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  1. @Darkerion I must say that :If nemesis spawns all the three dragons at once, it's worth 150k crystals
  2. Lol, I agree and so I have a better idea . Make a beast look like the bird in the right hand of @Madlen
  3. It would be great if price of nemesis gets buffed but it's very difficult now Anyway , new things can be added like translocation chance , time warp e.t.c 😅
  4. Nandu

    community manager answered Trophies calculation ?

    Never knew. Tell us. Please.
  5. Nandu

    Trophy system complaint

    @Madlen Can you just make it clear that how trophy system works ? Thanks in advance .
  6. I skip pro leagues like this . ??
  7. Nandu

    Nemesis in Pro League!

    Nemesis is a good pal but not worth spending 150k crystals. ??
  8. Nandu

    The most amazing and cutest thing you'll ever see!

    Why is cameraman not helping ? ?? This video lacks humanity. It's cute btw ?? lol
  9. Are u from UK or definitely Europe or America ?

    (Lol) only bcz u asked in profile.  ?

    1. AwesomestKnightest


      Haha lol, yeah, from America :D 

  10. Nandu

    Allow defenses to be sold

    Hmmm..... Yes, some buildings are just wastes like arrow towers in high level but not for beginners. So they must be sold when we reach a good level . I agree . ??
  11. Nandu

    Must have features in conquest

    I agree with you @mLordPk. It'll be better having your ideas in action . Great work pk.