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  1. I would like buff in brute ninja . Every other ninja is really STRONG . Poison ninjas are also weak though.
  2. @Darkerion I must say that :If nemesis spawns all the three dragons at once, it's worth 150k crystals
  3. Lol, I agree and so I have a better idea . Make a beast look like the bird in the right hand of @Madlen
  4. It would be great if price of nemesis gets buffed but it's very difficult now Anyway , new things can be added like translocation chance , time warp e.t.c 😅
  5. @Madlen Can you just make it clear that how trophy system works ? Thanks in advance .
  6. Nemesis is a good pal but not worth spending 150k crystals. ??
  7. Why is cameraman not helping ? ?? This video lacks humanity. It's cute btw ?? lol
  8. Are u from UK or definitely Europe or America ?

    (Lol) only bcz u asked in profile.  ?

    1. AwesomestKnightest


      Haha lol, yeah, from America :D 

  9. Hmmm..... Yes, some buildings are just wastes like arrow towers in high level but not for beginners. So they must be sold when we reach a good level . I agree . ??
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