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  1. Grubaz

    Hacker / Cheater

    I think it will be around 40 acc : DD lol... I have only HocusPocus. And CzaryMary. Enjoy : DD
  2. Grubaz

    Hacker / Cheater

    btw. I do not greet those attacking me - what about 50k gold for you? : DD
  3. Grubaz

    Hacker / Cheater

    this is championship. : DD
  4. Grubaz

    Need help

    Buy better internet.
  5. Only normal alltack.
  6. Grubaz

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    @up please change Avatar.
  7. Grubaz


  8. Grubaz

    How i can rid of this? Please help me

    you will not get rid, you have two accounts linked with fb. I sent a ticket, too, support from this - the answer 'sorry but we can not help'
  9. Grubaz


    I do not have nidhog, and I have aska - once she flew from an ordinary pal chest.
  10. Grubaz

    Soldier League

    This is impossible, except at the speed of light.
  11. Grubaz

    Kind of hard for New Players

    It's a bit funny that sometimes 50lv from 130lv in the league. Bronze, Silver is adjusted to + - some trophies next to it, gold as it flies. - the new player has no chance for diamond or platinum gems. - catching 75 for ...
  12. Grubaz

    Phoebe and other pro beasts

    If pro - in blue instead of green.
  13. Grubaz

    Behemoth cham. 4 freezing

    It's better to shake your phone and deal with yourself how to wait a week for a response with no impact on it. THEY WILL OPERATE CORRECTLY FROM THEIR SIDE.
  14. Grubaz

    Daily chest

    They should change their daily hests at all. The first week is a catastrophe - We need 500 pearls, 15 kk gold, thousands of jewels ... And seeing a box with 5 pearls, an item for 8 pearls and 30k gold - he even wants to pick up.
  15. Grubaz

    No ads on android

    do not change accounts, then ads will work.