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  1. MILOS

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    My in name game is 🔫🌹 MILOS🔫🌹 you have problem to find me last time iff you remember 🙂 Alliance Srbia Carevina
  2. MILOS

    Olympus Rising Halloween Forum Event

    I call Athena reason is simple she is very hot ???
  3. good introducing - marketing in game store and i decide to see what is it about since than i can stop play this game ?
  4. MILOS

    bug in war time atack ???

    just to say atack write batlle and time was corect i don't missunderstud and i don't lost rest two minute in open chest and still 2min and second miss
  5. can somebody give me explain how is it possible that my atack don't count in war batlle ? I mean i atack enemy in 5min and 20sec to the end off batlle and i win batlle in 3min and 10second when i finish batle and go on map batle was over and my atack don't count ?????? ***** ?
  6. MILOS

    can somebody explane...

    thanks bro i understud now
  7. can somebody explane what is titan gold , silver and bronze item ? I mean which one is gold and which is silver and bronze ????
  8. MILOS

    suffer lot off atack

    thanks but thats not a point i worth for everuone almost always 15trophy , think the sistem again change something
  9. MILOS

    suffer lot off atack

    113and i purposly dont go up im on this level 5month so i dont understud why now they sudenlu atack me so much ??
  10. MILOS

    Aliance donations

    thanks everuone helpfull information
  11. MILOS

    Aliance donations

    no newer , so when you bought games than that option will open ??
  12. MILOS

    Aliance donations

    they don't lie i also have just two option on donation regular and with money no gems option this game is not same on every device i don't have game option donation i cant watch video for free chest and i don't have mortal mode when you won to look your mountain and i don't have record option , lot off stuff mixing in my Microsoft mobile device
  13. since this war end i sufered lot off atack i have 7800 trophies last 3month i have 7960 proximity this number litl up or litl down in tis period suffer lot off atack when i rich 8000 and above trophy , then my iland cost 15 trophy and i have lot off atack till my number off trophy go at 7900 trophy than i have atacker by other ewery couple hour and my iland worth 3trophy that was like that last 4month but now when this war end i em at 7800 trophy and my iland value is still 15trophy and i suffer atack on every 5min than litl break one hour or two than again atack on every 5min and i always lost 15or 14 trophy !! My question is what you change now and why you do not tell players about this change ??? Or it is new bug ???? Anybody can tell me ? And is this hapend somebody else ?
  14. MILOS

    My update late

    aha thanks i read anouncment but obvious i dont read well ?