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  1. Managed to kill it a couple of times with a decent size of boosted archers. Others beasts drop without any problem at all but that one has no weakness really. It's insanely strong for the bases where it can appear. It' so strange to have that 3 times better than the other beasts that I've seen at my lvl 2800 trophies.
  2. So I'm 'returning' to OR possibly after more than a year out and having had some battles - I find this 'Celestial Phoebe' beast stuffed in to many 'easy' bases making them very hard to beat. This beast seems uber powerful compared to the normal ones I found. I have a 100+ lvl account with several max units - but often get my army destroyed and find myself retreating (but not fast enough). The thing heals/runs/destroys faster than anything that I can see. I'm guessing this is some sort of reward for pro-league paying players?
  3. Was very good, I did calculate the odds of an FG draw whereby an alliance can 'miss' any of the top teams either side of them or in 1 v1 wars.....the odds of their draw were 1 in 66 chance. They are very well disciplined and ambushed us by less than 10k points in one war this season. They did a Leicester City, great teamwork all around.
  4. Ok, great, the balance is perfect...the top Gk's don't wipe out a whole army of top lvl troops with respectable oddesy bonus in a couple of seconds while taking almost no visible damage ? If its now so easy why is my battle report flooded with 95% completions (and quite a lot 100% also) and gems with almost every battle. I haven't even got a max lvl base or really bothered to forge my GK (and didn't take advantage of the known AD bug) Not sure what you're going to do @dumpsterwhen they remove the Bia/Frenzy bug.....gonna get costly if you want to kill those GK's.
  5. Yes that is what I meant, any possible good refines that are possible for a hero - the GK can get 35% greater benefit. And some masteries amplifiy this benefit LoH/health % in mind.
  6. @NaN I get the crafting part of the game makes it interesting, but my point was that GK's gain % with every refine, compared to the hero, which really makes balancing very hard. I still think OR is a defence statue building game with a small base to overcome before your army dies and maybe your hero too if he doesn't bring a shield! The balance was ruined when they created the mirror shield for Percy, and made his power last for so long.
  7. A lot of the balancing issues relating to GK's come as you can have 2 of the same mastery, so by applying for example 2 x 12% health to the hero then applying 2 x LoH masteries they get taken from the result of the first mastery total for new health total. Then GK health being another % taken from the hero, so basically masteries are stacking and amplifying GK stats. Refining also does this whereby refining armour (raising health for example or boots) making the GK stronger in proportion to the hero.
  8. The only thing I won't underestimate is the lengths players go to use the existing bugs to win.......it's in the devs hands to sort out the mess. Hope they don't just hand us the updated version without addressing ALL the bugs that have been highlighted for a while.
  9. Or they could actually look at the GK bugs and tweak ridiculously high GK statistics. It's totally game breaking and rubbish if a GK can kill any max lvl monster in a second or 2 while the monster can't cause any damage even while not petrified. Oh yeah we can always equip a lot of stun and used ranged units over and over again with a shield hero.
  10. Not really, most top players saved all their AD gear anyway, as it still functions many lvls above when it was found - the devs buried their heads in the sand by ignoring this on and just lowering the drop rate for AD! For me it's probably the worst bug/ along with FB/demo one that Archimedes rightly pointed out.
  11. I really hope so - the AD damage bug is really being abused at the top lvl of some alliances in TL.
  12. In the meantime until the FB/demo bug is sorted, I propose a new sport - the 9 barricade dash....current record 29.5s. Only use of bia is permitted. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rt2djXcoiq7wvdjdsY3cZwatrxkxNDeZ
  13. @Warriornator the strong items don't come from titan chests when you are near max - it's the opposite, they come from the green chests then you forge will max star items for a much better end result than starting at titan in the first place. There's not much that a 5* titan item can't give you at lvl 100 rather than a costly refined item, that will decrease in usefulness quickly. I wouldn't think about refining until 120+ and even then with a view to reusing the item for unique forging when you are near max lvl.
  14. I think it would be nice for example after every 15 unique items or cursed chests that you then get to chose your unique or have a 50/50 of getting the one you want. I've had around 50 uniques +cursed chests in total, that's about half discovered normally and half cursed and re-cursed etc. I'm still missing a couple of lesser important ones, but it's still a little frustrating to never find the last one or two. I mean the odds aren't good but the cost is still pretty high.
  15. I'm sure with DR armour/shield/FB weapon/cape/demo wristwraps, he may well be pretty reasonable - but all that gear is cursed gear. I've never found a DR Ajax item in the whole time I've been playing. Maybe had an FB cape a long time ago. Shouldn't be dependant on having lottery luck to use this hero. Below lvl 120 in God league wars you can probably use him, but new lvls added 100% heath to barricades which have 50% resistance to Ajax's phys damage.
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