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  1. AlfreBella

    Where are the rewards??

    Alliance Ita Breaking Castle. Nessuno è stato accusato di botti gratificanti. Solo Turbo
  2. AlfreBella

    Game has lags atm

    Hi Sasch !!! Even on my phone I often encounter blocking problems (Blackview 7A). especially during attack. does not execute commands and often comes back. the biggest problem is when you meet beast and play slows down. that is, it does not allow you to kill it and move on. I lost many trophies these days. it bothers me a lot. I ask you to resolve as soon as possible.
  3. AlfreBella

    [closed] RR2 forum event //Prize 1000 gems

    hello warriors !!! I started playing rr2 in October 2015. by chance I downloaded from my son. I grew fond of these 3 years and now I can not do at least.
  4. AlfreBella

    About the Blacksmith Event

    Promo Fabbro non è attivo. niente perle triple e nessuna 12 ore di recupero. Un altro bug? Promo Fabbro is not active. Nice triple pearls and no 12 hours of recovery. Another bug?
  5. dear, all these talk alone and simply end in one thing: let us spend money and gems to buy the ticket. first Flare gave us the chance to help us and now she took it away. Multiple accounts were a great help. but seen we were so good to try them out. They have taken away the chance to try them out. first the carrot and then stick. compliments!!!
  6. AlfreBella


    sorry. I have to write in three languages. sometimes I get confused
  7. AlfreBella


    Quando verrà rilasciato il nuovo aggiornamento? molti di noi non possono ancora suonare a causa del cattivo tocco. When will the new update be released? many of us still can not play because of bad touch
  8. AlfreBella

    Why are you complaining?

    I think we're talking about two different things, Willy. True, I am very sorry since Ceres was weakened. But beyond this this there are bugs. especially problems with touch. type of recovery for videos. what is it for? so either they have to be resolved as soon as possible and have the possibility to greet many players
  9. AlfreBella

    Why are you complaining?

    I think it's not complaints, but simply see and understand where Flare wrong. There is a long time, so many commitments and so much effort to this 3 years. Unfortunately, we were stretched right and left off by playing well for guilty of many bugs. I hope they will be resolved as soon as possible
  10. AlfreBella


    Now I think it's right to give back chance to give a ticket to those who need it. unfortunately we know not everyone can subscribe or buy it. So Flare you have to please your beloved players and let us grant this with next update, which I hope will be soon. Since today begins the war and still many of us can not play because of touch lock
  11. AlfreBella

    Conquest rewards

    now you really are exaggerating !!! We still have problems with touch ...... many players have problems playing !!! Tomorrow the war begins and really many of us do not play it !!! Thanks Flare !!!! Thank you for making this great time-based game in a 💩💩
  12. AlfreBella

    Conquest rewards

    Really Flare, have another one of yours. for 9 days of continuous play many hours online to be able to move from box to box for fear of being attacked while you're off. to have what? ANYTHING!!! upgrade buildings with gems even though many of us have problems playing as there is still a problem with touch !!! now you believe that it repeats itself in a few days !!!! absolutely not!!! Once a month!! OK !! to have the opportunity to raise buildings and take play with more relaxation and fun! on the contrary, many of us will lose desire to continue !!!
  13. AlfreBella

    Dear Flare

    Dear Flare !! This game has become really too heavy !!! full of bugs and problems !!! Fixed video bugs on windows, but you put recovery time on video !! because??? problems with tach !!! all those who have never had it now can not and do not want to play !!! and this in no way depends on the model or memory !!! it's your problem !!! it must be arranged as soon as possible !!! our alliance also asks for a reward for the players who have had problems and could not make the conquest !! 500 gems. I think it's more right !!! Professional league !!! Come back, we can donate a ticket !!!! you can not force your beloved players to buy it or make a subscription !!! Do not leave our requests without attention !!!
  14. AlfreBella

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Caro Flare, per l'ennesima volta, problemi di connessione durante l'attacco o nella stanza della fortuna, che è un problema del malfunzionamento del server. come sempre nel bene settimana non abbiamo le tue risposte. perché nessuno di voi lavora ed è interessato ai problemi. quindi propongo di cancellare questa guerra e spostarla in un altro giorno, vieni ricompensa per 500 gemme per ogni giocatore che ha partecipato a questa guerra. Siamo stanchi di essere presi in giro. per l'ennesima volta abbiamo visto quante persone incompetenti svolgono una FlaregameDear Flare, for the umpteenth time we have problems connecting to the war during attack or in the room of fortune, which prevents taking skulls in the chest and make better score because of your server malfunctioning. as always on the weekend we do not have your answers. because none of you works and is interested in problems. so I propose to cancel this war and move it to another day, as a reward for 500 gems to each player who participated in this war. We are tired of being teased. for the umpteenth time we have seen how many incompetent people work at Flaregame
  15. AlfreBella

    Event disappeared or early ended?

    indeed. just noticed. curtain of the disappeared promotion. almost one day stolen from the players. once you prove your incompetence. Brava Flare. compliments. still a disappointment. more than videos taken out of WP owners. now also stolen promotion