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  1. AmpG5

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    Agreed, players r leaving silently. As for the reward flare, NOT WORTH 8 days of my time wasted ,VERY BAD . I ain't stepping into the conquest arena ever again ... WHAT A NIGHTMARE.?
  2. AmpG5

    Conquest rewards

    I'm totally not satisfied with the rewards I got. Apart from conquest, extend war and ninja to 8 days too... Rewards will be much better.
  3. What better experience .... Now I've to click two or three times to watch even a single video everytime, earlier it was, once click and go. I think BETTER EXPERIENCE is a bug.
  4. AmpG5

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    My feedbk, this Conquest event make me want to stay away from game for 8 straight days ( NOT SATISFIED FLARE, NO FUN AT ALL)... I really meant it. ?
  5. C'mon flare, we only got more times to play on weekend. With the current connection issue and ongoing events, we're really having a bad weekend. Btw, technical/network problem may occurs anytime, they r unpredictable. Please appoint some members 24X7, let them take turn each week/month. Hope the problem solve soon, eagerly waiting!!! RR2 problem, time to play Royal Revolt