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  1. Well, technically you can't donate a pal (beast) to the alliance unless you already have it unlocked anyway...
  2. Oops! I had to go back and look at it- I counted from the top as Tier 1 (which was backwards, that's the top tier-7). We are in Tier 3, not 5. Sorry for the mistake. @UncleTH you would be in the 5th tier then.
  3. I think what they should do (and it would encourage people to participate to get stronger) is when someone joins an alliance, they have to EARN their beast. I don't think it's right that players who just start in the game can join an established alliance that worked hard to get their beasts and who went without until they finally got enough donated to open one up. Regardless of how big an alliance is or what level they are, whenever a player joins, they should have to donate x amount of pals until they too have earned the right to use one. It would also discourage jumpers and encourage team loyalty.
  4. I too liked this rounds' tree. Instead of a mishmash of techs, there were basically the two that allowed us to choose to get stronger down one path or the other. I agree with everything E42 said! Good job this time, Flare!
  5. We are in Veteran Scouts (5th tier) and here is the breakdown: 1st-81st place (453-241 points) moved up 82nd-314th (240-126 points) stayed put 315th-396th (125-0 points including 6 teams with zero points and one with 7) bumped down
  6. I understand your frustrations, but AK hit the nail on the head- it is supposed to challenge your skill with a varying set of spells/gear/troops AND LEVELS every time. To be proper, I think the "Pro League" should be renamed the "Weekly Challenge" or something like that, so people don't confuse it with everything else we do that is similar-where the Pro League is NOT. I find it both fun and infuriating at times because my style of play is smashmouth and I like to blow things away with my sonic blast, blizzard, and other spells I use. I also prefer to have at least 2 ranged troops to help with towers. When I play a PL with similar setups, of course I do fairly well, but when one pops up with say, toxic cloud and stun (which I never use), slow troops like monk, vike, and necro, and a low level offfensive power, it can be quite the challenge. What it DOES do for me is exposes me to troops, spells, pals, etc. that I normally wouldn't use and gives me experience using them where I may change up my offense because of it. The only time I really get infuriated by the PL is when they don't give us anything to take down super boosted barricades except by hitting them, and I don't have enough time to do all 12 boards even if I finish 80% of the ones I DID do. ( I guess you could say I'm not a fan of the 30 min timer...) Anyway, I congratulate those who CAN do all 12 levels in one fell swoop (non-cheaters of course), and those of us who can't- it challenges us to try harder next time. Even though I don't ever finish all 12, the rewards just for trying are well worth it to me. I like the challenge. I just wish we knew what it was without having to come HERE every time. A little "i" button with the stats of the current PL would be wonderful!
  7. Congratulations, Pokkenstyo! Great job by all the entrants, actually! Thanks for sharing your talents.
  8. Join now before the Conquest starts! We will help guide you through the Conquest if you don't understand. We're looking for team players who want to grow with us! Updated beasts to include Awakened Aki and Growl to Level 3.
  9. Yeah, but Madlen said it was a surprise... that doesn't surprise me at all... 😆
  10. We currently have openings on our team for those who are active in Alliance Wars, Conquests, Ninjas, and Pro League (as best you can). We are looking for those who want to help fight, donate and grow as a team! I updated the info above as all of our unlocked pals have been leveled up. We are also encouraging more participation in the Pro League so we can finally get our alliance pro beast. We have a great bunch of players who love to play the game. If you'd like to be part of a team that continues to grow, but without some of the demands of the higher leagues, come check out The Cause in time for the next Ninja event and Conquest!
  11. I've had it before where I was the only one in bronze league with over 1000 trophies. Everyone else were newbies and since the game automatically puts you in a league but has no actual in-game instructions, I think many noobs end up either giving up or not understanding just what it is they have to do, so there are a lot of zeroes. I had it one time where I was one of only 3 people in the GOLD league playing... Didn't take much to win that one! 😀
  12. yeah, I understand that... but, sometimes I WANT to play but end up having to deal with things in the real world that end up taking me away from being able to play the pro before it expires. If I used a ticket and hoped I had the time to play later, but ended up NOT being able to, it would be a wasted ticket and have to wait another month to get another one. In THIS case, I wasn't sure I'd have the time, but I DID, so I tried to play but it was past the deadline. The 18 hour cutoff helps a lot knowing that now. Thanks for all the answers.
  13. Thanks, Only4- that's what I was looking for. Why is there a deadline on it anyway? There's already a countdown timer and if we have 35 minutes and 1 second left in the event, we should be able join! i understand the deadline in wars and conquest, but you can start ninjas at any time, festivals, etc. Why not Pro League? I try to play when i can, but I'm not always able sometimes til the last day- but when I get home from work with 10 hours left thinking i had time only to find put I DIDN'T... bit of a let down, ya know. Maybe something I should put in the Flare Suggestion Box? Happy fightin', y'all
  14. thanks, Only4. How many hours before the end of the event though?
  15. Hello all, I had 10 hours left in the current pro league, but it wouldn't let me join. I have 3 tickets available, so that isn't the case. Is there some kind of deadline as to which you have to join before or you don't get to play? I'd figure 10 hours is plenty to get my 35 minutes in... 😒
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