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  1. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    could it be the amount of gold you have used in upgrades?
  2. To Flaregames

    This game is a cash cow for them. Very low expenses and plenty of revenue. Their developers and community managers are focused elsewhere. I wouldn't expect this to change especially with pointed statements to their employees. They are a business, and their vision of the community manager role appears different than what the forum-goers expect. I know you spend a lot of time on this forum and playing the game, which I do too, but I suspect you will be frustrated if you continue to expect changes from Flaregames. Look at all of the simple tweaks they could make to the game for vast improvement, look how long it's been since they asked for feedback on the war system. They don't put resources to this game.
  3. 3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

    I don't think they should boost the pro league items in chests. Those should be earned through saving crystals, but the shop has to rotate more than it is currently.
  4. Displayed tower strenght before attack?

    I have assumed it is # of structures, meaning there are more skull towers than others in that defense. Never validated that, though.
  5. 3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

    I got one epic and one pro-league from 3 chests. I do think they reduced the likelihood of items. I agree that the shop should rotate weekly.
  6. Birthday chest

    Does that chest come 7 days from now or replace the Pal Chest? I assume the former given the original poster's comment.
  7. Healing aura

    I wish we could put another ring on one of our other 7 fingers. Bomb kick aura is a must have for me, with heal a close second.
  8. Totally agree with oPelle. Balance the game and make it quick and easy to select different combinations of troops, spells, gear, and a pal according to the battle preparation screen. Make it fun to try to figure out and execute the right strategy for the defense. Upgrading is now more important across the board because you want more options rather than the same load-out each battle. Implement some changes to the ninja event and wars, and things are in good shape. The Pro-League was well received because it offered a new challenge with different load-outs. Bring that element to every battle. Another wave of upgrades may drive me to quit.
  9. New pal

    But Ceres also has fear and gives a Pro bonus, for what that's worth.
  10. I have 3 ideas that I think would be easy to implement and would go a long way in game play. 1) War map, have the 3 initial fiefdoms be randomly placed rather than together, thus massively reducing the issue of advantages based on initial placement luck. 2) Continue the great improvements on equipment slots by adding default spells and units to them. At the battle page, allow selection of A, B, C, etc. This would also encourage people to purchase the Pro-League subscription. 3) Reduce perk cooldowns significantly. At higher levels, players are unlikely to switch their main combos because of the time, sometimes over a year, invested in perking their primary spells and units. I imagine players are likely to quit rather than consider changing to an alternative combination. tl;dr version, I likely just recommended stuff others have already recommended.
  11. Agree, great idea. The ninja events are academic -- the only reason I have ever lost is on the arrow level and accidentally missing a tower, and I am by no means good at this game! We need more challenge, and the early levels are so routine that you can do them in your sleep. If you don't get 1st place now you are in the wrong tier.
  12. Can Cannons Shoot at Beasts now?

    I pay attention to the load out of those who attack me, and I would say one in 20 even have cannons at all. Maybe I am imagining things, though it certainly differs greatly by trophy range. I am only 109, maybe it changes.
  13. Can Cannons Shoot at Beasts now?

    Cannons are rarely used as an offensive troop. This makes it so people may use them more often. As it is, arblasters take down beasts in no time.
  14. Black Magic

    I do think one aspect of Black Magic is having all of your troops maxed. You can't grab a bunch of archers when your archers are level 1. And the cooldown is very long. So you have to really spend some time preparing correctly to use the spell.
  15. Black Magic

    I have just decided to stop using Black Magic because I have Ceres. It becomes overkill (troops blocking each other), and I have found I'm more effective with Ceres and other spell combos. I sure would like to try Pal Flute but to have a spell that requires a specific item that is now only available through sheer luck via uber and pro chests is a bit ridiculous.