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  1. hi all i got this offer but i didn't buy because i have a lot of item and item slot was full , will offer reappear in future for same hero to buy unit slot again ?
  2. After all this time i got the offer again
  3. @CaptainMorgan hi captain , we have war bug here: " our alliance defensive strike disappeared after launching'. Urban is the name of our alliance
  4. AliM

    Trophy system update feedback

    that fair system better then high player holding trophy because the have higher item and deference system but not active trophy gain from battle the game should reward more active player not lazy high level player that dont remember last time they go to battle and how they dont have chance ? , with current system you loss more then you gain , you gain only 3 trophy in battle and gain 6 or 10 or 10 when your deference win but loss same amount or more after that every play got fair chance i began with game with 0 trophy now after 2 month i have 4200 trophy ? , if i keep active in game i wil have more thats how things work and i only get 3 trophy from battle nothing more only in rare battle i got 5 or 6 or 8 trophy battle and that happen like one battle each 2 or 3 days very rare , so basic win 3 trophy with new system i dont care about how much trophy again because it always the same 3 , but they minimize trophy loss to - 15 , now they should make it to -3
  5. AliM

    Trophy system update feedback

    why not update to loss only 3 trophy like 3 only win or loss so the trophy determined by the activity of player = more battle more trophy maximum of 3 trophy for wining maximum of 3 trophy for lossing will be more balance no low player gain more trophy from high trophy player and no high player loss more trophy , the more you active in game the more trophy you get
  6. i stopped buying after it reach 25 gem but today i forged a lot, now have 80 slot free , i forged all green and blue item i have , now forging all eternal and gold to keep item below 150 or less forge all item you have to use it with item you really want to forge , i forged a lot of junk item to higher level to forge it with item i want to use yea i wish there feature in celestial boost to have infinite slot case
  7. 329 it was full at time i got no gold forge but today i have space
  8. AliM


    boost problem fixed , work normally with 7255 days fixed , even if the date after 2038 on 32 bit device because today January 19th 2038 is: 19 Years 10 Months 5 Days 2 Hours 32 Minutes 54 Seconds How many days until... 7251 days until year 2038 , that year break 32 bit device , my boost now 7255 more then year 2038 ( 7251 ) , so the game boost wont effect anymore by having boost beyond year 2038 on 32 bit OS in smartphone @CaptainMorgan
  9. AliM

    ors 4 Ascension Penalties

    so you think not level up unite and spell that someone not use ? to slow Down level
  10. hi everyone is it true when you open chest you got from war with resource full you get extra item ? , or the resource will be replaced by extra dominance , gem , perstiage I got 1 or 2 item per chest when opening eternal chest from the war but without having full resource
  11. i paid 9000 gem for 20 years , you bey 300 gem in week or more , i dont care if the game not last for 20 years , 5 or 10 year are good if the game last that long , not problem , my account have advantage over other account
  12. great update minimize trophy lost when we loss battle and when our defense fall and attacker win , no more - 25 trophy loss
  13. hi everyone my daily gem chest ( monthly gem pack ) ended today and i cant see any option to renew it on Android on windows so why this happening , because i received my last daily gem chest today and have to wait to tomorrow to renew the offer or another problem ?
  14. hi all I am looking for active alliance with full members just missing one or two and active divine blessing really important to me I want active divine blessing all time if possible my level 48
  15. AliM

    Looking for Alliance ..

    i already found alliance
  16. hi all , @CaptainMorgan i have question that i need clear answer to if i got godlike item chest from a package i bought , and a wait 6 day to open it , will that give better item ( stronger ) or better number on skill and heath , like opening them with higher Ascension level affect item power, because in game tip say the high the Ascension level the high item you get so i am not sure if the item in chest are graded at the time i get the chest or the time i open it
  17. hi all I have random bug happen randomly , I win the battle , but the vault of Hephaestus allow me to unlock two chest only not three even if i already win the battle not lost
  18. hi everyone I have question about some packs in game some pack like Prometheus pack have power slot to offer with some chest to buy for 700 gem , my question if I already bought the power slot pack , will the pack not show the power slot option or will it get replace by god like chest ? second question about Helen booster pack , does anyone have pic of it or what the type of chest in pack , I bought too fast I didn't look third question about special gem offer the one you buy gem pack and get extra gem , i bough one of the pack and got extra gem but after i exit the game and returned within a minute the offer disappear , was it one time offer each time the offer appear like you buy one gem pack only ? , or if it possible if i didn't exit the game i could buy gem pack with the offer multiple time , note the offer was new not expired still have 11 hour to disappear
  19. i bought first 14000 for 100 dollar to activate the boost , another 14000 to keep the account running , buy pack , hero power , another 20 dollar to get extra 1250 gem by the discounnet for now i will buy gem only at double discount like the one you talk about
  20. do I know you ? , wait we are in same alliance