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  1. Titan chests - Unique Items

    I don't believe its 12% for a unique item. I've prob opened easily over 30 titan chests since starting this game and I've only ever got one unique item. Also in a full alliance of 30+ members all of whom get titan chests regularly, and I can tell you there are not notifications that often for unique items...when in reality 1in8 should contain..... I actually believe its about 2% but with no additional modifier, that fits more with the findings over several months. The % should be increased prob to a 'true' 15-20%...or a build in bad luck modifier for every time you don't get lucky, you next box has slightly higher chance..... as above somebody claimed it was 12%+ which is why I commented, as it clearly wasnt anywhere near. Thanks for the 'real' stats. Wont be doing high lvl oddessy for such a low %!