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  1. This is first time for us as well like everyone else to play war season.! When we started to prolong, we we were amazed as well.! But then we saw same duration on our brother allaince as well.! We thought next season is going to be something different or long.! We didn't know this was a bug until we saw yesterday's announcement.! One More Thing, We have received our compensation.! Thanks FG and Morgan Sir ?
  2. Dear @GalaMorgane and @CaptainMorgan, I know you have fixed a bug that allowed some Allainces to prolong blessing upto 80+ days.!! ??Nai Duniya?? was also among them who had Blessings for 80+ days.! We spent a lot of gold and gems to prolong that.! ? You have easily reduced them to 36 days.! That's fine.!! But we need compensation for our Gems and Donation Gold ASAP.? I personally donated all my 4000 gems for allaince to prolong those blessings.!! I need my donations back as gems. ??
  3. War Time in last war was 1 hour prior to this time. Previously it was 02:00(14:00) UTC. Now it is 03:00(15:00) UTC. That was much better timing. @GalaMorgane @CaptainMorgan One More thing is that Max. Fury should either be 08 or atleast 06. In real world, we get only time after the work to use furies. With 6-8 fury slot availability, we can focus on real life as well.
  4. War Time in last war was 1 hour prior to this time. Previously it was 02:00(14:00) UTC. Now it is 03:00(15:00) UTC. That was much better timing.
  5. War Time in last war was 1 hour prior to this time. Previously it was 02:00(14:00) UTC. Now it is 03:00(15:00) UTC. That was much better timing.
  6. Hello @CaptainMorgan, Happy Anniversary.!! This is me, In-game Name :- Rudra Sain presents you the Zeus Kill at 0% and Hades Kill at 0% as well ? I Hope this will be enough for your revenge.! A Brutal Kill ????
  7. https://youtu.be/ssh9auxTDkk Hades kill challenge completed.! 5 times killed, 7% only completed. Link above ? In-Game Name :- Rudra Sain
  8. Hmmmm.!!!! After reading all of your thoughts.!! Now I'm also thinking that forge is almost good.!! Not much need to nerf it. But unique items status should be improved.!! As well as they must provide proper guidance about forge. A lot of things in this game are hidden.!! Also they should do something about GK.!
  9. This isn't bullshit.!! Just suppose if someone spend day or night in forge and create a Gatekeeper having all 5 Resistances 90%. How You gonna beat that.?? My request from the developers is only that forging should be capped as per the Assenction level like uniques & unique status should also be increased.!! Balance needs to be there.. @MrCouPer People have taken Cooldown to 75% without unique.!! So how is that fair.??
  10. This is not mine.!! It's of my friend's.! I can only take sheild upto 130-150k physical. But that is also unfair.!! ?
  11. Dear Developers, Olympus Rising has became very unfair due to UNLIMITED FORGE. Players are taking item status upto 3 times higher of the original should be. In Unique Items there is a limit for forge as per Assenction level of the player. Why not for normal items as well.?? ? NowDays people can crack any good Defence in a minute without die. Moreover Gatekeepers have became soo insane that to kill them is next to almost impossible. Olympus Rising is a game about cunning defences not only Gate Keepers. I Request you to please do something about it.! And if you do so.!! Please make it fair and lower Already forged items of the players upto a limit. Also please increase Unique Status a bit higher as well.!! ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️
  12. All i want from the developers is to short then 12-14 days break to 7-8 days.!! You Guys are elites and have been along top guns.!! This break doesn't affect you much because you already have reached 125-131 level.!! But what about those who are at 70-110 level.?? To them, most of this game's things are unknown still and they play mostly wars just to get chests for their Heroes !! No war break for 12-14 days makes things boring soo much.!!
  13. Dear Flaregames, I Have Been Playing Olympus Rising since 2016. The best thing in this game is THE WAR between the allainces.. But Since the new update this game has became a bit boring because there is no war for 12 days. I request you to kindly do your survey again about the war break, as this doesn't looks like a wise step to me don't know about others. 1 Day war was useless and that's the good thing that you have ended that. But there should not be a break longer than 6-7 days.
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