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  1. SleepyWakes

    What the link between RR2 and Survey of PC Games?

    I suspect they will do the survey with their other games too, but who knows.
  2. SleepyWakes

    What the link between RR2 and Survey of PC Games?

    Flare is a publisher. It has nothing to do with RR2, they are surveying gamers for their opinions on gaming.
  3. SleepyWakes

    Game updated but whats changes?

    I think the writing is on the wall here. They don't give us updates about any upcoming changes because there aren't any planned. I suspect if a developer from another area gets in trouble or has some free time, the punishment is being sent to fix a few bugs for RR2. If enough get in trouble at the same time, they are required to add in a new feature like increasing the levels of the towers. I'm not one to whine too much because I enjoy the game, even now. But we seem to be expecting much more than we're likely going to get here. The fact that they haven't done anything to the War system should be an indication of where resources are going, or rather not going.
  4. SleepyWakes

    Pro league chest / rewards

    Heal aura ring and omega sword. I have the diamond ring but want all PL items for the bonuses, so don't want to perk up this uber ring. I may have missed the Omega helmet the first time through the shop. I guess I'm just whining, it's not a big deal. But if that's the case, just rotate them through weekly so if we miss an item we're not left waiting a year.
  5. SleepyWakes

    Pro league chest / rewards

    I find it maddening that the items I've been after have never rotated through the shop and it's months between shop rotations. The current shop items are mostly XP items. I wish they would rotate every week.
  6. SleepyWakes

    multi accounter is online 24/7

    I don't understand. I thought multi-account meant they would have multiple different accounts. When they log off their main account to play a secondary account, you should be able to attack them. Are you saying they log off of their account and someone else logs on and plays it? That to me is not multi-account but multi-users.
  7. SleepyWakes

    Good bye RR2

    The game clearly is in need of some attention if they want it to continue. I'm finding enjoyment in trying different combos, but that will wear out soon. My alliance struggles to pick up new players who are decent level because they are pretty rare these days or are just alliance hoppers. Pro League is fun, maybe my favorite part. I still like tweaking my defense. So it's not a complete slog for me. But ninja events are silly, and wars are completely messed up. I'm hoping the next update addresses these problems or the slow bleed for Flare will continue and maybe pick up when large alliances like Petite make the decision together.
  8. SleepyWakes

    is there any dungeon item you still use?

    Which is a shame because they are more difficult to get than even most of the Pro League items, at least the ones that have been in the Pro League shop.
  9. You will be left out of the event. Same with me. And it's all I have upgrading so it's frustrating.
  10. SleepyWakes

    Is this a Peace Offering?

    Yep, I think that's exactly what it is.
  11. SleepyWakes

    Are boosted vikings useful after the buff?

    I liked them when I first tested but more enemies are getting through my defense so I changed them out. They are clearly designed as an offensive unit, I wish they had been balanced that way as a tank to upgrade over ogres.
  12. SleepyWakes

    Balancing changes April 5th

    Bela is my favorite pet so it would be disappointing to see these changes listed but have them be overstated. I will test tonight as well to see what I get.
  13. SleepyWakes

    Useless Event: Boost your Castle

    The alliance tower is inside the castle, it would be nice if it counted I have everything maxed except alliance but agree that I'm happy for others to get this important boost.
  14. SleepyWakes

    Don't add Daylight Savings Time to the Chests

    You are finding new and interesting things to complain about They aren't going to spend resources on this, especially since DST already happened in the US and is not even observed in certain areas.
  15. SleepyWakes

    New Jumper Tactic

    It would be nice if we could see how many alliances a person has been in within the past month.