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  1. By the way, would it be fine if you send me some kind of a "model" or "ideal" defence set-up? Mine looks like it is so outdated. I am level 100, hero temple level 10.
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of free time to read everything from the past year. I will check it out though if I do have some queries.
  3. Got it. Thanks. When you say new war system, so the leagues were abolished? I tried the leagues when it first came out. I quit a week after that.
  4. Hi, the last time I played this game was more than a year ago. Could someone summarise the essential changes that has happened in the game since July 2018? Thanks.
  5. Hey man, I have quit this game for over a year now but I do want to play when I have the time. I cannot promise to play every day though. I have work during the day and I take care of my 5 month old son during the night. I have joined the alliance a few minutes ago. IGN is Doomsday. Cheers.
  6. Guess that settles it, no more trophy system thread from now on guys.
  7. Like two sets of items, Set 1 and Set 2. Set 1 for attack mode, Set 2 for defence mode.
  8. The thing is, as Cap. Morgan said already, it happened before that very active players took top spots in the trophy leaderboard just because they were active and it caused problems. I can't find where his comment is. Maybe @Infamous or @dumpster can though.
  9. "Reroll masteries" will let you pick on which 2 (or 3 at higher prestige) masteries you want to choose. "Reroll quality" simply means you use gold to get the highest available percentage of your chosen mastery. Just keep on using "reroll quality" until you get the gold one. You can notice this when the mastery has the gold aura in its background. That's pretty much it. Basic stuff.
  10. It is isn't it? Summoning even 1 phoenix takes up around 80% of her whole morale. Hence I do not use phoenix with her even if I want to.
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