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  1. Philstar

    Q&A Questions January/February

    The issue that I discovered a while ago is that damage and LoH are measured on different parameters, so as you rightly say att speed increase = increase damage per second which the stats show on the hero description page. With LoH it can't really be calculated the same way as it is dependant on being able to actually hit something. But in theory if you could always hit something then the LoH gain per second would be att speed x LoH per hit.
  2. Philstar

    Season reward qualification

    You need to have been in an alliance for 7 whole days, so that means joining before the end of the penultimate war. As after that war you then get 5 days rest and a 2 day last war.
  3. Philstar

    feedback wanted War blessings distribution

    I play on TL for the 4k gems at the end of season - and I can honestly say last season and this season I've spend very few gems to get the reward - maybe spent 150 gems total in 6 wars. So gems is enough of an incentive for me for OR to be a free to play game. Not so much playing in a lower league. The war blessings help hugely in defence of trophies, but this system is all wrong anyway, so tbh, don't really care anymore. Just too many bugs with GK (area damage/DR to high etc) and war blessings for some TL teams never end, so we just got used to fighting them. TL is basically a cartel system that will allow one of 3 teams to win in all reality, so actually 2nd league was more fun for sure. I'd like the gigas treb, siren, bionic warrior blessings to be redistributed just to any league but Titan League - as we have all the top blessings anyway - give the little guy a chance to compete against the uber oddessy enhanced bases. Just bad to have some alliances with every blessing possible forever!
  4. Philstar

    Answers Dev Q&A December

    Thing is with the 2 day war and 3 day war, the average VP requirement per fury to reach the final chest are different by quite a lot. 3 day war has 63 fury for 80k last chest. 2 day war 45 fury 60k last chest. So you see the different requirements. You have to fight harder on the 2 day war. Its the 2 day war VP requirement that leaves very little room for error as the requirement as I say is higher per fury, and almost always fought on 1 and 2 skull in TL.
  5. Yeah we're near mid season and there's going to be recurring problems with blessings expiring or not able to prolong - I think this needs manual removal/addition as the season has a long way to go, and these blessings make a difference in wars and definitely in the league at the end of the season. Start in TL and work your way down. Most alliances it's easy to spot the rogue blessings.....
  6. Philstar

    solved Can’t extend war blessings

    @Saschare you guys finally going to manage the top 3 placings blessings in TL properly. Seems alliances win them once and just prolong forever.
  7. Philstar

    War blessings

    I'm still of the opinion while these war blessing bugs are persisting and seemingly not ending any time soon, the devs should revisit the actual distribution of war blessings for all the leagues. At the moment it's very stagnant, only a fraction will experience chaos gate/treb/siren/warrior.
  8. Philstar

    How to make Prometheus Stronger?

    My other tip is this. When you start the battle, summon as many minotaurs as you can and use your power when they are walking past this image I summoned 3 minotaurs straight off and cast a decent lvl shield a round them. At barricades, where they all come to a stop, you can recast pyro shield on them to keep them alive. Using this technique you can keep your troops alive to help you fight. Also the flame attack has a range (ok pretty short) that you don't have to be touching the enemy troops to d damage. Practice walking away from them burning them. But as Dumpster suggests CD is basic perk and easy to get, so probably load up on that if you have no potency. Your masteries aren't really favourable for this battle other than potency.
  9. Philstar

    How to make Prometheus Stronger?

    For a good top lvl Prometeus the best perk is potency and probably Coldown a close second, cracks up his pyro big time for attack and defence; but that may depend on having 2 apples! or some very good potency rings. In the image you have fire boots even though he has 50% resistance to fire already. You could try resistance rings depending on whats on the griffin island. Don't be afraid to use his power early as it creates a good shield which doesn't run out with time, just damage taken; so when you enter an intense are you should already have your shield up, and ready to cast that power right away of you start taking damage. Barricades are weak to fire so just upgrade his power/add potency.
  10. Philstar

    War blessings

    Yeah this is just the latest chapter in the never ending war blessings bug. It's not hard to figure out who has blessings they should't have, just the TL can be a bit more difficult as is based on the placings from the season before.
  11. Philstar

    Zeus needs demolition now

    @Tomaxo I've not really came close to dying with Zeus, due to his big LoH stats, but I find you're running against the clock with him from the start. You'll see when there's a lot more 9 max barricade defences, he will be near useless.
  12. It is hard to keep track of which alliances should have which blessings when TL is concerned, as after all who remembers 2nd place last season? But the chaos gate in a league where it doesn't belong was the obvious anomaly, which was probably why it was banded about so much as an example. But yes having faced RS last war, and that alliance having 3 additional blessings from 2 or more seasons ago is really poor management from FG, considering the numerous times they've stated the problem has been fixed. Still not fixed obviously, may never be!
  13. Philstar

    To do or not to forge a unique apple?

    Unless you've reached max lvl I wouldn't do that forge - but if you have a spare apple (ie 3 apples) then use one to mess about with. That demo will help get through these high defences.
  14. Philstar

    Zeus needs demolition now

    So obviously post update barricades and gate have got substantial increases in health (a blessed max lvl barricade with modest oddesy bonus has 500k + health) notably barricade and gate being the main defence obstacles. Now as we can't change any gear we have to deal with what we have regarding Zeus/Hades (Hades tartarus power solves his issue) I find Zeus very underpowered when facing TL enemies. At lvl 140 Zeus does just about 26k damage per second; basically takes about 12-15 seconds to destroy a max barricade (barricades have 50% phys resistance), and when faced with 9 of them and a 1 million health gate (needs another 20+ seconds), time (even though he controls it by his own power) is always against him. He needs probably 10% innate demo to be usable at high lvl.
  15. Philstar

    solved Can’t extend war blessings

    I propose a fix whereby we all receive 5 k gems in compensation.........