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  1. Well, we all pointed out having less wisdom (and other resources) with a shorter donation period due to a decreased initial donations and players not donating regularily. Most players doing the survey didn't/couldn't read the feedback since nobody was able able to post anything below the survey. Now Flare listened to the players' "biased" feedback which actually worsened our situation.
  2. I voted okay, though from my alliance's view it was very satisfactory. The other alliances were 66 and two 120+. As we are aound level 50, it was a little unfair for them.
  3. Nobody will miss any chest since they'll have 28 christmas chest. After these you'll directly gain the chests you "missed".
  4. My alliance is Gold Diggers and the others are placed 60+ and 2*120+. We have seven builders (We could have 8 but want to go up to level 80 first. ) Our donations are not as great as you might think. We are in 3rd highest tier, hence WT level 1 costs around 1200 stone and we gain 254 stone every 40 min. That's why we could have focussed more on upgrading. Conquest is not over though. And we still plan to conquer many more tiles.
  5. In general, I agree with you Arrebimba but not on this point: We are the strongest alliance on our map but are only placed 3rd. Here is what we achieved so far: Owning the library and quarry Having the center with the pal cementeries a deal with the 3rd strongest alliance right at the beginning upcoming peace treaty WTs next to center special tiles are neary built destroyed at least 32 tiles of the winning team (many more tiles to come, are these enough) So, why are we only placed thrid? Builder cooldown is so high that building a WT next to the center special tile costs as much time as constructing one WT level 2 close to your stronghold Troop logistic is quite hard since we cannot build any more WTs close to our opponent (takes too much time) We might have planned wrongly with spamming level 1 WTs (we never ran out of stone, so we could have afforded it) Starting a war against an opponent on the very opposite side takes a long time Supreme victory at the beginning is quite high (which is ok) but it should also decrease further after 10h
  6. Mhmm, if I'm not mistaken, the chance is 0.5% when you consider all the way. But seriously, this is really f****d up...
  7. It's not possible because in the end, the difference counts.
  8. Hi Bubble, you should use Trend and slope function in excel. But here's the formula:
  9. I totally agree with you. 12h fights are too short. Most people work and sleep weekdays. Hence, they won't be able to be online during that time. The only thing, they could change, is SV calculation. Right now it's linear for 10h and then it remains on the same level. IMO they could modify this to e^(-x) or something similar.
  10. Same applies for players and their respective positions.
  11. Energy costs and building times were already reduced. You need to plan your battles wisely to achieve Supreme victory.
  12. cay

    Conquest complaint

    I really like the conquest. It is very time consuming - yes ? but it pays out. I'm the one who becomes leader only for conquest and I manage a lot of things. Though, my gens learned a lot and support me better now. We've always been 2nd place and have 229 tiles. Usually, we positioned ourselves in such a way that the conquest was over after 3 days. This time it might be the same.
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