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  1. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    I suspect Europeans, with their more liberal sensitivities, will get the @PicklePete advertisements.
  2. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Vungle system down, again?

    I went out for some drinks with a friend, just got home, and gave it another try. Everything seems to be fine now. Thank you for the reply and check, @KamakshyaP. ADMIN: Close this thread up. All is fine.
  3. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Vungle system down, again?

    Sorry if this was already covered, but I didn't see this addressed in another thread. Is the Vungle System down again, like it was about 6 weeks ago? I am using Windows 10 on a PC. I watch the videos, but the enhancement (multiplier) does not occur. Thanks. (If this has already been addressed in another thread, I apologize. Admin - please delete this topic in that case.)
  4. The crossover of the term "über" from German into English goes back to the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. You should all aspire to be an ubermensch. None shall achieve. In failure, strive to be a Renaissance Man. Again, good luck. We are few. Perhaps being a polymath is a realistic goal? Probably not.
  5. BoatieMcBoatFace

    New Feature - White Pearls

    8 (read that : Ocho) i7. They are still working off of Celerons in Russia.
  6. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    I'm sorry, but I can't let these assertions go unanswered. When I first started I did a Google search for: "Get gems in royal revolt 2." Search Result #1. The very first returned by Google: (Hmmm... the Wikia people are talking about.) Read comment #2 on this first search result: "Free gem each day by tapping like crazy on the little house above the upper right tavern" So before you say it's not on the Wikia page, maybe you should read the Wikia page, and realize that it is, indeed, on the Wikia page. Now that that is irrefutably established and empirically proven, let's consider the topic of this thread. The initial premise of this thread, to which we have deviated, is about a well-known fact that is readily available and documented on the Wikia page. Deviation is the only way to add value to a valueless topic.
  7. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    In the US, the educated class would call your response: Obtuse 😎
  8. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    But if you really know your classic games, I mean Classic, you will know this: xyzzy
  9. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    Okay, you could have just said, "Joke Fail."
  10. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    I think you are getting your 90s memories confused, @Warriornator. That was a 90s anime " Japanese adult movie."
  11. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

    I have a secret I would like to share with the community. If you click on a farm, you get food. Not just one farm - but all 4!
  12. BoatieMcBoatFace


    Imagine what life is like for Kim Jong-on. Everyday he's worried about his Generals killing him, so he has to expel then proactively... just to be safe. The morale of the story is: Pick your generals carefully, and monitor them for signs of dissatisfaction, loyalty, and potential insurrection.
  13. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Unit Max Forge Level?

    I have searched the forum, but I couldn't find the answer. Is there a point where you hit the "end" in forging a unit? For example, my Knight is now at +94 forgings. I understand there is a decreasing rate-of-return with each, subsequent forging. Is a perpetual decreasing rate-of-return, approaching zero, but never getting there? Or, does one hit a point, e.g. +110 forgings, where they are absolutely maxed-out? Thanks in advance for any insight and/or advice you can offer.
  14. BoatieMcBoatFace

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    Who cares? Stop boring all of us with your "spam." And by the way, nice work. Probably some hot chicks in bikinis looking for fun. I'm sure you were a chick magnet with Royal Revolt 2 on your portable play device.