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  1. I thought they changed the uniques forges not to take in to account the strength of the item being dismantled, maybe I'm wrong. My Prom armour was an early forge before one of the server updates, so not sure if it's bugged or the way they intended, either way it sucks! I'd just like to see a standard forge after a lvl up to keep the stats that have been originally refined, whether silver or gold forge..
  2. They are common at the top, as you get one in your war season chest, and the extra titan points you gain from the trophy leaderboard that is only possible at lvl 130+ all help this. Maybe also the fact you have the resources (with no more builds + 'good gear' ) to hunt the 3rd oddesy chest.... I wouldn't lower the probability of finding them now, as in future, players joining now will call players like me 'old elite', when all I want is fairness, as much as reasonably possible.
  3. I think at the sharp end, and at max lvl there are greater opportunities to try forging and refining for uniques, such is the cost for players having to lvl up stuff. But with some Gk's being literally immortal, and quite a high % in titan league being close to immortal - this 'forces' the build to have a high % of stun + att speed to have a chance at killing these overpowered gatekeepers. There are many ways to go through the base defence, and in a way a player can have several build types, be it 'tank' or high Cd.....but the Gk issue doesn't help with massive att speed/LoH and DR. Hopefully the update will balance the base defence difficulty and the Gk difficulty leading to more variation in strategy and forges. Think it needs to be cheaper to refine uniques, cost less on refine and re- refine. We have what 12 heroes to play with.
  4. Didn't see these recommendations either. I would love to see suggestion #1 being made, that in itself would cut 'sell time' down by a huge amount, and prob isn't that difficult to implement. The other suggestions are good also, but for me #1 rules!!
  5. I like the images and keep up the good work. I think it might be time to have demolition perk given as a standard perk rather than cursed. I know there are a 'few' that disagree, but demolition is already a necessary perk to any hero taking on a high lvl base - the unblessed (non oddessy boosted) 295k barricades are giving further need for demolition for all heroes. With blessing and a low % from oddessy the max lvl barricades will hit 500k health.
  6. Very true Dumpster; also brought this up about 6 weeks, no way to use these refined standard items to 'normally' forge a unique. They are good for cursing uniques only. Like you say they can be used if you have had the pre planning to use them in future for forging uniques again.
  7. @Archimides, what you say above is very true. I said several months ago along with our friend Dumpster that unique forges were a bit of a trick. What you initally get is a boost to the unique that fades with several lvls, and essentially no way to recharge/ reforge the unique unless at huge cost and luck in finding items with similar perk! I would suggest 3 things to affirm what you have already said: 1. There should be a reset unique to original form button (what this costs- gold/wisdom/etc) as not everyone is great at understanding forging and the unnecessary '?' on refining often confuses people even when 100% of transferring the perk. There is a minor BUG - whereby if you select 'forge' of unique any unequipped/unlocked refined 5* items appear in the options to forge the unique equipment - it is possible to accidentally REFINE a unique (the only thing showing is an extra stat in the unique image) Refine unique should have a separate tab IMO. 2. The cost to curse a refined unique should be a lot less - I mean 20 Million, seriously, to throw away a unique! 3. A standard 5* BRONZE item should be able to be used to recharge the refined unique the usual way, but not lowering it stats (taking away the boost). You've already taken the time and huge resources to forge the unique. Otherwise we will spend our lives in front of the PC trying to farm resources for all these costly upgrades. The stat values after the refine seem to be respectable, but only as long as you can maintain those numbers without ridiculous cost. The unique armour below was refined prob 5-6 lvls below, a normal 5* BRONZE item will not improve the armour, it will lower it Really don't like this aspect.
  8. Hello all, I thought I'd open this topic, as I find Prometeus is often complained about by players for being very weak. I use him often even against very strong bases (dying frequently!!my fault) Topic has probably been done before, but this should be an easy fix for the devs, not like Ajax!! The obvious problems are that he is the slowest hero unless you equip his unique armour (at expense of much needed resistance for non- shield bearer), and he is the only hero with 2 powers. His own power is one of the strongest in game powers with dual function (shield/damage), however as the range is only 1.2 it is almost a personal power, very few troops can benefit from his shield. This range creates a BIG issue when dealing with corner towers especially nyx, meaning that it doesn't reach ( see image below). This means he needs to rely on another power like talos which has the damage and range to reach these nyx towers for example - and with only one spare power slot almost always needing Bia (for resistance and movement speed) PROPOSALS 1. Either increase movement speed AND give another maybe half resistance for phys damage or lightning - negating the need to always need Bia power. OR 2. Increase the range of his pyro power to 1.5 or 1.6 (to reach corner towers)- negating the need to select talos for Prometeus. OR 3. Make his unique sword 'firebringer' actually have increased range of normal damage to reach the corner towers and make this unique actually useful (I did have it but swapped it for being near useless) OR 4. Give him a 3rd power. Would actually bring him in line with the better heroes, don't believe this would make him overpowered (feel free to comment) I personally would think option 2 is absolutely necessary as a minimum. Option 3 is a nice option as Prometeus does depend on cursed resistance rings or unique apples and refined armour to stand a chance. Option 4 would be great and make him a more popular hero all around. Below image - Prom chiiin' out watching a nyx....
  9. Maybe that's the answer after all, don't nerf the bugged gear, just alter the values that every item is worth and start giving out new higher value numbers corresponding to the new values. Just like re-adjusting a super inflated currency, just knock a zero off.....
  10. There is nothing wrong with having's worse when we have no choice, and all end up having Perseus as Gk, because to not have him creates a weak link in an alliance war for example (unless you have forged and refined 'till you can't do it no more). I don't think there's a massive shortage in resources, in fact it will create a need for more activity in winning resources - perhaps winnings in the vault after battle could be pumped up a few notches to help with this, if its needed. Remember also those of us that play on windows such as myself have no additional chests from videos etc, so there is probably something there too.
  11. d9d9, I agree with what you say about the alliance hall costs and the gem costs we paid, as our investment will be devalued shortly. We campaigned for a long time regarding bugged gear, and that is why some players have a big advantage and can gain many trophies from quick autoplay battles. The devs WILL NOT change this,; unfortunately we are stuck with this inequality which will see many not go close to lvl 150 when the update is released. Not sure what lvl you are, but you won't be able to get near the top of the game unless you increase your ascension lvl to within 1 lvl of maximum. So you want a game where you will never be able to compete at the top, despite 'working hard' to get there.? You should have the chance to gain the same lvl and it shouldn't take 18 months or more. Luckily now it could be done in this time, but many gems will have to be spent still (this doesn't mean pay to win at all, means pay to compete = justified) I still think FG should sell a 2nd power worker - it would give a nice revenue boost to FG. Giving it freely is great for me, just thinking investment normally means a better game in the long term. But in any case thanks for listening!
  12. I'm not disagreeing with all that you have said above, most is beyond my knowledge/experiences.....My point of view is just that, for a new player to be able to compete at the top lvl as some new players inevitably would want to (they must have that choice without taking out a mortgage to pay for faster gem upgrades). They would still need well over a year (probably closer to 2 years) to get there with non-stop upgrades (once the update is live) . That's with 5 workers. I don't think 18 months + (my best guess) is too short at all. About right now with what the devs plan to do. Least you can use more heroes and not just a choice few that have had the shrine's attention. First sensible move in a long time IMO, but of course won't suit a small % of players. But you can never please everyone.
  13. If he paid gems to upgrade and cut the time down, maybe so, but he's also had the benefit of using the power for longer....
  14. It will still take well over a year before anyone starting now, could possibly compete with you, and in a year, what lvl will you be, still way higher than a new start. You forget they introduce Artemis + Helen with new powers, another hero will come at some time too. The problem isn't towers/barricades so much, people have the option of 5 builders anyway, but powers seem to take well over x2 as long for no real reason other than to stop you using those heroes at top lvl. They must attract new players to this game or it will end prematurely. The player base is huge in RR2 compared to here, which is why we have very little new content, and things take ages to happen. I for one would welcome players to compete with me - as long as they don't have any special advantages...
  15. So you just want a game that means those who started first will always be top, unless new players spend a fortune. Doesn't sound like a very good business plan to me.l And yes you do need almost ALL powers at maximum for 3 reasons - Firstly to be able to compete at the top in wars, as more ascension = more health/damage/morale/etc. 2. To be able to progress on the trophy leaderboard (you know the FG trophy algorith preventing 95% of players getting near the top and acquiring good lvl pheme) 3. To actually use all your heroes well in decent lvl oddessys to actually close the gap (or probably maintain it) on players who started years earlier. There is no 2nd server, you can't expect new fish to compete with the top guys ever?