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  1. Grubaz

    ideas on the new pro update this thursday

    1.5kk crystals
  2. Grubaz

    What about new pal??? In pro league

    New pet for 1.5kk crystals.
  3. Grubaz

    Pro-League shop change warning

    I personally do not need information about changing the store. And nothing interesting is there. It's better to go to Kaufland.
  4. Grubaz

    Festival Poll

    Drop it
  5. If we do not buy chests for gems, we'll get *****.
  6. Fxxk off for delete posts. U are not the god. U are nothink. Good luck with dirty people from Poland.
  7. Grubaz

    Max levels of the new HQ.

    so nobody will improve it anyway. not for these rewards. and where do we get gold from? festival? oh! one per year. amazing
  8. I last saw one and I had a 6h CD. the next day I went to work and could watch without limits - move on.
  9. Grubaz

    New Alliance Tower level

    if someone is 5k + can allow 3kk, what about people who can not get gold?
  10. Grubaz

    Other games.

    Do you play a different game? Can a free player achieve anything? share it with us!
  11. Grubaz

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    2k pearls, 4 pets, 4 kidding items, 29 gems - F... OFF flare.