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  1. Trophy System

    I love the trophy system i get 3 trophy each battel and loss 44 in process 😂😂😂
  2. Gondlir . But dont invite me now i need 3 to 4 days to finsh the war and upgrade the house of donations to reach 50k gold . I will contact you to invite me in 4 days
  3. hi all I am looking for active alliance with full members just missing one or two and active divine blessing really important to me I want active divine blessing all time if possible my level 48
  4. hi everyone I followed this TUT here linked my account from my android phone to my windows 10 laptop , everything worked fine then the game wont work on my android phone anymore keep disconnecting, if I try to change my account on android to another it work , but if i try change back to to the account I linked to to windows 10 not work keep disconnecting it say here : Please keep in mind that, even after transferring your account to a new device, you will still be able to access and play your account on your old device. Therefore, please make sure that no other person has access to your devices. but i cant play with my account on both device only my windows 10 works
  5. help me lost all my boost

    @CaptainMorgan , please check pm
  6. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    i just finished it , worst chests ever , very low level item and resource
  7. i don't like the long break in need more war chest and reward . now i get half of it because of 12 days break , 12 very long , 7 days will be prefect , 1 war each week
  8. Hi everyone , @CaptainMorgan when I start playing the game from days 1 I bought the monthly gem pack that give you 200 at start , 50 gem per day and a Total of 1700 gem for 3.99$ the problem I don't like the pack a lot , 50 gem per day not sufficient and the total of 1700 gem per month not good too we have a lot of new things in game like titan chest sometime I face impossible task like open two chest of same rarity as this one ! , there is no way i can open 2 titan chest for new player cant get 50.000 point for first chest reward in alliance war or second chest that cost the cost 70.000 point , each titan chest opening cost 250 gem my point this pack getting old and not cover all thing and expenses in game , I know i can buy gem pack I already bought 14000 gem pack , but this very good and economical option the reward the player for opening chest every day what i suggest is The Double Gem Pack 400 gem at start 100 gem per day a total of 3400 per month for 7.99$ same like first pack but double amount of everything and you can keep both option in game for people who to buy the first pack or the people who want to buy the second pack
  9. help me lost all my boost

    Look at the bright side , i don't have to worry about Celestial boost anymore , see you in 20 years
  10. help me lost all my boost

    if i don't believe in bright future then what left to believe in? by the way your account name based on the videogame infamous on ps3 ?