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  1. would be nice to have 'days since last donation' rather than the tick that appears for the current day, sometimes it's hard to keep track. Would be nice to have the stat - gold donations required per day to keep current blessings active' And 'total donation possible per day' (if all members donated that day) Nice ideas
  2. Philstar

    Chaos Squad - recruiting

    Bring a friend day is being celebrated here in Chaos Squad, so that means you and a friend can join ( yeah we have 2 slots).... must be lvl 90+ donation 50k+ cheers
  3. I did those number roughly in my head, but having now got the calculator out.... the use of 1* purple boosts both qualities by 2.299%. The use of a 4* boosts the top quality by 2.5% and the area damage by only 2.4% (almost certainly due to a low number integer- so it's prob quite close to the next integer (763). So actually the difference is 0.2% lower if you use a 1* rather than a 4* in each stage. Assuming all stages are equal - green -blue- purple-etc. I'm guessing that during gold forging, those numbers are probably greater, it seemed Chris was hinting that fact when he mentioned super forging cycles etc 0.2% =1/500 your 1/761th is because of the low integer, when in reality it is 1/500
  4. Philstar


    Agree with both above - I still have lvl1 fist of power as there's not much point in upgrading it given the stun aspect doesn't get better and the damage is almost irrelevant. She used to be one of my war heroes until the recent nerf to morale (which for supposedly the best hero, really is bad) which made her average in hero ranking now. The devs should have gone(tested first) middle ground with 20-21 morale slots not the current 18.
  5. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    when you use them in the forging process ALL old/new powerful/crap are all equal now........... the refining is the important part to use the best stats you can get from a perk, and combine with an awesome item from your current ascension lvl. So yeah your old forge material is as good as anyones now even though they have great stats for their lvl. That's another thing with this update, as we go up every lvl, we'll need to strip out all our old gear and reforge often for best results.
  6. Philstar

    Forging process

    Remember when refining you bring the perk from an item - so DON'T use old rubbish with low perks like I did. Forging with old * items is all equal. 2 different processes
  7. so that 1 above forge got an increase of about 2.5% using 4* purple, and around 2.3% with 1* purple. Personally I'd use all 4* up to titan, but can't justify blowing millions later in the forge process for 0.2% extra if the weighting stays the same at all lvls...
  8. @HOLYDIVINE, you were too dependant on super forges! I remember your multi res statue you had for a while ascension lvl105! But yeah its pretty tough now without good forges for the strong heroes, especially attacking guys with some blessings. @CaptainMorgan, the GK issue Holydivine states is very real, something happened after that update, I've had GK's now I couldn't kill with hades, and the vast majority are far stronger, I avoid GK now almost 100% of the time unless war. Must be Life on hit stat getting an massive increase or something.
  9. Yeah it's very expensive in terms of gold!! Am gonna blow some, will prob have to stop building etc to do this, as for it to be worth it you need to get your perks and make them 5* titan all within the same ascension lvl. Forge your unique to current ascension lvl (10mil +5*titan) Get your perks up to 5* titan lvl, as well as a base titan item( to 5*) to use as a transfer mechanism (if you don't want to leave it to chance) So to do that above your needing prob over 60 million for starters and about 500k books? got some perks this lvl which will be very useful. On the + side all the attacking I've done yesterday for gold has raised my trophy count by 600 already!
  10. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    your ajax boot might have been an old 'cursed' item, stronger than normal?
  11. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    My last question @CaptainMorgan regarding the strength of perk after the refining steps. I'm guessing 2nd refining doesn't cut the perk down as much as the 1st refining? Is there a % involved so for example 50k perk gets refined - goes to 10k back to 1*green so we can see it's 20% (my example).
  12. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    @CaptainMorgan I have one question regarding the perks. Are they linked to each other or are the strengths calculated independently upon refining. For example I have a strong cooldown perk which will be transferred to a an item that has speed of attack perk but not particularly strong. Are the 2 perks strength values calculated separately ? Will the weak speed attack perk dilute the cooldown?
  13. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    @Neptune really wish I hadn't to be honest!! Having gone back over everything that's been said in the new forge system, it's quite funny that it's not only made for the lvl130+ players, but that they don't really need it. And also the uber forges with massive 'perk' stats can actually be transferred over to unique items and locked in forever; but only by 'clever players' that was the correct term.
  14. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    Ok @CaptainMorgan I know what I did wrong with my resistance ring forge.....and to all those as naive as me it's a warning!... I used a very old double resistance ring to refine with a new 5*titan item.. I figured as the 'new' refined item would be 60% more powerful it would change the base item (my old res ring) back to 1* green item at my current ascension lvl. BUT of course it changed it back to the items original 1* strength + % (probably). So It was my interpretation that was wrong, as my brain couldn't process the fact that you want a player to use ''2 x 5* titan items of highest ascension lvl possible for the best results'' - Had you said this phrase it would've made things a lot less ambiguous, and cost me less and probably others too. In addition this now further points toward the fact that this REALLY IS just a tool for those at the top. There aren't many players that forge multiple 5* titan items while staying at the SAME ASCENSION lvl. If they did use these to do your refined forges they would be as dumb as me doing what I did (and spend a lot of resources on an already weak item)...... So my error aside (20 million gold 2x 5* titan items) which I can make up, YOUR NEW SYSTEM SUCKS in it's current player under lvl110 (give or take a few) would do this if they were thinking straight. Thanks FG for the new forge system in maybe a year I'll try it out for real!!
  15. Philstar

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    thanks @Warriornator! So there's actually 2 problems, one the starting figures (at least for resistance items) after refining are 10% what they should be, and secondly the perk getting reduced for subsequent forges.