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  1. BogdyOne

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    My lvl max heal towers don't display heal value. I hope is just a visual bug. Please fix it @Lisa @PaSte
  2. BogdyOne

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    They working on it. How long will takes to solve this dont know. Maybe 1 day, 1 month, 1 year...
  3. BogdyOne

    Conquest rewards

    I don't think you get 45 prochests. I think when you reach 45 points you get 1 prochest
  4. BogdyOne

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    @PaSteThis is big bullshit and a lie. After i exchange few emails with someone from Flaregames support i get to a conclusion : if you watch a movie on windows pc after update the cooldown will appear on your account on every devices you using. he said he will investigate and try to fix. it doesn't depends on region or internet provider or device. it isn't video ads provider. it is only your fault. So if someone watch a movie on windows will be stuck with that cooldown. On my android device i ask a friend to give me his account and ask him if he watch a movie for free boost on windows. he said NO. so i login with his account on my android tablet and guess what : i was able to see 10 videos and make 10 free boosts. i logout from his account and login with mine and guess what : the 6 hours cooldown was finished, i watch a movie for free blacksmith boost and after that i wanted to see a free movie for 1 farm. Guess what : i can't cause i need to wait another 6 hours. SO DON'T TELL US is provider faults or is because from region where we live. Is your fault and need to fix asap
  5. BogdyOne

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    @Lisa you don't put my and others players problem with free videos cooldown appear in first post. only one free boost video on 6 hours 😡
  6. BogdyOne

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Write a ticket to Flaregames like i did. maybe they will fix alliance members don't have this issue. i get 6h cooldown after i watch only 1 single movie for free boost @Lisa
  7. BogdyOne

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    After i saw a free movie for legendary chest, i can't watch another movies for free boost on blacksmith, taverns and farms. say i need to wait 6 hours @PaSte IOS, Iphone 7 IGN :BogdyOne
  8. BogdyOne

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    I can't connect to game after maintenance. How many issues do we need from Flaregames? I get enough of this incompetent team😡😡😡
  9. How i can get rid of this message? My kid play on PC and when i login in game i receive this 😢😢😢
  10. BogdyOne

    Free Videos Error⚠

    Any maintenance bring other bugs😡😡😡
  11. same bug if we use froster boosted and paladin with proleague boost @PaSte
  12. BogdyOne

    Pro League Bug on challenge VIII

    same to me on challenge 7. and insta mortars was spawned many times without press on it😡😡😡
  13. BogdyOne

    Ninja event level 30 5600+ tier gameplay

    Almost all blacksmith gear
  14. Uber chests are a joke right now. Im using them just for melt
  15. And other good propose for Flaregames is to sell prochests with gems because many players dont have skill to play proleague and gather cristals to buy prochests or items pro. So good idea will be to sell prochests with gems beside only cristals. @GalaMorgane