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  1. About the Game and Changes

    Lol, for what purpose would you use those statistics?
  2. About the Game and Changes

    And an offer for 3rd worker for 500 gems comes up before the first month of playing the game is due. (Offer comes within 30 days) Then an offer for 4th worker comes up after two months.
  3. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    Asking the real question.
  4. Disappointing Cursed Uniques

    Don't know whether to laugh or to be sad for you bro.
  5. 1 member needed. See alliance requirements.
  6. Cost benefit analysis

    I know of a few people who have such kind of lists but they do not give it out freely.
  7. Disappointing Cursed Uniques

    Wow, so me for example as someone who doesn't have an apple of discord as of now will only get 60k to 80k stats pf the apple once I reach level 130? Compared to the obtained first generation apple of discord by some players which have 100k stats? Is this my understanding correct? If it is, then newer players are f-ed with their uniques.
  8. Disappointing Cursed Uniques

    My birthday is coming up soon, perhaps you could gift me 1 unique?