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  1. MILOS

    crush game

    thanks this new update is wery big mistake they ruin this beytiful game first with forging sistem and now this , beter they newer try to launch 4,0
  2. MILOS

    crush game

    game is crushing i cant log into war map and now i cant log into game it's write service maintenance !!! Wtf !? I mean service maintenance during the war !?!? What's hapend anybody know ?????
  3. MILOS

    about loyalty bonus

    yes i donate every day and my bonus is always the same ??? probably bug
  4. MILOS

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    thanks bro , Mpamparos what your name in OR i can remember i fight against your base and what ivu you are ?
  5. MILOS

    about loyalty bonus

    i read that loyalty bonus increase every day but how i can se my is always the same im loyal member off my aliance , is it a bug or working different then it's write ?
  6. MILOS

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    can somebody explane how they forge item i mean what they do with them to have such powerfull item ????
  7. MILOS

    power upgrade times long....

    iff you level up fast also your heroes get weakest, with every ascension level up hero stats go litl down so iff you do not pay attention on this you be in big trouble you will find yourself that you can win anyone on your map
  8. MILOS


    same think hapend to me
  9. MILOS


    yes notification pop up on every single log in and log out off player that is insane and realt no need for that notification i hope also they remove that
  10. Sory for other because i pay this lesson expensive 🙂 no where to read and no body to teach i spent ton off invocation and ambrosia till i figure out what's goin on
  11. people i really think that is no need for pop up notification in message al the time when some player log in or log out ?? It's really annoying and Nerf !!
  12. because i spent ambrosia i most resyrect hero two time for sure and sometime and three time , not offen but i most use one invocation pyros or scylia to breach that defence luck for me i got strong hero so that i rearly do ! But what with other player till they understud that player isnt actyaly strong like ivy its write he is much , much stronger they will lose lot off resyrce and torche ! Thry dont have to read anywhere in game instruction about this and im sure this tactik is game crushing , cheating and cheakin defence layout ! what difens that player have that this tactick can't be done ?? For me this is the crushing game and cheating then the game shouldn't have at all Gate off Apolo
  13. i write abouth that earlier for me this is not a tactik this is cheating !! I wos suggest earlier that upgrade off tower , baricade and guardian off tanatos determined on gate off Apolo not on Hero temple ! That chicken and fox tactic is insane loe time for wining batle on the other side he have strong unit , speed waves ,strong baricade and tower only week spot is gate ! I got one advice strong hero crush what you can crush run to the gate and you win batlle , don't get full number off trophy but you kick off chicken player at the map ! I hate those tactik and i like to crush them !
  14. MILOS

    Rework autoplay

    this is really great suggestion about casting spell make sense i support your idea it will be great
  15. MILOS


    that will be realy great im also prestige level 29 almost 30 i don't need for prestige point just for decoration and i miss just 12boulevard to finish my mountain