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  1. Grubaz


    dump the Germans and leave their mother tongue. if you do not speak in a different language, or at least a few people - why do you have a bilingual alliance ???
  2. Grubaz

    List fields

    if we had over 90 fields, but we lost - will we still get boxes of gems? The rage box does not do it, but it's always a pair of gems more. Do we have to bother with the defense of towers? Strengthening the tent is unnecessary for us.
  3. Grubaz

    Really Enjoying Conquest Mode

    and it creates depression and insomnia - it's really amazing. it should be somehow separated this time at night - having control over the desert and 3 towers on 2 lv in the middle - we will lose everything immediately because if someone is physically working extraordinarily, he is f**ked up guarding stupid towers.
  4. Grubaz

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    I propose 50 max energy from oneself, one tile is 5 energy, and 10 is regenerated per hour. so you can go 10 tiles every 5h.
  5. Grubaz


    in the Alliance tab, you have an entrance to conquest. you can also go through the donkey in the lower left corner. - if you have a "punishment", you will see it in the alliance window (right scroll)
  6. you must have your fields. You gain the fields by putting towers. And it's not 5/10 boxes, and so many points would be needed to have this box.
  7. another mode which after a few times will go to the past. ONE PERSON CAN WIN A CUSTOMER'S BUILDING - TZN ACHIEVE ALL AWARDS. How to do it? Just distribute the towers in your quarter of the map. the situation in my alliance is 4 workers. we have 8 days. Within 8 days you can build 6 towers with one worker. 6 towers * 4 workers have 24 towers * 7 half (if without stones and water) That gives us the result of 168 points !!! (we need 125) AND ADD TO THIS SPECIAL FIELD. Players only have to deposit stones and the leader must place towers. enjoy. - without fights, and you can collect everything.
  8. Grubaz

    Conquest Donkey is slow.

    It is strange that FG did not accelerate moves for gems. VERY STRANGE.
  9. Grubaz

    towers during construction.

    we are 2 we have 400 branches. their 6 are less than 1200. it is 7k so 2k. we lose the whole. we still need 50k, and they are only 6k. how to understand these wars?
  10. Grubaz

    towers during construction.

    I was hoping for a takeover, but ok, the question is still so - why do you need 200k of skulls when attacking towers, right at the fortress of the enemy, and they need only 4k?
  11. Grubaz

    About the new manager!!

    Why is CM always a girl? case? I do not think so!
  12. if the enemy builds towers, can I attack her to take over, do I have to wait until it is built?
  13. he always wins the best - and here again they have better alliances. I left one player with 3.5k cups and no one can defeat him (the best one has 3k)he always wins the best - and here they have better alliances again. I sent one player with 3.5k trophies and no one beat him (the best has 3k, but most have 2k max.) and you will not do anything. Jungle law also works in games.
  14. Grubaz

    Special Tiles in Conquest mode

    I put towers nearby - after the construction will be in our area, so should add +15 points.