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  1. hello Flare !!! just finished alloy pro. but we don't have turbo healing towers. vv lvl 4.alliance ITA Breaking Castle
  2. Hello. you could say what it takes to level up. crispy or pearls?
  3. great job Flare !!!! good job!!! I do not see now try new set and find new watchman !!! thanks for all the news !!!
  4. I agree very carefully to take away the opportunity to redo many times underground to win the leagues! finally great idea !!! the medals are also done without !!! hero grows even without using XP set !!! I've never had it and I'm a 128 lvl !!! simply playing !!! I really like this news !!! less conquest and more ninja !! pearls !! pearls !!! More festival !! more chance to have something interesting. instead of usual things !!! I do not see now !! See you in gameπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  5. dear Flare !!! I would like to talk to you about the cost of the offers that often send us to your beloved players !!! too expensive!!! many of us can not or do not want to spend so much money to compare it !!! I wondered if it was possible to have cheaper offers, even by offering less gems / pearls / speakers / PALs or watchmen. but more often ??? !!! that would be more affordable for our pockets !!!
  6. Hi Madlen !!! why do not we have a promo this week? First collector has passed. rather disappointing. because we did not find anything in the boxes every 4 hours. do you expect something important after ninja event? I hope so!!!
  7. Hi everyone. also IP and many in our alliance we have problems with lock screen. that one is present only in the conquest !!! the other battles continue normally !!!! please solve problem !!! Android use 7.0 A7 blackview phone
  8. I only have donkey. The game goes on the block for a few moments and then disconnects. lost match. Very annoying. android 7.0 blackview A7
  9. same problem. disconnection during the battle. blackview android 7.0
  10. hello Madlen !!! after updating the continuous game have problems of disconnection. the game crashes for a few moments during the battle and then disconnects !!!! bad. very bad. I'm using Android 7.0. blackview phone
  11. heard that linking to Facebook allows you to have more friends / new update mates
  12. home would it be? would we have another animal to feed? however, the news are always welcome. I do not see now that this update comes out !! thanks Madlen !!!
  13. fantastic!!! all very simple !! my troops confused with the dart pro become enemies, who must be transported to the castle with item pro used by the hero, who once arrived to the troop gets confused back to normal and begins to knock down the door. which obviously takes place before the hero reaches the castle. door goes down much earlier and result of the battle much lower πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
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