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  1. That's an awesome way of doing things - not just the name change logic, but the infinite linking of accounts in this game make a joke of the trophy leader board as we know. Account sharing is rotten here.
  2. The issue is warriornator nyx tower was/is an insurance policy against lower lvl players - at about lvl 100 you can have near max lvl nyx, and players at the same lvl need either very strong trebs or high lvl damocles with potency or very big CD (which for people lvling up most wont have above 50%)
  3. I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the game if 0.2% really matters. Why bother starting the game now? I can tell the differences on some bases, but many high fame point guys, I'm puzzled as to where they gained their points. As long as there is a realistic cap, not 200% or something - then I don't mind at all taking lesser oddessy bonuses. I had to lvl up as I was trophy capped at lvl 128, when the new lvls came out so had to gain some levels quickly anyway to actually keep trophies I won. So once I'd done a few builds I figured I'd do all the rest of the big xp things. Even at lvl 145 (146 in a week) some rings will actually last into lvl 150 if I find them in green. I'm just about able to pass 200k perk values at this lvl. I just find it dumb to have to lvl up so many heroes all over again every couple of lvls. Jump 7-8 lvls and start from scratch, least the stuff you get from titan chests can be used if you're lucky. Wont be long before I can refine uniques and do high lvl oddessy.
  4. As I mentioned a 'solution' of sorts would be to give a certain amount of fame points % randomly distributed to all possible bonuses, that would give some initial strength. Or start a new server for players below 10k fame or something (but with FG resources prob not an option) . I'm not sure what you could do to make a player level up so that they move out of range of weaker players. They are weak themselves to higher players.
  5. Some oddessys matter a lot more than others, I don't see the point of chasing a high difficulty oddessy for a bonus to siren attack or Artemis power. But for others where it clearly counts like barricades, then yes, chase those as high as possible. I think there may come to a point where any new players starting will be given 10k fame points randomly distributed among their total possible bonuses just so they can compete. But least with demolition that helps to balance things. Fame point bonus will hit a limit too probably at gold portrait and 3 stars, god know how high the LoH % will be for masteries at that level, they are already too high and I'm not even gold yet.
  6. There's almost always a bigger fish in the pond, but the bigger you get the less of them there are....for example this morning for the first time in a while, did maybe 50 battles. Not one was a particularly hard base, as the main core powers and troops I use are max. The matching algorithm should make people lvl up faster, you rarely see a high lvl trophy on the islands once you hit a good amount of trophies. If your active you should lvl up faster, as it will cost less in the long run, by a long way. The oddessy argument is a red herring also, as at the moment I do all 7s unless there' s a bonus that is essential, and completion costs no gems per week, and my building never stop upgrading....but when I get to max lvl, I'll be able to do max lvl oddesy if I feel the need, as my heroes will be strong and not cost me any gems, and that won't be too far in the future. From what I saw most of the old max lvl guys did the big upgrades first, most are still higher lvl.
  7. Yes they could keep the whole game the way it is...never improve anything....awesome. They'd be no complaints if the list was accessible with the names changes displayed. Would probably increase hostility towards the dumb alliance trying to send spies - so I'm not really bothered about spies, just think the name change option isn't so 'dangerous' as it was made out to be. Just here in OR apparently.
  8. The odd player; which if they want to change their name and return then fine, but must be at a cost, and further times at higher cost if they wish to continue to try and disrupt things. A solution could be to create a thread advising of all name changes that have happened and is updated by Madlen maybe. I don't think the list would be very long given it would incur a cost.
  9. I actually would, as as warriornator started the topic reminds us we always find higher lvl players on our islands - so unless you lvl up quick and become strong, you'll always be in a weak state. So much easier to press 'upgrade barricade' than forge some good gear for a hero. To overcome the max level bases which are more common now you need max lvl powers and troops IMO. That requires a lot of levelling up anyway to achieve that. Sure for a few weeks battles will be hard, but better a few weeks of pain than 6 months.
  10. I think one of the big issues to chase max level is that once there, you can actually develop the heroes to play them the way they should be 100%. Actually refine uniques so they aren't going to be ruined at lvl 140 or whatever. If the system was different for refining uniques in relation to their initial 'boost' period, then I don't think there would be such a rush. Sure I've got a lot of duplicates to experiment on and waste, but many players don't have the same luxury. I'm always playing with 10 heroes that are half baked. I'm ok personally, I rarely (almost never) use gems to win and take the 95% over a costly 100%. I'd just like to see the full potential of say Odyseus/Artemis/Ajax/Prom etc as these heroes can't do top lvl bases unless they have been properly refined and rely on some luck for items also.
  11. Sounds to me a poor decision by FG - I mean if you're charging 500 gems for a name change, and someone wants to put a rude name - well the devs can block the account of whatever - or change it to something they prefer if it's offensive. Many players would spend gems to change their name - and I think give just one or two chances isn't excessive. Could even progressively increase the cost so it can't happen often. FG would get some revenue from it, and I just don't see the huge negatives that they stated. I'm with @HOLYDIVINE on this one. Lame excuses, just reeks of laziness not to implement helpful features, that they can control.
  12. I can see the frustration for a player who is mid way up the ascension ladder - and if they are reasonably active they'll have a good number of trophies for their level and almost certainly their base will be full of higher level opponents some by maybe +20 ascension levels - which is probably too much, especially as you're always in a state of flux, levelling up with weak gear. I've never been in a position to really forge great items as in my mind it's going to be weaker in weeks. We're now seeing a lot of max defences at the moment in TL, so they are challenging - hopefully when we reach max ascension level our heroes WILL get stronger through correct forging, then we can judge better.
  13. That's the thing if petrify is doing x 3 damage to the hero, then that's either on top of the already x3 multiplier for GK vs hero or x3 so either 6 or 9 times original damage - IMO I think it's closer to the 9 sometimes.
  14. Agree with the trophies but not the VP aspect. Values are so high for GK stats (mainly in top 3 alliances) with regard to oddesy bonuses etc makes many GK's near impossible to kill even with a min+ spare and a full army in tow. But one step at a time - sort out the bugs should always be the priority. I still think that 84% of hero stats being transferred to the GK is way too much. DR max % also a joke.
  15. Good to know that the bugs are being taken seriously!! Hopefully now they have time they can fix all this GK rubbish!
  16. @Marinien great vid, clearly shows the petrify multiplier effect working on both hero and GK.
  17. I have definitely seen this in action, a phoenix or 2 reducing a very strong GK to nothing in a few seconds. There is 100% a bug here also. But I think we are talking several bugs which are linked to the GK. I don't see why (although I understand and agree that heroes take a lot of damage at this point) petrify should do 3x damage (so is that x9 damage given GK's already have a x3 multiplier! No wonder non shield heroes don't stand a chance) to the hero - after all stun doesn't work on the hero. I said before the devs need to start again with the GK's stats and exactly what is supposed to happen.
  18. @dumpster my quote said 'other types of machiavelian tactics' like teams sending spies and also players filling up spaces in an alliance then leaving the moment the war starts. That is what I'm talking about and it happens quite a lot.
  19. Yet we have 2 in one war phase that we know about - there were probably more. I think once players are in for the war they should be locked in, that prevents other types of machiavelian tactics also.
  20. If the war started with that alliance it should remain there, and there should be a mechanism for blocking kicking players when the # of players drops to below 9 or whatever number means they can't be in war. Just seems like another spoiling method from some alliances. Shouldn't be hard to put in an anti kick mechanism once war starts, might be a good thing.
  21. Fine; but some tests are hard to quantify. For example Percy has 135%+ attack speed which means when you see him actually swinging his weapon that doesn't mean anything, it's just a graphic, so he could have very high attack speed - demo could've activate x2 in one second (with 200% att speed for example) then you could destroy a 500k barricade not in one second but close to that. But if the devs have confirmed there is a bug then great, least that's another thing for them to not sort out, along with Gk's issues. I think Herc is keeping this game alive right now - as without his abilty to do a 95% on most bases players would get annoyed with the new defences and their weak heroes in attack (I know in time players attack heroes will get stronger - the ones with shields at least)
  22. I'd agree with all of that above; with regard to point 3 - I'm still not seeing it, FB and demo are both extremely powerful, so when they proc together it's almost certainly going to destroy an obstacle unless that obstacle has 500k+ health, which then might take another couple of hits to make sure. If they proc at the same time for the calculation to take place one has to be calculated and thus work before the other - probably demo being calculated first has a more devastating effect. As normally an FB strike can finish off the remaining health. Point 4 -I'd elaborate to say that the area damage perk on the GK should only add a thousand damage here or there - but seems to add the whole GK damage on top - IMO it triggers the hero to be hit by contact damage + all of the area damage of the GK per hit, whereas if toe to toe, GK should only hit the hero once and not add on the whole area damage stat. But there is a separate bug which is rarer, which just sucks the life from any hero, and if you escape the chaos gate, by entering again seems to be normalised. Non-Bug issues: Point 3 is very valid- I mean you generally do better without using Ajax's whirlwind as he's just a sitting duck when activated. So make them immune to damage at least while animation is active. Ajax needs a tweak anyway, and there have been numerous good solutions to his problem in many threads.
  23. It's hard to say what the issue is exactly but as your mid ascension level probably? You'll be fighting players 20+ lvls higher and almost certainly much higher fame points (so far higher LoH mastery which at high fame can be a big difference when you have 2 x LoH masteries) at times. So maybe the GK isnt invincible to someone at their level, but when you're lower you can't produce the power to knock them down. The issue for me isn't so much the lack of damage the GK's take, it's more the damage they can do - after all you can't forge a Griffin or phoenix (once at max lvl) to withstand huge damage done by Gks in a short space of time....yes we can wait many months to get 50% extra health for them, but that's not really an option. I have many max level units with some reasonable bonuses but they can die very quickly, so just says to me GK damage hasn't been tested properly, and nobody's even been forging heavy duty GK's yet or reached level 150!
  24. I think Archimdes the issue isn't necessarily the matchups (as this should even itself out over the course of several seasons). The larger issue is that almost all the top 200 game players are located in just 3 alliances - so naturally they will crush any other alliance with their pro-players. If there were less of a gap in ability between 1st and 12th the matchup would matter less. Also as only 3 alliances have a realistic chance to win; TL politics and allys of alliances comes into force where you loosely or closely support any one of the 'big 3'. I did suggest that during wars a defence resistance % should be applied to help an alliance being ganged by others and this % should stack with continued multiple attacks. As often in the 4v4 or 3v3 there are generally allies of alliances present. The players have created the imbalance as to where they have accumulated.
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