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  1. I get that Dumpster as I started playing after that date, still what I've seen seems statistically odd, the same people seem to get multiple items, and other wait friggin ages....I've seen on two separate occasions players getting one unique, then less then a day later, another (they stated it was a subsequent chest), the odds of which are about 2500-1. And having seen this happen twice.......
  2. yeah Neerajjurar, It seems some people are lucky multiple times, and those that are unlucky, stay that way forever! Were you playing on different platforms as Ive always wondered if the chance is the same across the platforms, maybe windows users getting stitched up, wouldnt suprise me!
  3. Need more Workers

    I have no doubt you're on your way to the top Infamous, you have the determation that I'm lacking
  4. Need more Workers

    Infamous you have over 9k fame points, so my guess is you've been playing over 10 months, even if you were hitting difficulty 10 the past couple of months.......going back to my original point, if a new player wants to actively compete at the top lvl, they WILL NEED celestial boost lvl 27 for the extra enhancement choice, otherwise they risk falling even further behind in the % buffs. That 115k of decorations takes one worker many months to do....
  5. Need more Workers

    thats' strange Infamous, Ive had 4 workers pretty much from the start and the 20% construction boost after about a month maybe. I started around October 2017, so 6-7 months for me, and my workers havent stopped.....maybe mine are lazy......did you use gems to complete builds quicker?
  6. Chaos Squad - recruiting

    rank 50 , alliance lvl 34
  7. Need more Workers

    I realise that many established/ long term players won't like the suggestion (probably) but I really think this game needs at least another maybe even 2 more workers. Four workers was probably fine at the creation of this game, but now with increased lvls of everything and increased build times at the top end (like 8+ days for many things) there is a need for more. (In RR2 I had 9 ) For new players starting now (this game needs new players I'm sure)I think it would take over 2 years to complete a base to max (barricades have 25 lvls, most towers about 20) with 4 workers working non-stop. That's not even including decorations of which many will want/need. Maybe decorations shouldn't even use builders, after all your spending gems to create them.... I mean my next decorations will tie up several builders for about 2 weeks Interested to see what people think, including devs if they have the time to respond, thanks
  8. Chaos Squad - recruiting

    one space left, lvl 50 alliance with 9 blessings active, get in B4 the war, cheers
  9. Multiple Cursed Titan Chests

    win 2 chests in the next war, or get 10 titan codes (that's about 6 days-7 days for 2 other cursed chests)
  10. Decrease costs

    I agree that the oddessy costs for 8,9,10 are disproportionately expensive, but take Dumpsters point about high lvl players and the forging side, but that said I would lower the cost of the difficulty 8 as diff 7 is 3 million, then it jumps to 8 million.... im not far over ascension lvl 100 and will not have the res for oddessy 8, 9 or 10 for a long time, and #i dont do much forging.
  11. About the Game and Changes

    to then send them a gym membership ad
  12. Chaos Squad - recruiting

    3 spaces left
  13. About the Game and Changes

    that was there when I started about 6 months ago
  14. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    the barricade oddessy beast will help def, just give it 6 more months
  15. About the Game and Changes

    I thought nobody got free adds, thought it was an old thing, that annoys me some get chests for nothing, that sucks. As Warrinator points out RR2 there are no issues with adds as I remember getting plenty before I packed that in.....I guess it's really because RR2 has a bigger audience and we are the poor cousin.