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  1. Actually makes sense now tried it out 0% xp gear 170k xp normal xp gear 319% 700k xp token boost xp gear 419% 1 million xp
  2. Same for me - I don’t get 100% on top of what I would have got. Maybe an extra 100k xp so I’m getting 800k xp but before 700k
  3. Alliance now level 38 - looking to recruit active members. We have spaces after removing inactive players. Come join us
  4. Another war won. A few places available in our alliance now.
  5. Alliance open again after winning the latest war season. Free places available now!
  6. I’m getting this now - some videos work and I get reward or boost and some I get an error message and no chest or boost
  7. Twisted Archimedes is now level 2 5 alliance places left to fill
  8. We currently have 10 places available for active members - join us
  9. We now have a 25% gold bonus - join us and earn more gold per attack. We now have the mass hysteria pro boost. Fire bolt towers are more powerful.
  10. Iceman_dav alliance is recruiting, any level, any donation - only requirement is that you are active in all events and you donate. Beasts for you to use to defend your base - Savage Tammy (level 2), Twisted Archimedes(level 2),Primal Howl,Primal Growl,Vicious Bucky, Untamed Kaiser We have a 29% gold bonus - earn more gold each attack We are active gem buyers - you will receive free chests when we buy. We have now unlocked untamed Kaiser for you to use to defend your base Come join us
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