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  1. Byg in quest reward

    we'll in quest earn 50,000 games to appreciate good the bar don't move long time and since the bar was this filled up past almost one month an for that time i earned minimum 300 games which is inafe to finish quest im sure , but bar won't fill up to the end , here is a picture
  2. Forging bugg

    i think the bug is finish for free i newer notice that in forging
  3. Won to check this Aliance they cheat

    ok thanks for explanation
  4. Won to check this Aliance they cheat

    i don't understud quite well that for extra fury ?? And i hawe that filing that they hawe infinite fury ?
  5. Won to check this Aliance they cheat

    look this aliance and they hawe till now in this war almost 300,000 VP and war isn't ower yet , i really think that something sucks here
  6. look i play this game two year and participate in ewery war with my aliance till now i newer see that aliance with 15weak member put such a huge Victory Point ?? Seen that everyone off them hawe 3 hero this is impossible i mean on ewery our atack they fight back by tripl so i em sure that this Aliance play on some hack program Maybu im wrong but i will like to check this out , i will post now pictyre off this aliance
  7. Divine Blesing

    does anybody now what divine power bring aliance level 45 ??
  8. impossible machmaking

    thanks on advice i will try to find
  9. impossible machmaking

    i forgot to say Jason most to be strong and with good item
  10. impossible machmaking

    people thanks everyone i work last night on one tactik with Jason agains two Nyx + Helios out off reach ! Tactics are next i call just two unit in fight trebuche and ciklop , trebushe for Nyx and cyklop and Jason for the rest , This tactik is god only for Jason have huge lidership and this two unit need litl moral point so huge number off this unit are with you and secon cyklop is hard to turn against you . Unit who faste turn into you are spearman and minotaur , so when Nyx are around i don't call minotaur also , won to say ewery atack depends off defence off enemy , and also not bad to try spearman and phoenix just those two unit also with Jason , yes i say that spearman go fast on to you but in huge number more off them go for cars and fast penetrate throw defence and other who are turned is easy to kill , so i work on those two tactik now
  11. impossible machmaking

    thanks i figure for for Cadmus , Ariadne and Helen they can call troop and i know about Damocles just can you explane me abouth Pheme power how strong they should be ? I hawe 7300 trophy next lewel up is on 7500 on this lewel Pheme don't do much damage just slow Nyx for a litl time , and for Damockes thre time i think it's a lot off time ti wait for recharg ??
  12. impossible machmaking

    i hawe oponient on my map who hawe Nyx + Helios out off rech and with invocation Nyx is nit destroyed by the Invocation recharge i mean scylia they are only effective when towers are out off reach by that time all my troop is against me i really don't hawe solution for this kind off defence??? I mean not yet anybody have some advice ?
  13. impossible machmaking

    thanks bro i know all that abouth matchmakings with trophy , and i hawe blesing and im not week , just i found myself stuck i can beat anyone
  14. impossible machmaking

    did you know is it normal that on my map is all oponient that i cant defeat and even iff i use invocation ?? Is sistem malfunction or do that in purpose ?? Iff is like that from now on i don't see the sense to continue playing this game ! When i say all literally i mean it and i em not week player i know how game work know the rules i don't rush with upgrade all my hero are strong with good item im ivy 111 but yet sistem manage to put on my map all oponient with 119 and abowe ivu who are unbelievable strong and with invocation i cant defeat them and honestly i don't like to use invocation because i hard get games ! For example my Prometheys dy off hidra tower in two second and poisent resistance on him is huge , won to say game start to be impossible to play for me from now and it's not challenge or motivation it's frustrate and if deep like this i will stop playing
  15. Fake Oponient

    i think that sistem hawe some player they benefit them i don't won to explane how and who but you all notice during the fight that some enemy can defeat , and since they change trophy sistem now my batllefield is full off such oponient. How is it possible that my herculle day off hydra tower in secund when i hawe poison resistance 75 procent on him ??? That one example , and my batllefield is full of such enemy i lost 150trophy try to beat them , they are all higher ivy then I all hawe blesing and i don't give a shit about trophy just i cant get resource for playing !!! What they reduce how trophy you can loose but they put you inposible oponient on batlefield ??