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  1. AlfreBella

    Videos doesn't give reward

    Unfortunately with last ad we have seen, that in this game there are players series a and serial breakfast. but you're kidding? activate video only to please a player? and make also public. for me do sucks and I realize that you are increasingly incompetent solve problems. I think many will agree with me
  2. AlfreBella


    Propongo di inserire una nuova regola per le guerre. Le stesse alleanze non possono essere trovate nella stessa mappa almeno per 5 guerre. Questo gioco è pieno di alleanze con gli stessi feudi.I propose to insert a new rule for wars. Same alliances can not be found in the same map at least for 5 wars. This game is full of alliances with the same fiefdoms.
  3. AlfreBella

    wrong score

    I want. I demand Flare's answer on this case. wrong counted points. you can always make some mistakes.
  4. AlfreBella

    wrong score

    This player was out before the end. Even if he did skulls should not be counted. Because it was out. Wonder to fix this thing. Impossible count skulls if a player there is no
  5. AlfreBella

    wrong score

    Mi piacerebbe mostrare la dimostrazione di quanto Flare abbia account errati in questa guerra. che ha contato i teschi di un giocatore che era fuori dall'alleanza. come è possibile? Vi mostro due schermate in cui si vede chiaramente che è stato espulso prima della fine e poi è tornato in guerra. un altro errore? non permettere a te stesso di fare questo con noi Voglio che tu porti via questo feudo. non l'abbiamo vinto
  6. AlfreBella

    wrong score

  7. AlfreBella

    wrong score

    Vorrei una spiegazione. Dopo l'ultima battaglia tutti i membri della nostra alleanza erano a 0. ma ci siamo trovati a 580 punti. come è possibile. chi può darmi una spiegazione valida. o sarebbe un'altra truffa? @GalaMorgane
  8. AlfreBella

    Change the pro shop items

    Flare, we need news. after months of the same store pro and arrived now change it. please return armor with double command🙏🙏
  9. AlfreBella

    War cheaters

    another cheating. after last update the rules were clear alliances with less than 8 players can not participate.
  10. AlfreBella

    pal festival

    I personally found it in a free checkout. that you withdraw twice a month in the daily rewards. you know not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of euros for a game. you must also have luck
  11. AlfreBella

    pal festival

    ah .... what a pity. I Aska is there. it is a PAL disowned by many. and I believe that each of us has a right to say their own
  12. AlfreBella

    pal festival

    Good. we finally had a festival. but it's useless. There is no Aska. a companion so desired by many. And these objects? will they be present in our sets?
  13. AlfreBella

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    Something new. it would be great. by now, the game is boring us. for the routine. always same things. but until now we have only seen three workers and a rooster. nothing special has been shown in the video. hurry up and make an update. we are also waiting for a festival with objects and some new partners
  14. AlfreBella

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    ma hai letto ciò che ho scritto? mai detto che fosse difficile, ma solo che mi ha dato due corone anche dopo aver ucciso tutto
  15. AlfreBella

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    but have you read what I wrote? never said it was difficult, but only that it gave me two crowns even after having killed everything