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  1. LokiLugotorix

    Bug in the conquest

    Same :c can't move and can't attack 🤬
  2. LokiLugotorix

    in review Super bug (War)

    Algunos jugadores no pueden obtener "calaveras adicionales" en la guerra ... esta imagen es una prueba de eso ... ¿Qué pasaría si gastaran algunas gemas para obtener calaveras adicionales y obtener 0 calaveras? (Este no es el caso) Eso sería una estafa ?
  3. LokiLugotorix

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My greatest achievement was to create an alliance, which is followed by the same members who joined us from the beginning, currently reaching a +200 position in the range of alliances. And we keep growing! In addition we unlocked the phoebe beast together without anyone's help! Finally being great friends / colleagues who talk to each other through social networks sharing good times.
  4. LokiLugotorix


    Bad matchmaking... too easy for us... still 4 days of conquest?
  5. LokiLugotorix

    No words...

    @Madlen Is this fun? Is this what you want to see? I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E! *Crying a lot*
  6. LokiLugotorix

    Your Current Conquest Scores

    Max 62, impossible for us... Now 38 points... ?