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  1. AlfreBella


    heard that linking to Facebook allows you to have more friends / new update mates
  2. AlfreBella

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    home would it be? would we have another animal to feed? however, the news are always welcome. I do not see now that this update comes out !! thanks Madlen !!!
  3. AlfreBella

    in review Bug in game

    When? We continue to have problem
  4. AlfreBella

    in review Bug in game

    fantastic!!! all very simple !! my troops confused with the dart pro become enemies, who must be transported to the castle with item pro used by the hero, who once arrived to the troop gets confused back to normal and begins to knock down the door. which obviously takes place before the hero reaches the castle. door goes down much earlier and result of the battle much lower 😑😑
  5. AlfreBella

    in review Bug in game

    even many in my alliance have had the same problem. castle goes down again not reached neither by the troops nor by the hero. bug?
  6. AlfreBella

    time problem

    Cara Chiara, diversamente c'è un problema con il fabbro. Con il tipo di fusione. È impossibile renderci così tanto da mesizzare un oggetto. Più di 15 ore per 1000 perle. Con il blackmade al meglio. È un bug? Si prega di verificare e risolvere il problema Dear Flare, differently there is a problem with blacksmith. With the type of melting. It is impossible to make us so much to mesize an object. More than 15 hours per 1000 pearls. With the blackmade at the best. It's a bug? Please check and solve the problem
  7. AlfreBella

    community manager answered what's this?

    please specify that it is fur and not new pal
  8. AlfreBella

    community manager answered what's this?

    I apologize. but sometimes my phone makes jokes
  9. AlfreBella

    community manager answered what's this?

    🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔Some of us received this offer. Fairly convenient. What is it? A new pal? There are no statistics. A new fur for the dragon? 🤔🤔 I think it would be better to explain to us all we were offered. In so many we are waiting for a new pal. Something different. Please in the offers explained what we are to buy. Thank you
  10. AlfreBella

    WAR!!! PLUFFFFF.....

    bad. very bad Flare. game goes in disconnection during the battle, donation troops, in the room of fortune etc .... But we are at war. where's fun? but we can always have these problems during events! I ask you to arrange as soon as possible. Or ..... or ... you have to compensate our tiring war because of YOUR SERVERE ALL FIRST PLACE !!! AND 500 GEMS FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT !!! THANK YOU
  11. AlfreBella

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    I had not liked the last conquest. we found alliances in the map out of our reach. I think draw to be fixed and also make us surrounded the lvl of the player, but also the number. but also lvl of headquarters and number of workers available to build towers.
  12. AlfreBella

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    Penso che la riduzione dei costi energetici consenta a molti giocatori di fare più mosse sulla mappa e più spesso e avere maggiori possibilità nella costruzione di torri e battaglie.they do not like them. too much time between one movement and another
  13. it simply did not make sense to change. however, the difference is there. both with healing ring and kicking bombs
  14. Hi guys. so all the auras have been reduced? why? a bug? Never solved? how many pearls were spent to bring the auras to high value and now to see, that "finally" you have fixed bugs !!!! instead of spoiling the game and letting go of so many of us play more to rr2 with these senseless changes. would not it be better to finally fix the touch bug? or lock while you play? when you see your troops go with the parchment effect hourglass. but the problem, that the troops slowed down are mine. other thing I ask. the hourglass parchment which should last for 16 sec. it just lasts for half! I ask to solve. many greetings
  15. AlfreBella

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    La nostra alleanza non ha ricevuto premi vincenti. Erano giorni difficili. Tanto impegno per. ITA Breaking Castle