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  1. I'm on level 2000 and i can tell you it is most definitely not My guess was that it's some sort of previous event, like this year's helloween and christmas chests, but as the event has passed they only drop for people who have gotten them during that time. Which would be really sad, so i was hoping there's some way to access these special chests and items now.
  2. I saw an armor named The Mou5ehead drop for another member of a boss hunt. Inspecting his knight it turns out this legendary gives you maxed movement speed. Does this still drop somewhere? Is it a new chest/event? Can i get it too somehow?
  3. I feel like stats are getting a bit stale at this point and maybe the community could come up with something new or different! Personally I've always wanted an item that has something like "Gain all special effects of items of the same type in your inventory" as I find myself keeping all 3 stars even tho i don't use them. Another suggestion I would like to see implemented is adding the special boss hunt cards (crit chance, deflect, pet dmg etc) to adventure mode, maybe as very rare and expensive options but still as options.
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