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  1. Alliance Wars - Q&A

    Just don't quit during the war. Be a man and take the beating.
  2. Are tems won now lower level?

    @Ducal, Probably just bad luck. It happens with items and with vault chests too. Like when I opened four chests in the vault of hephaestus only to miss out on the two other chests containing a total of 47 gems. It hurts.
  3. Are tems won now lower level?

    Haven't noticed.
  4. Divine blessing activation?

    @Percc, Well this is what I have noticed because I tried it when I was a foot soldier in my old alliance. I donated 700,000 gold for $2 for Minotaur blessing but what my donation did was to only activate the Minotaur blessing for 8 hours so the rest of my gold just went to the alliance "bank" and so I asked the officers to prolong it. Now I am an officer in my current alliance and I can donate and prolong at the same time.
  5. Divine blessing activation?

    @Percc, a divine blessing can be activated by a foot soldier, veteran or captain by donating using a credit card. It will only activate the blessing though. Prolonging the blessings is the job of the officers, general and the founder.
  6. Trophies frustration

    I would trade 600 trophies for 200 gems WITHOUT hesitation.
  7. Trophies frustration

    Sorry bro. And I am here complaining with minus 200 trophies.
  8. Sure, IF after 4 days we have a spot open I will invite you.
  9. @AliM, I need your in game name so that I can invite you.
  10. Help With Possible Bug

    @Infamous but yours is perfectly working now?
  11. Help With Possible Bug

    I think it is, my kid brother doesn't complain probably because he only plays the game for fun that's why I haven't sought help from the devs but it still would be wonderful if this gets fixed. @CaptainMorgan
  12. Trophies frustration

    Must be some form of AMAZING defence.