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  1. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    we will contact them... but still, confusing
  2. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    added different cards to use
  3. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    they said it has to do with refunding but we never did that. actually, her email address had an issue with it that wouldnt even let her use her card to make a purchase so its super confusing. the help desk looks like they take a half a month or so to reply @PaSte ??
  4. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    She tried to before with an old account that she got locked out of and never got any responses. i figured posting something in here would help get some attention
  5. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    @GalaMorgane - @FTB ??? how does she practically owe $19.99 for negative amount of gems? we dont use a credit card. only a refill card with cash on it for purchases so its not like our cards can spend money we dont have to have something like this happen. shes ready to quit and a few of our alliance members are quite concerned about investing in the game now & i'm just trying to help keep it together for us....
  6. OWE gems? (IMG Attached) please help

    My girlfriend has an account with the game but not with the forums and she sent me these screenshots. Was she hacked, or what?! Please help IGN = BAKEREP99 [Level 51, 835 trophies, 3,969,320 gold, -2,487 gems, 11,379 pearls & 118 bread (subject to change from Morgue War)] Alliance - Mizerableone (Level 21)
  7. Forum Game Idea

    thats what my pitch is aiming for
  8. Forum Game Idea

    MONDAY - TROOPS TUESDAY - TOWERS/TRAPS WEDNESDAY - SPELLS/SCROLLS THURSDAY - PERKS/BOOSTS FRIDAY - UNIFORM ITEMS SATURDAY - PALS/BEASTS (themes rotate two days backwards every Sunday) OFF SUNDAYS - Weekly/Monthly Standings Update Anyone can vote, but submissions require users vote for two other submissions to be qualified for submission. Users can NOT vote for themselves. Votes are worth 1 point, daily winners are awarded 3 points, weekly winners are awarded 5 points & monthly winners should be awarded FREE Boosts or Packages for resources, items or upgrades. If any player gets more Honorable Mentions than a Daily Winner gets in votes, they are awarded 3 points instead of the Daily Winner. Anyone who submits a submission with the wrong theme will be deducted 2 points & suspended for a day. Users who are suspended 3 times or more in a month will be disqualified. Users may only submit once per day until 11pm and must be in accordance to the daily themes, as mentioned above, to qualify. New threads will be posted within the last hour to start the next daily contest, besides Sundays, which will announce Weekly/Monthly standings & winners. Each post would include the rules, themed date chart & quoted qualifying submissions from the previous day to vote from, as well as a section with daily standings including a list of suspended or disqualified users. The following must be appropriately included with submissions to qualify = Building/Upgrade Costs, Cooldowns, Healths, Damages, Morale Costs, Attack Rates, Ranges, Abilities, Ability Ranges, Ability Cooldowns, Resistances, Weaknesses, Perks, etc. Just a thought, hope it could be a thing if it makes sense at all... oh & "Submissions & Improvements" should be called the "Creative Corner"
  9. Do Creators read these suggestions?

    ONE TIME DEAL - $19.99 Worker Package, Diver's Uniform & Raijū just had to throw that out there too
  10. Do Creators read these suggestions?

    i dont think the "future" part was in question as much as what @FTB meant by "versions" like future versions of the game or something (Royal Revolt 3???)
  11. Do Creators read these suggestions?

    l agree with you that they need units to balance the costs, I was considering things like that with my initial pitch. lightning weapon, rubber scuba suit armor resistant to lightning, unit similar to paladin & necromancer tower that didnt do damage similar to a trap... ultimately just felt i should try to design one of everything if i wanted to pitch a good pitch. instead of mad spells/scrolls or units or types of items
  12. Do Creators read these suggestions?

    thanks AK, felt a visual would help. I'm working on each item seperately, the Scourge's, Raijū's & it's Beast form, also. But I'm stuck on some of the statistics with everything & hope some other players can help a little bit.. Like the Quicksand Portal & Rrrrr______ Raijū (Beast form)......?? Other idea I forgot was female units with morales to match the Knight, Archers, Paladins, Arblasters, Monk & Viking. I like the Banshee concept from @Maerique's post, but I was also thinking of Fairies & Sirens..
  13. New Troop: Banshee

    I dig this idea. I have been thinking they need more female units for female Heroes/players. I had a similar design for Banshee but for 3 like Paladins cause I was thinking something like Fairies for 1, kind of like Knights. But I didnt think much more about it. Cool concept man