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  1. new to game

    Yeah i always gremlin. Im just still to weak, and get beat by most ppl when trying to obtain card pieces. I guess only time will solve that problem......
  2. List of all ultimates

    Been playing now a little over 2 and a half months. Ended up getting 1more ghost army. Putting my total at 3 ghost armies for that last portal. The advice given, and links posted have really been helpful.
  3. new to game

    Yeah ur def right. Ive realized there r legendaires that r better than some ultimates. All about how u use them
  4. List of all ultimates

    I have noticed that there are ultimates and legendaires not listed in card collection section. For example i saw a dark mage and bone dragon (both ultimates) and other legendaires not listed. Was wondering if anyone knew if there were more not listed, and wich portals that contained them???
  5. new to game

    Every time ive tried to complete cards im always matched against op players and end up wasting refills and getting my pieces stolen anyway. Wich is part of the reason why ive just quit investing in mana, and instead have bulked up on stamina to give myself a better chance of getting tokens. Hopefully in the end it pays off
  6. new to game

    Great minds think alike, lol. Thats wat i was planning to do. I saved for this portal, but not enough unfortunately. Im slowly learning how to go about things. This advice helps alot. Thanks again to u and the rest who have took the time to give it.
  7. new to game

    Yeah i agree. Health and stamina r definitely my priorities atm. Im really enjoying the game after a little over 2 months of play. I can c that with time and grinding u can eventually get some great cards. Its nice to find a game where u can actually compete without paying to win. Wish i had known about this game long ago. I also want to say thanks to everyone who has took the time to give advice. I plan to be playing for long time and hopefully maybe one day i will learn enough to where i can repay all of your guys advice with knowledge of my own.
  8. new to game

    Yeah i think im gonna invest heavily on stamina as ive found that is the best way to aquire tokens and thus having more opportunities to draw an ultimate. Ive only got 2 ghost army cards from this event though. Lol. Thanks for thefeedback, good to know theres ppl here who wanna help us newbs. Lol
  9. new to game

    Thanks for the advice guys. Its much appreciated. Been farming lvl 15 in portals. Will give 13-14 a try, not strong enough for 24-25 yet. And will also farm 71 in regular quest as well to c wat happens. Thanks again for your guys input and good luck
  10. new to game

    Well i guess ive learned that i better find my own way in this game.Lol
  11. new to game

    Hey everyone, new to game only been playing about 2 months. Got my first ultimate the other day and was pretty stoked. Was wondering if anyone had any tips about how to get them in a more efficient way. Thanks if youve took the time to read this