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  1. @dumpsteryou are quite right that I should not be mad at this, but I will say once and for all why this kind of thing angers me..... I personally live in a part of the world where inequality/discrimination/corruption are so widespread that playing a video game sometimes helps to escape the truth of reality. I think many people play games for this reason and for a challenge, as I also do. So when you play a game which has rules that are governed by programming which shouldn't be influenced by any of the usual world politics etc, and then after paying decent money you find the game is as corrupt and unequal as the world you left behind, makes me/you angry. I was deceived also by RR2 which I hate a little more than this. Never again an FG game. In fact many of the regulars you know of are seeking an alternate alliance based game which doesn't promote inequality, so if you know of one PM me please. I'll still play in the shadows for now, until I find that better option. Over the last few months I've posted lots of suggestions on how the game would be better, and other opinions; this is my last post (you can quote me on this!), so thanks to all, and genuinely wasn't here to offend anyone. Thanks, Phil P.S - FG you disgust me.
  2. Might want to make a bucket list before 'doomsday' and include items such as .......take a walk in the my curtains....... Could be the beginning of a new world......
  3. @vasudeva1you know they don't need to do that! Just a matter of swapping equipment!
  4. Anyone starting now, and any player currently under 3 months playing time I would loosely term 'new'.
  5. @dumpsterno not at all, this is an earned bonus, unlike the others so I wouldn't want to take away, so it's fair enough..but that being said there should be a system mechanism that detects high oddessy bonus' and gives a lesser chance of having them again as an option until other choices are enhanced to a certain lvl. In future there will be unplayable bases for new players, probably are already.
  6. @Artemus they can never be reached, but for us it is not so much a problem, but for anyone starting now, just 18 months after the oddessy was invented, will be almost impossible to compete at a high lvl. It's almost already a must to have demolition perk on every hero to get through oddessy enhanced barricades. Things like the oddessy will determine the life span of the game, and with the bugs in existence will shorten it further. I would say @Gilrael players are not lazy for not doing 10 skull, sometimes it's simply not wanting to spend gems on completion. Obtaining 15 million gold for one oddessy quest takes time, some of which players just don't have. There's players with 40-50% bonus on nyx already, took 5 of my oddessy enhanced max lvl damocles to destroy one! In RR2 there are smaller values gained for forging to extreme lvls, this preserves the longevity of the game. Here there is nothing to stop this crazy % getting even crazier!
  7. We didn't ask you to take away any items which had been gained via a bug which you admitted to. Which is why we asked for caps at all lvls, so we are in fact playing by the same rules/game mechanics. With these items still at full power the issue will remain for this games entirety, and will probably shorten it's lifespan. The extra ascension lvls will NOT solve the issue it will magnify this issue as players will have all the def upgrades for almost no ascension lvl gain. I can't believe you don't see this! Even now you can see the trophy leader board is essentially now who can press auto-battle the quickest - and that is the same people who have bugged cooldown rings, etc, so no need to actually fight 99% of battles. P.S - I don't feel inconvenienced I actually feel cheated. If I lived in Germany I'd put a law suit in for the money I've spend as I believed the game to be fair, then you create different rules for different players.
  8. Philstar

    War blessing bug

    @Madlen yes the ones that the alliance would normally win within the league that they are in, but as we stated many times, chaos gate blessing for an alliance in the 2nd league (where none have it (sorry just the one alliance) and it's not possible to win) is a big advantage individually (adds 300K health to the gate and slows/destroys your units/prevents them from even reaching the gate) and as an alliance; as during a multi alliance war a General would prefer to attack an easier opposition with less blessings, and certainly not blessings that belong on titan league. The problem wasn't necessarily the prolonging of the blessing, it was having the blessings in a league that you can't win it in the first place.
  9. Philstar

    Why cursed items are actually big curse of OR?

    I've fought a lot of battles in a last few days and not seen a single cursed item from the vault, maybe they reduced the drop rate? Last item I got was something almost identical to that ring above, just regular perks from a cursed item, which I find insulting, especially if you pay gems to unlock for a standard piece of junk. That autoplay task at a high ascension lvl (110+) is very hard to find the opponents, Below lvl 100 it isn't such an issue.
  10. @Madlen and devs, just to be clear, 'superforging' ie using hugely expensive silver and gold star items benefits maybe 1% or less of your players. They all know it so I can't understand why you guys don't know it. Great, you improved marginally this 'end game forging' once again for players who probably don't need their items improved as we know why (don't mention the bugged gear it upsets people who have it) Is it too much to ask to improve NORMAL FORGING for the 99% player base by a couple of WHOLE % points. I mean take these examples at lvl 128 I believe. Diff between 1* and 4* is negligible. Please consider.
  11. @NeganI did many 'experiments' on uniques, etc when this stuff first came about; I concluded it wasnt worth it for 99% of the games players based on time/cost vs utility. The new fractional % increase amounts to fluff on a cats a**, not worth talking about. Those images aren't mine, as I've given up for now on refining. It's not so bad for players who have max'd their ascension lvl and know what perks can still work in smaller quantities. Like the area damage bug with DR on the gatekeeper for example.
  12. I don't think alliances will lose any gold, which is why they didn't remove the war blessing. Although strange to let an alliance keep a war blessing going in to a league where they are the only alliance to have it. FG's priorities in not offending 50 players vs offending 1000 players is very bizarre once again. But it is in keeping with the norm and there is consistency in allowing big advantages to the few who take advantage.... It takes ***** decisions such as this to make paying players leave the game, you won't be alone @HOLYDIVINE, I'll wait for the new lvls at least, but this should definitely be treated as a free to play, as if you pay for a service it should meet minimum standards not found here.
  13. @Negan it the forging of a silver or gold not the dismantling of silver or gold, so this way around. As I understand it
  14. They should've said refined gears (silver +gold star items), rather than being non-specific with terms 'superforge' .After all we don't really find it that 'super'