they work together against us? I think that's the only way we can lose, so we'll see. Hopefully some others are enjoying this, too, and see the potential. Maybe it's not for everyone but I am having much more fun than a ninja event or a repetitive war. This has depth and adds a completely new element to the game.
  11. SleepyWakes

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    I am having fun exploring and we will understand it after a couple of days, but day one is rough. We have 5 towers right outside our base and most people don't have troops with them. But we will get it. The cooldown should be rethought per all of the comments.
  12. SleepyWakes

    balance changes

    I hear you. I switched over to lots of starting morale items. New strategies are needed I suppose. I tried about 15 new combos and only beat my one base 2 times. Frustrating but a new challenge.
  13. SleepyWakes

    balance changes

    Won't the war season be a lot more fun if it's not about winning every battle? Right now I would lose maybe 1 attack in an entire war, often none (and I'm not that good). I certainly don't know, just suggesting we slow down a bit on the "catastrophe" of this update and see how it plays out. Flare made a game that most of us have played for years, we should give them a little credit. They had reasons for doing this, and contrary to what most seem to believe it's not all about getting more gems. They want/need people to actually enjoy the game.
  14. SleepyWakes

    balance changes

    Flare probably should have positioned this more as bumps on defense rather than nerfs on offense In my opinion everyone shouldn't be using the exact same spells and troops, so maybe this is a way to spread it out a bit. shrug.
  15. SleepyWakes

    Let's discuss v4.0 here.

    It appears that the districts are grouped by level of buildings, then crowns if all equal. So you'll see a district that contains your top group of upgraders, on down. It is a little odd that you can't see yourself in the districts so you know what group you below to. Flare will certainly make some tweaks before we head into the first conquest season. This looks like it will be fun.