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  1. hmm everything good except dungeon. Sounds like it will be ages for me to get the final crown. currently fetch only 34 medals per attack. uh! leave it be, I'll still try 👍👍👍
  2. Agreed, players r leaving silently. As for the reward flare, NOT WORTH 8 days of my time wasted ,VERY BAD . I ain't stepping into the conquest arena ever again ... WHAT A NIGHTMARE.?
  3. I'm totally not satisfied with the rewards I got. Apart from conquest, extend war and ninja to 8 days too... Rewards will be much better.
  4. What better experience .... Now I've to click two or three times to watch even a single video everytime, earlier it was, once click and go. I think BETTER EXPERIENCE is a bug.
  5. My feedbk, this Conquest event make me want to stay away from game for 8 straight days ( NOT SATISFIED FLARE, NO FUN AT ALL)... I really meant it. ?
  6. C'mon flare, we only got more times to play on weekend. With the current connection issue and ongoing events, we're really having a bad weekend. Btw, technical/network problem may occurs anytime, they r unpredictable. Please appoint some members 24X7, let them take turn each week/month. Hope the problem solve soon, eagerly waiting!!! RR2 problem, time to play Royal Revolt
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